Top 16 Fireproof Gun Safes for Every Budget

Well-designed fireproof gun safes will provide your firearms up to 1,850 degrees of protection for up to 2 hours, but which fireproof gun safe should you consider buying to safeguard your firearms?

The sky is the limit money-wise, but you may be surprised to learn that we found 16 options that won’t drain your bank account but will provide the security and protection your collection deserves.

Best Fireproof Gun Safes of 2024

Fireproof safes with 30 minutes of fire protection are typically referred to as “fire-resistant” and are by far the most common and economical option since most fires are put out, on average, between 10-20 minutes after they’re reported.

30 Minute Fire-Rated Safes

We’ll be starting this list with the biggest fire-resistant safes (in each fire rating category) to the smallest options for safe storage of your guns and ammo.

#1 Kodiak Large Fire-Resistant Gun Safe

This is one fantastic deal for a large fire-resistant gun safe with its solid build quality, tons of built-in organization, and reliable electronic entry.

Large UL-Listed Safe

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You can take the stated capacities listed on most gun safes with a grain of salt. Take this Kodiak safe, can it store 57 long guns as advertised?

In truth, it’s closer to 20 plain rifles -max- BUT it does have the largest gun capacity we’ve found for under $1,000 that is also rated at 40 minutes of fire resistance.

best fireproof safe
The Kodiak safe is large enough to accommodate most people’s firearms collections as well as provide adequate leftover space for extra mags, ammo cans, safe accessories, and future purchases.

The biggest issue, that’s shared with most safes of this size and weight, is the potential of showing up with some dents or cosmetic blemishes.

#2 Stack-On ArmorGuard Fire-Resistant Safe

The Stack-On is an excellent budget-friendly safe and provides an independently verified 30 minutes of fire protection.

Great Value

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With a stated 24-gun capacity, this ArmorGuard safe can store a variety of firearm types, ammo, and accessories.

Stack-On also features an excellent electronic keypad lock, break-in resistance, and plenty of felt-lined shelving to help you protect and organize your arsenal to your liking.

The Stack-On safe is a great size for the average firearm owner with a modest collection of long guns and pistols. There’s even some room for storing extra mags and ammo.

For the money (heavily discounted at the time of this writing), this fire-resistant safe is really hard to beat.

#3 Tracker Safe 8-Gun Fire Safe

The Tracker Safe 8-gun safe offers 30 minutes of fire protection at a maximum heat of 1,200 degrees.

Reputable Tracker Brand

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Tracker Safes have much better than average build quality and sport higher security features found on more expensive safes, like heavier gauge drill-resistant doors, re-locker pins, heavy-duty external hinges, and heat-activated door seals.

The Tracker Safe offers a fair amount of safe and secure storage for those with a modest rifle and handgun collection.

All of these features are available for a very reasonable price too. You may sacrifice some extra storage space of the larger no-name options but you gain a much higher level of security for your peace of mind!

Those are our top picks for multi-gun and ammo storage, now let’s look at our smaller 30-minute fire-resistant safe recommendations that can be used to primarily store pistols or ammo, or a bit of both.

#4 MAXSafes Biometric Fireproof Safe

Here’s a perfect example of a fireproof safe that can store a nice mix of handguns, ammo, magazines, and other accessories with its two fully adjustable shelves that can be arranged to suit your needs.

Biometric Access

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We recommend buying several pistol racks if you want to take advantage of all the space available in this MAXSafes safe.

It’s one of the few safes we’ve come across that offers biometric fingerprint access AND 30 minutes of fire resistance, which is uncommon at this price point.

We like the MAXSafes brand and think they represent some of the best value of all the budget-safe brands out there, in our testing, without skimping too much on quality.

These 2 cubic feet sized fire-resistant safes are great for storing multiple boxes of ammo but can also be outfitted with pistol racks for storing your handguns.

At 68 lbs, it’s not the most heavy-duty option on this list but, once bolted down, it’ll get the job done!

#5 Barska FV-500 Electronic Fire-Resistant Safe

Stepping up in build quality, the Barska FV-500 offers even more fireproof storage with its 3.45 cubic feet of storage space and weighing in at a hefty 168 lbs.

Solid Build Quality

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You get 30 minutes of extreme high-temperature protection in the advent of a fire which is more than adequate for all but the most extreme circumstances.

The excellent electronic keypad is always reliable, so long as you keep the 9V battery fresh (9V batteries can last a long time).

The Barska FV-500 is a beast of a safe with lots of storage room and excellent build quality. This one offers the best fire resistance in its price range.

This model is more resistant to pry attacks than the MAXSafes thanks to its superior design and materials. Did we mention the ample storage space? You get what you pay for with the Barska!

Best 1-Hour Fire-Rated Safes

These safes represent the best 1-hour fireproof protection you can buy for your guns and ammo storage. Some models are waterproof while other models increase burglary resistance.

#1 Tracker HS40 Fireproof Safe

The Tracker Safe HS40 has all of the features and build quality of a true fireproof safe and is a brute weighing in at 280 lbs!

Heavy-Duty UL-Listed Lock

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This is the largest 1-hour fire-rated safe on this list and can accommodate a substantial amount of ammo and a good-sized handgun collection (with the addition of some pistol racks) but only a small number of long guns (due to its design constraints).

This makes the Tracker a great option for fireproofing your ammo reserves, spare magazines, and firearm accessories/optics.

Tracker Safes are the best examples of all-around protection and reliability for your hard-earned buck! We wholeheartedly endorse this gun safe manufacturer.

There is also a fair amount of theft protection that you normally won’t find in this price range. From its 12 gauge steel construction, and the attack-resistant hinges, to its hardened drill plate, the Tracker HS40 goes above and beyond what lesser fireproof safes have to offer!

#2 Secretary 30 Fireproof Safe

Secretary is yet another great safe brand that shares true safe qualities, like the Tracker, but offers even higher heat resistance of 1,400 degrees for 1 hour.

Exceptional Build Quality

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

This makes the safe very heavy for its size, weighing in at 257 lbs, and compromising a bit of interior space as a result.

Still, the Secretary 30 can hold enough handguns and ammo to serve as a great home defense safe with its relatively quick electronic keypad access and easy-to-place footprint.

This safe is solid and built like a tank with its fully seam-welded 12 gauge steel construction and pry-resistant door that is thoroughly secured with plentiful solid steel bolts on all sides.

The Secretary 30 looks great on the inside too and features a built-in door organizer with luxuriously-lined interior and adjustable shelving.

This is a great safe for protecting your small gun storage needs in the advent of an extended fire! It also has a built-in power outlet and LED lighting.

#3 Sanctuary Diamond Fireproof Safe

For about half the price of the Secretary Safe, the Sanctuary Diamond offers a bit more interior volume but claims to have 1.5 hours of fire resistance at a staggering 1,800 degrees, as well as being waterproof.


We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

If this is true, it is indeed a fantastic bargain but we have our doubts since it only weighs 107 lbs. Since these safes are not independently tested, we have to take their word for it.

We will concede that it does look to be built well enough and there are mostly positive reviews (from the limited reviews we’ve seen) but it’s no doubt priced appropriately for what you get.

And what you get should suffice if you’re on a tighter budget but still want a bare minimum of fire protection for your guns and ammo.

While it has a decent amount of interior space, the weakest link of the Sanctuary Diamond is its interior. You may want to upgrade the shelf hinges with something stronger if you plan on storing heavy ammo boxes.

The electronic keypad functions reliably and appears to be of decent quality, though it is not from a brand that we recognize. It appears to offer some pry-resistance but it’s not on the same level as the Tracker or Secretary.

#4 SentrySafe SFW205CWB Fireproof Safe

Coming in with slightly less storage space than the Sanctuary Diamond safe, the SentrySafe sports fire resistance and waterproofing for those wanting total protection against the elements package (minus a burglary rating).


We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

It’s been a while since I bought this safe, but I have to share this. I bought this safe over a year ago for emergencies and to keep all my important documents safe. My family just survived the campfire in Paradise California and this safe survived! All my documents were in tact and even cash inside totally fine! I will 100% repurchase this safe and recommend it to everyone!


One warning about the SentrySafe is the higher-than-usual rate of receiving a badly damaged one during shipment.

These are fairly heavy for their size (weighing in at 125 lbs) and they may not be packaged well enough to guarantee a high survival rate.

We do feel, however, that if you roll the dice on one of these SentrySafes and it arrives unmolested, you will be mostly happy with the amount of storage and protection that this safe provides for its relatively low price tag (in comparison to more expensive options on this list).

The main reason to buy the SentrySafe is the verifiable fire protection that it offers. It may be better suited for document protection, but it can work for handguns and ammo in a pinch as a long-term storage solution.

Some other complaints about this safe are its cheap-looking plastic interior and flimsy-feeling plastic handle. This is probably not a safe you’d want to use frequently but mainly for long-term storage that you access on occasion.

#5 Gardall MS129-G-E Fireproof Safe

This compact Gardall “microwave-style” fireproof safe is UL-listed to withstand 1,700-degree heat outside while keeping its contents below 350 degrees for up to 1 hour.

Electronic Entry

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Gardall is a fantastic safe manufacturer that makes high-quality safes that you can use to store a variety of high-value items, including guns and ammo.

You can pack quite a lot of ammo boxes in this safe if you want to take full advantage of its interior dimensions, or add a pistol rack on the bottom and use the small overhead drawer for storing some spare mags or ammo boxes.

The well-made electronic keypad is a long-lasting and reliable way to gain quick entry into the safe.

The Gardall would make an excellent fireproof ammo safe with its cavernous interior and lack of shelving.

For its size, the Gardall MS129-G-E is fairly heavy weighing in at 90 lbs empty, and its door features locking bolts on both sides, preventing access to the safe even with its hinges removed!

#6 Tracker HS20 Fireproof Safe

The smallest 60-minute fireproof safe in the Tracker Safe lineup with external dimensions of 20″x20″x20″, the Tracker HS20 sports all of the same features and build quality of its bigger brothers, minus the extra capacity of its siblings.


We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Still, this perfect cube of a safe is bigger than it looks since it’s equal in length on all sides (similar in storage capacity to the safe above). It’s not light though, weighing in at 180 lbs, and is built to last.

Small and mighty, is what best describes this compact Tracker safe. Having just enough space to safely store the bare essentials while being readily accessible at a moment’s notice!

So, if you’re looking for fire protection for a few boxes of ammo and your modest pistol collection, this little Tracker will get the job done while being much easier to hide and install in the optimal location.

Best 2-Hour Fire-Rated Safes

These safes offer the longest fire protection and many are waterproof and form a water-tight seal once they reach a certain temperature during a fire event.

They also tend to have a burglary rating, are very pry-resistant, and are very heavy for their size.

This adds a considerable price increase- as one should expect- but, if you want the most peace of mind, these are the safes to buy.

#1 Gardall 3620 Fireproof Safe

Now we’re looking at the upper tier of fire-rated safes with this 2-hour offering from Gardall. The Gardall 3620 is an 800-lb behemoth of a safe! This burglar fire safe is the perfect solution to giving peace of mind to your valuables.

Super Heavyweight

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

With 8 cubic feet of internal storage, this burglar fire safe is ideal for safely storing handguns and ammo boxes while keeping thieves and fire out! If a fire should ensue the outside temperature will reach 1750F, before the inside will reach 350F.

This Gardall safe might not be cheap but if you’re looking for a sure thing, this is the way to go.

With a host of anti-theft features such as the full locking bar on the hinge side of the door to prevent entry, the Group II combination lock, an independent re-locking device, and a strong steel body, this fire safe will give the assurance needed to securely store your valuables.

#2 Gardall 3018-2 Fireproof Safe

If you can make do with 5.55 cubic feet, you can always downsize to the Gardall 3018-2 and still get a decent amount of storage for some handguns and ammo.

Combo Lock

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

It shares all of the same excellent features as its bigger brother and is still crazy heavy at 620 lbs!

These aren’t quick-access fire safes but are perfect for long-term storage of your firearms and other valuables. After the Liberty Safe debacle, we might all want to consider buying at least one combination lock safe!

#3 Hollon FB-685E Fireproof Safe

Dropping down in size even further, The Hollon FB-685E burglary and fireproof safe offers 2.36 cubic feet of internal storage that can house a decent amount of ammo and a few handguns.

Digital Keypad

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Hollon is another great safe manufacturer that is built like a tank and this fairly small safe weighs in at a hefty 354 lbs!

The adjustable and sturdy shelves of the Hollon safe allow you to customize the space inside the safe to accommodate your handguns and ammo in any way you see fit.

This safe, however, does have quick-access electronic keypad entry which makes it a great candidate for not only long-term storage but can double as a home defense option if mounted strategically.

#4 Hollon HS-880C Fireproof Safe

Roughly the same size as the Hollon safe above, the HS-880C has a combination lock like the larger Hollon model and is best suited for long-term storage of handguns, ammo, and other valuables.

30-Foot Drop Rating

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

It shares all of the same excellent burglary and fireproof ratings as the safes above at the most economical price for a safe of this quality.

This Hollon safe can comfortably house your handguns and ammo as well as any other valuables and documents you want to keep safe from fire and theft.

#5 Gardall FB2013 Fireproof Safe

Built for security with a 3-inch body construction and a 2-inch thick door make this a heavy-duty safe. The main purpose of these types of safes is to provide fire and burglary protection.

UL-Rated Lock

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The Gardall FB2013 is equipped with a K.I.S. fire rating and features an independent glass relocking system, two 1 1/4 inch chrome plated locking bolts, and a U.L. Group II Rated lock that keeps this safe securely closed from intruders. 

This RSC (residential security container) Rated safe measures 27 x 20 x 20 1/2 externally. At 2.10 cubic feet, this is the smallest safe in this category but is still big enough to store the bare essentials.

If you would like to convert this safe into a gun safe, you can adjust the included shelving and add some pistol racks to take advantage of all of the available space inside this relatively small safe.

Fireproof Safe FAQ

Welcome to the frequently asked questions portion of the article where we do our best to answer all of your “burning” questions regarding fireproof gun safes.

These are the most common questions you will find people most often asking when searching for info on fireproof safes, especially when considering a fireproof safe to store their guns and ammo.

Do fireproof safes work when a house burns down?

Fireproof safes are designed to protect the contents inside from damage caused by fire, as well as from high temperatures, smoke, and the inevitable flogging of water used to put the fire out.

However, it’s important to note that even the best fireproof safes have limitations and cannot guarantee complete protection under all circumstances, especially past their listed fire rating.

Fireproof safes are constructed with materials such as thick steel, fire-resistant insulation sheets or cured fill, and special seals to keep out heat and water.

They are designed to withstand high temperatures up to a certain point of time, typically rated in terms of the duration they can withstand a certain temperature (e.g., 1 hour at 1700°F).

This is usually sufficient time for firefighters to extinguish a fire or prevent its spread.

However, extreme fire conditions (such as very high temperatures, prolonged exposure, or direct flames) can surpass the capabilities of some fireproof safes, potentially damaging the contents inside.

It’s important to note that safes that are not properly maintained, have damaged seals, or are overfilled may not provide the expected protection.

Should you store ammo in a fireproof safe?

Storing ammunition in a fireproof safe is generally a good practice if you can afford to do so. While they are the safest option for storing ammo, most people would consider the additional cost excessive and opt to store their ammo in a locker or gun cabinet instead.

Can you put a gun in a fireproof safe?

Of course, so long as the gun you want to store can easily fit inside. Most small fireproof safes are designed to store important documents, money, or small valuables and aren’t as accommodating as purpose-built gun safes.

Typically, it’s better to use specialized gun safes or cabinets that are designed to secure firearms, prevent unauthorized access, and provide proper storage conditions rather than retrofit a fireproof document safe to house firearms.

Most gun safes have features like padded interiors, customizable gun racks, and locking mechanisms designed to add better organization and quicker access to firearms.

There are a lot of affordable fire-resistant gun safes available, but you’ll have to spend quite a bit more for a fire rating longer than an hour or two.

Are fire-resistant gun safes worth it?

Yes, fire-resistant gun safes are worth it for several reasons:

  1. Protection against fire damage: Fire-resistant gun safes are specifically designed to withstand high temperatures and protect their contents from fire damage. They are usually made with fire-resistant materials such as thick steel and insulation, which can withstand prolonged exposure to flames and intense heat. This means your firearms will be safe even in the event of a fire.
  2. Safety of firearms and ammunition: Firearms and ammunition can become dangerous in a fire. Heat can cause ammunition to explode or firearms to discharge, posing a serious risk to your safety and the safety of others. A fire-resistant gun safe can help contain these potential hazards, preventing any accidental discharge or explosion during a fire.
  3. Protection against theft: Fire-resistant gun safes are typically made with strong and durable materials that also protect against theft. They are difficult to break into, providing an added layer of security for your firearms and other valuables. In many cases, fire-resistant safes also come with additional security features such as electronic locks or combination locks.
  4. Compliance with laws and regulations: Depending on where you live, local laws and regulations may require you to store firearms in a certain manner. Fire-resistant gun safes often meet or exceed these regulatory requirements, ensuring that you comply with the law.

Investing in a fire-resistant gun safe is a wise decision to protect your firearms and valuables from fire damage, prevent potential accidents during a fire, deter theft, and comply with any legal requirements in your area.

What is the best gun safe for fire rating?

There are numerous gun safes available on the market that have excellent fire ratings.

One excellent example of a medium-sized fireproof safe that can be used to store pistols and ammo is the Hollon HS-750C which offers up to 2 hours of protection at 1,850 degrees while maintaining an interior temperature of 350 degrees.

This “office” safe can easily be retrofitted with removable pistol racks to squeeze the most space out of its 2.43 cubic feet of interior space.

Ultimately, the best choice will depend on your individual needs and preferences, such as the number of firearms you wish to store and the size of your collection.

What is the highest temperature-rated gun safe?

Fire-resistant safes have been carefully engineered to endure incredibly high temperatures, reaching up to an astonishing 1,850 degrees.

Most fireproof safes max out at 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit with a minimum of 1,250 degrees (on UL-rated safes or other independent laboratories) on the lower end of the heat spectrum.

They can withstand extreme heat for an impressive duration, typically ranging from 30 to 60 minutes for a vast majority and between 1 or 2 hours for the higher-end fireproof safes.

For the majority of homes, a 30-minute fire rating will provide sufficient protection. This rating indicates that the safe can endure fire for half an hour without melting, burning, or distorting.

Anything beyond this duration is only essential if you possess valuables that require safeguarding against a more intense fire.

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