Joe Cox:

Joe CoxeSenior Writer/ Content Creator / Co-Ownerof

Content Creator/ Writer

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Joe is the senior article writer and co-founder of He started off as just another gun lover- like most readers of this blog- and always wanted to share his experience and knowledge in the firearms & knife industries with other hobbyists and firearms enthusiasts alike. He’s been an avid gun enthusiast since he can remember and loves to go out and shoot his guns as much as humanly possible. He’s always interested in putting his firearms and knives to the test to find out which ones are really worth keeping and defending his life with.

He’s always looking for a good deal on the best accessories to use on his weapons and does appreciate a good bargain when he can find one. Times are tough and ammo prices/availability remain problematic so he’s not able to go shooting as much as he once did… but, he’s still finding new ways to test his guns without going through the mountains of ammo he used to and this has forced him to get creative, to say the least! In future articles, you can expect a number of new ways to test the reliability and durability of these firearms that don’t necessarily require a bunch of ammo dumps and loads of range time so stay tuned!

Jay “The Friendly Neighborhood Thief”:

Videographer/ Writer

Email: [email protected]

Jay is the other co-founder of and is the youngest brother of a large family of firearm lovers and owners. He spends most of his time building and creating content for Exoc-Tactical’s YouTube channel and is always looking for relevant things to test. When he’s not busy doing that, he likes to go out shooting his newest acquisitions at the range to report back his findings to share on this blog. You can look forward to his discoveries and experiences with the products he buys and tests regularly.

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