SentrySafe Biometric Gun Safe Review (Hands-On)

In this article, we’ll be going in deep to give you our hands-on SentrySafe biometric gun safe review, showing you everything you need to know about this affordable quick-access pistol safe through our first-hand experience with it.

Will it pass our tests and gain our approval, or should you avoid it altogether?

Our Video Review

Below, you can see our video review that goes over what comes with the SentrySafe, reprogramming, storage capacity, and biometric wet finger and dusty finger performance as well as our timed speed test.

To learn all of the criteria we use to rank gun safes, see: How We Test Gun Safes

SentrySafe Biometric Gun Safe Review

As a fellow gun owner, you know how important it is to keep your firearms secure and out of reach of unauthorized individuals- That’s where a safe like the SentrySafe comes into the picture.

This reasonably priced lockbox sports a range of features designed to keep your firearms safe and secure, including biometric technology that ensures only authorized individuals can access your guns.

Compact Quick-Access Pistol Box

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the SentrySafe Biometric Handgun Safe, examining its key features, benefits, drawbacks, and overall performance.

Unboxing Experience

The box it ships in is a plain unmarked box with one small identifying sticker on the side of the box that identifies exactly what’s inside.

SentrySafe biometric gun safe review

This is not as ideal as a naked box but you’d have to be pretty close to see it.

As you can see, SentrySafe does a great job smartly designing the styrofoam packaging to keep the contents from any shock damage or other mishandling in transit.

SentrySafe In-Box Contents

Our safe was received in perfect condition and all of the in-box accessories were present and accounted for.

There’s ample room inside of the SentrySafe while the strong gas strut springs open fast at an almost 90-degree angle which allows greater clearance for easy retrieval of your firearm.

You can check out our SentrySafe unboxing video for a more satisfying experience.

First Impressions

Our first impressions of the SentrySafe biometric handgun safe are very positive, for the most part.

The first thing that strikes you is its hefty weight at 12.6 lbs, which is heavier than most small gun safes with similar dimensions.

SentrySafe Biometric Handgun Safe Review
The powder-coated semi-gloss finish shows fewer fingerprints and keeps it from scratching easily.

SentrySafe utilized a thicker 12 gauge steel lid which adds to the pry resistance and overall security of the safe.

The fit and finish look nice too and it appears to be of good quality build-wise, as one should expect at this price point (which is to say, it’s pretty good!).


There are 4 different versions of this particular safe on the Amazon page but this review is for the “new version 1-gun safe with interior lighting”.

Even though it’s listed as a “1-gun” safe, it can hold more than that (as covered in the “storage capacity” section found further down the page).


  • Improved V2 Fingerprint Scanner
  • Strong Gas Strut For Quick Opening
  • Soft Touch Back-Lit Electronic Keypad Entry
  • Backup Barrel Key Entry
  • Automatic 10-Second LED Interior Lights

Design and Build Quality

The overall aesthetic and construction of this product are of high quality, with attention to detail evident in the smooth curves and sturdy materials used.

The biometric scanner is located on the front of the safe and is easy to access, while the interior is lined with soft foam to protect your firearm from scratches and damage.

Access to the battery pack is a bit cumbersome but we eventually persuaded it to come off with a small flathead screwdriver. The interior is well-lined with a dense foam that helps protect your guns from scratches and scuffs.

The safe is made of solid steel and you’ll see how it fared in our destructive pry test later. Like most pistol dispensers, it comes with pre-drilled holes for easy mounting or tethering to a larger safe for added security.

The biometric scanner has been reliable and easy to set up, providing quick access to our firearms when needed.

Overall, the design and build quality of the SentrySafe biometric handgun safe is pretty good compared to a lot of lesser models on the market.

Setup and Programming

Setup and programming are a breeze, though is a bit on the slow side compared to most other safes we’ve tested.

Check out our quick video guide to find out everything you need to know to get this SentrySafe up and running!

Quick Setup Steps:

  1. Insert Key To Open Safe
  2. Remove The Battery Pack Cover
  3. Remove The Battery Pack and Insert 4 AA Alkaline Batteries
  4. Replace the Battery Pack Cover
  5. Change The Default Code (1,2,3,4,1) To A New Code Up To 6 Digits Long
  6. To Do This, Close Lid and Enter Factory Code: 1,2,3,4,1
  7. Within 10 Seconds of Opening the Safe, Press and Hold Digit 1 For 3 Seconds
  8. LED Will Flash Purple 2Xs and Is Ready To Accept New Code
  9. Enter A New User Code That Is 4, 5, Or 6 Digits Long
  10. LED Will Flash Green After 15 Seconds
  11. LED Light Will Turn Purple Again, Then Re-Enter the New Code.
  12. LED Will Flash Green 3Xs After 15 Seconds and Now The New Code Is Active
  13. Next, You Must Add Your Primary Fingerprints
  14. Begin With Safe Locked and Enter User Code
  15. Within 10 Seconds of Opening the Safe, Press and Hold Digit 1 For 3 Seconds
  16. LED Will Flash Purple 2Xs To Indicate “Ready”
  17. Place Clean Finger On Sensor and Remove Once LED Turns Green
  18. When LED Turns Blue, Place the Same Finger On the Sensor
  19. LED Will Change Green Once For Each Valid Scan
  20. Repeat Process Until LED Flashes Green 3Xs (Usually, 5 Successful Scans) Indicating Primary Fingerprint Enrollment Is Complete
  21. To Add Secondary Fingerprints, Begin With Safe Locked and Enter Code Or Use Primary Fingerprint To Open Safe
  22. This Time, You’ll Press and Hold Digit 2 For 3 Seconds (Within 10 Seconds)
  23. Simply Repeat The Steps Above For Up To 4 Secondary Users

Storage Capacity

The SentrySafe biometric pistol safe can accommodate up to 1 full-size semi-auto firearm and a sub-compact firearm or 2 compact guns (or revolvers of equivalent lengths) when arranged as shown in the pictures below.

My SentrySafe is shown holding a full-sized Glock 21 and the micro9 Hellcat with an optic and extended magazine.

You can technically hold up to 5 pistols of various sizes if you stack guns on top of one another (though we wouldn’t recommend that unless you plan on using this for longer storage periods).

Though we don’t recommend a configuration like this, it is possible to stack smaller guns on top of other guns due to the rather deep interior dimensions of the SentrySafe.

Here’s another possible arrangement of guns that can fit in this SentrySafe.

2 Micro-9 pistols barely fill out the total space available in this compact safe with ample room left for spare magazines.

You could also opt for a more tactical setup using just one primary weapon pistol and a box of ammo or spare magazine.

This is one of the more realistic setups including our primary home defense Glock 21 along with a box of .45 ACP ammo with room left over for an additional magazine.

Note: Check out the quick review video at the beginning of the article to see what its max storage capacity is.

Level of Security (PASS)

Now for the fun part! How easy (or hard) will it be to pry into the SentrySafe biometric gun safe using the standard pry tools a theif would use?

Let’s face it, as much as some people like might to imagine a theif using picking tools to exploit a lock (as seen on “Lock Picking Lawyer”), it just isn’t likely to happen in real life!

Low-level criminals aren’t the brightest bulbs in the drawer (as their poor decision making will attest to), hence why 9 times out of 10 a theif will brute force attach a safe either on or off site.

Here are some pictures of the aftermath of our pry attacks:

Let me tell you something… this sucker was a pain in the butt to pry into! By far, the SentrySafe was the hardest safe to break into out of all the pistol safes in this price range.

We thought having only one locking latch would be the weakest link but we were wrong! Turns out that the mechanism that locks the latch down was designed to fail in a “locked” state instead of giving up the ghost like the cheaper models we tested.

We have no ideal how a single point of contact could resist so much pry force over the course of 15+ minutes of heavy destructive prying- but it did!

It goes without saying that the SentrySafe impressed us beyond belief in regards to its pry-resistance for a pistol dispenser in this price range.

FYI: We’ll be releasing our video evidence on our YouTube channel soon and linking it here, so check back later.

Pros and Cons

We always like to give our readers our honest opinion on what we like and what we’d like to see improved in any gun safe that we’ve personally reviewed and vetted.

What We Like:

  • Sturdy Pry-Resistant Build Quality
  • Quick Biometric Entry
  • Strong Lid Strut
  • Ample Space For A Variety Of Handguns
  • Electronic Entry
  • Decent Backup Lock That’s Not Easy To Pick
  • Well Padded To Protect From Scratches

What We Don’t Like:

  • Programming Is Slower Than Most
  • Fingerprint Reader Is Rather Small
  • Stores Fewer Fingerprints Than We’d Like
  • No Silent Mode
  • Some Reports Of The Gas Strut Failing After A Year

Who This Safe Is For

Who It’s For:

  • The SentrySafe biometric handgun safe is designed for quick access and is suitable for use as your primary or backup home defense pistol storage.
  • If you’re looking for a safe to serve this purpose, then this is a good safe for you to consider.

Who It’s Not For:

  • Not for those needing fire resistance, waterproofing, or burglary ratings.
  • Those needing more storage capacity.
  • People who don’t like relying on biometrics or electronic means of entry.

Key Takeaways

The SentrySafe Biometric Handgun Safe is loaded with the latest advancements in biometric technology and received a passing grade on all of our benchmark tests.

The Fingerprint Scanner is a bit on the small side and may not be the best for quick fingerprint reads due to more limited finger placement. It still gets the job done when placed with care.

This safe offers a good range of features that make it stand out from cheaper safes on the market, including better-than-average biometric technology, an easy-to-use design, and durable build quality.

Pro Tip: Make sure to hide it in a good location and bolt it down securely using the supplied hardware for the best possible theft protection.

Where To Buy

At the time of this review, the availability of the SentrySafe biometric model seems to have vanished from Amazon, but you can still find them in stock on the SentrySafe website.

SentrySafe Biometric Pistol Safe

We earn a commission if you purchase from Amazon, at no additional cost to you.

Alternatively, the non-biometric model with an electronic keypad (link above) can be found on Amazon for $100 less.

Q&A Section

Below is our frequently asked questions section of the article that addresses what most are curious to know about this particular gun safe.

Can the biometric scanner be programmed to recognize multiple fingerprints?

Yes, the biometric scanner can be programmed to recognize multiple fingerprints.

It can store 2 primary fingerprints and 8 secondary fingerprints for a total of 5 authorized users (* 2 fingerprints per user).

This feature is particularly useful for households with multiple gun owners or for those who want to grant access to trusted individuals.

What type of battery does the safe use and how long does it last?

The SentrySafe biometric handgun safe uses four AA Alkaline batteries and can last up to a year with normal use. (Note: Do not use rechargeable, lithium, or any other type of battery as it may affect performance negatively!).

It is important to note that the battery life may vary depending on how frequently the safe is accessed and how often the biometric scanner is used. (It is recommended to replace the batteries every six months to ensure optimal performance).

Pro Tip: For the best battery life performance, stick with brand-name alkaline batteries from Duracell or Energizer.

Is there an option to disable the sound when opening the safe?

There is no option to disable the sound when opening the safe. It is designed to beep every time the safe is opened, as a security feature to alert you or others nearby that the safe has been accessed.

However, the beep is not incredibly loud and could easily be masked by other noises in the environment.

If you are concerned about the beep, you could try placing something over the speaker to muffle the sound, but this may impact the overall functionality of the safe.

Can the safe be bolted down to prevent theft?

Yes, the safe can be bolted down to prevent theft and includes the bolts required to do so.

You may want to invest in a different set of mounting bolts depending on the material you’ll be drilling into, i.e. wood, concrete, or steel.

(FYI: The SentrySafe comes with wood screws).

It is important to always secure your safe in a good location to prevent it from being easily found, picked up, or carried away.

(Pro Tip: Practice getting to the safe quickly while running emergency drills to emulate a break-in attempt).

Does the safe come with any additional accessories or attachments?

The SentrySafe Biometric Handgun Safe does not come with any additional accessories or attachments besides a manual, backup key, and mounting screws.

However, it does come with everything that you need to secure your firearm and is designed to be easily bolted down to prevent theft.

Final Thoughts

In all of our tests, the SentrySafe Biometric Handgun Safe has proven itself to be a reliable and secure option for gun owners who prioritize quick access and convenience.

Although it may be slightly more expensive than cheaper safe options on the market, the added security featuring class-leading pry resistance that’s well above expectation and reliable biometric convenience make it a worthwhile investment, in our experience.

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