Top 9 Pistol Safes For Any Budget

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the best pistol safe for portability, home use, and quick-access options.

We’ll be including our top 9 picks for the best pistol safes with biometric entry, RFID technology, as well as our top mechanical options. We’ve also included 3 bonus picks that suit additional use cases and needs.

Depending on what features you’re looking for, we’ll show you options that are sure to suit your particular needs!

To learn all of the criteria we use to rank gun safes, see: How We Test Gun Safes

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Some of the factors we use to come up with our top recommendations for pistol safes include:

  1. Size: We made sure to pick a variety of pistol safes that could store anywhere from 1 to 4 pistols depending on your needs. These should be something for everyone on this list.
  2. Features & Tech: Many of the pistol safes we picked for this list feature electronic access either via biometric, RFID, or keypad access. Most have backup key access and a couple are keyless designs that are still quick to access. Quick-Access was our top priority for this list.
  3. Cost/Value: We chose only the pistol safes we feel represent the best value for the feature set included. All of these pistol safes passed our bang-for-your-buck metric.
  4. User Experience: All of the pistol safes on this list have overwhelmingly positive reviews and user experiences. Several pistol safes on this list were purchased with our own money and tested hands-on. All passed with flying colors under heavy scrutiny and rigorous testing.
  5. Use Case: The last metric we considered was how these pistol safes could be used. Many of them can serve more than one use case and all are great portable options. Some can be permanently mounted while others come with tether cords.

Top 3 Biometric Pistol Safe Options

Biometric pistol safes are one of the fastest and most secure ways to gain access to your pistol and keep unauthorized users out.

The pistol safes we chose have some of the most reliable and fastest entry of any we’ve tested.

#1 Best Biometric Pistol Safe: The Vaultek SR20i

The Vaultek SR20i is a smart pistol safe with multiple points of entry to ensure quick access to your firearms whenever the need arises.

Premium Biometric & Bluetooth Slider Safe

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Not only is this our most often recommended biometric safe, but it also features Bluetooth control via an app on your phone.

A digital keypad can be reprogrammed anytime you need to change the code and backup keyed access should you fail to replace the battery.

This compact pistol safe can be mounted on a desk, bedside dresser, a closet, or cleverly hidden somewhere nearby to serve you in an emergency.

It houses most full-size and smaller pistols securely and slides open under spring tension when access is granted via biometric, keypad, Bluetooth, or keyed entry.

#2 Pistol Safe Pick: The Viking Security FBI Certified

The Viking Security safe is one of the few pistol safes made that uses the FBi-certified fingerprint sensor found in high-quality Verifi safes.

FBI Certified Fingerprint Reader

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

It can hold two full-sized pistols and 2-4 spare magazines in the pouch attached to the lid. It features a highly secure B-rated keyed lock to help prevent picking.

You can also access this safe via the backlit digital keypad.

#3 Pistol Safe Pick: The MAXSafe

If you’re looking for a bit more space to hold up to 2 full-sized pistols, the MAXSafes pistol safe is a very roomy option with a lot of unique features.

Biometric Vein Recognition

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

One awesome feature is the ability to lock out the keyed lock from the inside which disables the external lock to keep the lock from being picked open by a clever teenager.

The spring-loaded door opens quickly and out of the way to allow easy access to your firearms at a moment’s notice. The biometric scanner is quick, responsive, and very reliable.

It also features a programmable keycode that you can share with other authorized family members.

Top 3 RFID Pistol Safe Options

RFID, or “Radio Frequency Identification” technology is a unique digital ID that is stored on programmable keycards or key fobs.

These chips store the unique authorization ID required to gain access to your safe at a moment’s notice. Simply pass the chip near the front of the RFID reader to gain quick entry into these safes.

These pistol safes often feature keycode entry and backup keyed entry as a failsafe giving you multiple ways to gain access to the firearms stored safely inside.

#1 Best RFID Pistol Safe: The Hornady Rapid RFID Safe

If you’re looking for a bit more space, the Hornady Rapid RFID pistol safe will easily store up to 2 full-sized handguns or 1 handgun, spare mags, and a box of ammo.

Quickest Access RFID Pistol Safe

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The RFID quick-access entry is quick and reliable, allowing you to access your firearms with the swipe of a tag. It also features a programmable digital keypad entry and a failsafe backup key just in case.

#2 RFID Pistol Safe Pick: The 1-Gun Hornady RAPiD Safe

Another great offering from Hornady is this super portable pistol safe that is meant to hold compact pistols and revolvers with a max barrel length of 4″.

Covert RFID Pistol Safe

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This allows this small pistol safe to have a very small footprint so it can be stored in very cramped quarters while traveling.

It features Hornady’s legendary RFID RAPiD safe technology that grants you instant access to your firearm. It also features a keypad code entry and backup barrel key access giving you three unique ways of retrieving the contents inside.

#3 RFID Pistol Safe Pick: The RPNB RFID Safe

This compact RFID pistol safe by RPNB stores one full-sized handgun and is a great portable option for your nightstand.

The responsive RFID chip reader provides you with unrivaled speed of access to your firearm.

Compact RFID Lock Box

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The keypad, RFID scanner, and backup key give you a total of 3 points of entry so you needn’t worry about being locked out should the batteries die.

Top 3 Mechanical Pistol Safe Options

Mechanical pistol safes are oftentimes the most rugged and overbuilt options that are usually keyless designs and require no batteries.

The most popular option by far is the Simplex punch-button style locks. We prefer these over combination locks since they are much quicker to open.

#1 Best Mechanical Pistol Safe: The Fort Knox PB1

The Fort Knox pistol box is a classic design that is a direct competitor to the V-Line model above. Both of them are excellent options but are much heavier than the other pistol safes on this list.

Built Like A Tank

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Because of the extra weight, these aren’t going to be the best portability options but they are the most “safe-like” in their ability to withstand pry attacks.

Check out our YouTube review on the Fort Knox Original Safe Box

With no keyholes to pick or batteries to die, the only weakness is forgetting the code to open them!

#2 Mechanical Pistol Safe Pick: The V-Line Brute XD Tactical

If you’re looking for the ultimate protection, then the V-Line Brute offers the most protection in their product lineup.

V-Line’s Toughest Pistol Safe

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Also included is a strong gas strut to assist in opening the extra-reinforced heavyweight door. It uses the same great Siplex lock that all V-Line safes incorporate into their designs.

It can store up to 2 full-size handguns or you can cram more on top separated by a thin layer of foam if you want to take advantage of every cubic inch!

#3 Mechanical Pistol Safe Pick: The V-Line Top Draw XD

V-line makes some of the best mechanical pistol safes that feature the venerable Simplex punch button lock.

V-Line’s Largest Pistol Safe

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No keys to fumble with or batteries to worry about. It also features a super rugged steel body and door that is fairly pry-resistant compared to similar pistol safes of this size.

This particular model can store up to one full-size pistol or two compact pistols or revolvers.

Bonus Picks

We just couldn’t help ourselves so we included 3 bonus picks that are all great options for different use cases.

Bonus Pick #1: The RPNB 4-Pistol Biometric Safe

A high-capacity pistol safe is a great option for those wanting a little extra storage capability in a still very compact package.

Our Top Budget Pick

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Smaller than typical safes in this category, the RPNB neatly stores away up to 4 full-size pistols between its precut foam blocks, keeping your firearms snug and scratch-free.

It’s possible to store 5 handguns in this RPNB safe as shown in this image.

Like other pistol safes on this list, the RPNB features multiple points of entry including fingerprint biometrics, keypad code, or a backup key.

Another nice feature is the gas strut that lifts and holds the lid open and out of the way so you can easily retrieve your pistols

Bonus Pick #2: The Barska HQ400 Biometric Safe

For those looking for ever more space for storing pistols, as well as other accessories, ammo, and spare magazines, the Barska HQ400 has you covered with nearly 2 cubic feet of internal storage.

Best Big Box Safe

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

This isn’t a fireproof pistol safe but it does offer the most storage capacity of any pistol safe in this article thus far.

It features Barska’s excellent biometric fingerprint scanner as well as a PIN code and backup key entry. Includes a felt-lined shelf divider and felt-lined floor.

To take full advantage of the internal space, we recommend purchasing a couple of pistol racks such as the ones we tested here: Foam Pistol Rack By Mind & Action

What Makes For The Best Pistol Safe?

When it comes to ensuring the security of your firearms, finding the best pistol safe is paramount. A reliable pistol safe provides peace of mind by offering a secure storage solution that prevents unauthorized access while allowing quick access for the rightful owner.

But what truly defines the best pistol safe? Let’s delve into the key factors that make a pistol safe stand out as the best option for safeguarding your valuable firearms.

The best pistol safe seamlessly combines cutting-edge technology, robust security features, and user-friendly accessibility.

Among the array of available choices, the best pistol safe often incorporates advanced biometric or RFID technology for swift and secure access.

Biometric fingerprint recognition ensures that only authorized individuals can open the safe, adding an extra layer of protection against potential theft or tampering.

RFID-enabled safes offer convenient access through personalized cards or fobs, eliminating the need for remembering combinations while maintaining a high level of security.

Security remains paramount, and the best pistol safe excels in this aspect. Sturdy construction, tamper-resistant mechanisms, and reinforced locking systems are hallmarks of a top-tier pistol safe.

The best pistol safe goes beyond just safeguarding firearms; it provides a haven for important documents, valuables, and keepsakes, all within a fortified chamber.

Portability is also a consideration, and the best pistol safe offers a balance between being compact enough for concealment and still substantial enough to deter theft.

This versatility makes the best pistol safe and suitable for both home use and travel, ensuring your firearms are secure wherever you go.

Everything considered, the best pistol safe encompasses a blend of cutting-edge technology, uncompromising security, and user-oriented features.

Whether you opt for biometric, RFID, or mechanical locking mechanisms, the best pistol safe ensures that your firearms remain out of reach from unauthorized individuals while allowing you quick access whenever needed.

When making your decision, carefully weigh the options and prioritize the features that align with your specific security needs, ultimately leading you to the best pistol safe for your valuable firearms.

Choosing Between Biometric, RFID, & Mechanical Pistol Safes

When it comes to securing your firearms, choosing the right pistol safe is essential. Three popular options are biometric, RFID, and mechanical pistol safes.

Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to consider your specific needs and priorities.

This guide will help you make an informed decision based on portability, ease of access, overall security, and theft protection.

Biometric Pistol Safes


  1. Quick Access: Biometric safes use fingerprint recognition for rapid access. This can be extremely useful in emergencies.
  2. High Security: Biometric technology offers advanced security through unique biological markers (fingerprints). Unauthorized users are less likely to gain access.
  3. User-Friendly: Fingerprint recognition is intuitive and requires minimal training. You don’t need to remember a combination or keep track of keys.
  4. Tamper-Resistant: Many biometric safes have tamper detection features, alerting you to any unauthorized attempts to access the safe.
  5. Portability: Some biometric safes are compact and portable, making them suitable for travel or concealed storage.


  1. Power Dependence: Biometric safes require power for fingerprint scanning. Battery life is important; a dead battery could prevent access.
  2. Reliability Concerns: Fingerprint recognition may not always be 100% accurate, leading to potential access issues.
  3. Price: Biometric safes often come at a higher cost compared to other options due to their advanced technology.

RFID Pistol Safes


  1. Quick Access: RFID technology allows for fast access through a radio-frequency identification card or fob.
  2. Convenience: No need to remember combinations; a simple swipe or touch is all that’s required.
  3. User Management: Some RFID safes allow you to program multiple cards/fobs, enabling shared access while maintaining security.
  4. Reliability: RFID technology tends to be more consistent and reliable than biometrics.
  5. Portability: Like biometric safes, some RFID safes are compact and portable.


  1. Power Dependence: Just like biometric safes, RFID safes require power for operation.
  2. Security Concerns: While RFID is secure, there is a potential for unauthorized access if someone gains possession of an RFID card or fob.
  3. Cost: RFID safes can also be more expensive than mechanical options due to the technology involved.

Mechanical Pistol Safes


  1. Reliability: Mechanical safes are not reliant on power or technology, making them less prone to technical failures.
  2. Durability: Mechanical safes are often sturdily built, protecting against physical damage and tampering.
  3. Affordability: Mechanical safes are generally on par price-wise with higher-quality biometric or RFID alternatives.
  4. No Accessory Dependency: Unlike biometric or RFID safes, there are no additional items like cards or fobs to manage.


  1. Access Time: Mechanical safes can be slower to access, as they require inputting a combination.
  2. Limited Access Sharing: Sharing access with multiple authorized users can be more cumbersome with mechanical safes.
  3. Less Tamper Detection: Mechanical safes may lack advanced tamper detection features found in some biometric and RFID safes.

Final Thoughts

Choosing between biometric, RFID, and mechanical pistol safes depends on your priorities and needs. If rapid access and advanced security are crucial, biometric or RFID options might be best. If you prioritize reliability, durability, and cost-effectiveness, a mechanical safe might be suitable.

Remember to consider factors such as power dependence, potential for unauthorized access, and your comfort level with technology when making your decision.

Ultimately, the ideal pistol safe strikes a balance between quick access, security, reliability, and ease of use.

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