Top 9 Biometric Handgun Safe Options

Today, we’ll be diving into our top 9 biometric handgun safes, handpicked and vetted by our experts, for gun owners seeking the most up-to-date features, security, reliability, and ease of access.

This top 9 list of biometric handgun safes ranges from small portable designs to mid-sized options, and finally the larger safes for those wanting more robust security.

To learn all of the criteria we use to rank gun safes, see: How We Test Gun Safes

This shortlist of the top biometric handgun safes for quick and easy access to your handguns has been condensed to include our favorite options for 2024.

This list includes some models that we own and tested hands-on, as well as a range of models from the same manufacturers with the same biometrics, similar features, and build quality.

The factors we used to come up with our top 9 recommendations include:

  1. Size: We include a variety of sizes to ensure there is a biometric handgun safe that can accommodate your needs.
  2. Features & Tech: All of the handgun safes we picked for this list feature excellent biometric scanner readers, keypad access, and backup keys. Quick and reliable access was our top priority for this list.
  3. Cost/Value: We chose only the handgun safes we feel represent the best value for the feature set included. All of these safes passed our bang-for-your-buck metric.
  4. User Experience: All of the biometric handgun safes on this list have overwhelmingly positive reviews and user experiences. Some safes on this list were purchased by us and tested hands-on. Only those deemed worthy enough to make this list, after heavy scrutiny and rigorous testing, were granted our stamp of approval.
  5. Use Case: The last metric we considered was how these pistol safes could be used. Some of these biometric handgun safes can serve double duty as portable options while traveling to and from the range while others are better suited for permanent fast-access storage solutions at home. Because of this, they vary greatly in size and storage capacity.

Top 3 Biometric Handgun Safe Lock Box Picks

We’ll start with our favorite biometric Lock Boxes with spring-loaded doors with built-in foam handgun racks inside that ensure a scratch-free and quick retrieval of your firearms.

#1 Vaultek NMXi Biometric 6-Gun Safe Lock Box

Our first pick is the Vaultek NMXi biometric 6-gun smart safe box – one of the more premium solutions for secure firearm storage. This cutting-edge safe is one of our all-time favorites and combines the latest technology with advanced security features, providing peace of mind to gun owners.

Our Top Premium Pick

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With its biometric fingerprint scanner, only authorized users can access this safe, ensuring that your firearms are protected from unauthorized access.

The NMXi smart safe box also offers ample storage capacity, accommodating up to EIGHT guns (if you leave out the magazine module), as well as additional top tray space for valuables and accessories.

biometric handgun safe
This Vaultek NMXi is shown above in one of its maximal modular setups holding a total of 8 full-sized handguns! There is a 6-magazine module that takes up 2 slots in the middle.

If you’re a serious gun enthusiast, a law enforcement officer, or just looking for the best option for quick access gun storage, the Vaultek NMXi biometric 6-gun smart safe box is a wise investment for your handguns.

#2 RPNB RP2004 Biometric 4-Gun Lock Box

Our second pick is the RPNB RP2004 biometric 4-gun lockbox. This model covers all the bases well and is a secure budget-friendly storage solution designed specifically for storing handguns.

Our Top Budget Pick

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Great safe to store my G20, G21, G31, G19 and my everyday carry G23. Stored up to 5 pistols and still have room, nothing with squeeze in tightly!!

Rozelle Jr

With its innovative and reliable biometric technology, this lock box allows for quick and effortless access to your firearms while ensuring a higher level of protection and prevention from unauthorized use.

It’s possible to store 5 handguns in this RPNB safe as shown in this image.

Whether for home defense or travel purposes, this lock box offers reliable and convenient storage.

#3 XDeer S006 Biometric 4-Gun Lock Box

Our third pick is the XDeer S006 biometric 4-gun lockbox. This entry-level solution is a secure way to store and protect your firearms away from children and unauthorized adults.

Our Entry-Level Pick

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

With its reliable biometric scanner, this lock box offers speedy accessibility and convenience while ensuring a level of safety that prevents needless accidents from happening when firearms aren’t properly secured away.

As you can see in this picture, the XDeer offers ample and secure storage of up to 4 full-sized handguns. You can even remove the foam rack if you want more storage options.

Designed specifically for budget-conscience gun owners, this lock box provides ample space for storing up to four guns, making it an ideal choice for personal home use.

Top Portable Biometric Handgun Safe For The Range

In this section, we included our top biometric handgun safe options for trips to the gun range. These biometric storage boxes offer superior security versus your typical soft or hard handgun cases.

#1 Vaultek LifePod XT Biometric 5-Gun Travel Safe

The Vaultek LifePod XT Biometric 5-Gun Travel Safe is truly a state-of-the-art secure storage solution designed for firearm owners and travelers who want maximum peace of mind.

Our Top Premium Pick

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

This sleek and compact safe offers the perfect combination of convenience, accessibility, and robust protection for your valuable firearms, making it the ultimate choice for gun owners.

With its insane amount of storage capacity, the Vaultek LifePod XT makes the most capable range storage security box solution on the market.

Top 3 Mid-Sized Biometric Handgun Safe Picks

In this section, we get into the mid-sized biometric handgun safe options that are better suited for permanently mounting to a floor or wall.

These can typically hold a good mix of handguns, ammo, spare magazines, and other firearm accessories you may have*.

*You can purchase foam handgun racks separately if you want to maximize organization and keep your guns more secure.

#1 Verifi S5000 Biometric Multi-Gun Safe

Our first pick is one that we own and tested ourselves, the Verifi S5000 biometric multi-gun safe. It’s a great choice with lots of internal space, (rocking the updated keyed lock), and an FBI-certified biometric scanner that keeps your firearms protected and accessible.

Our High-Security Pick

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

I am highly impressed with the responsiveness of the fingerprint identification sensor that unlocks this safe! Compared to the “biometric” safe I replaced which was nearly impossible to program and even more impossible to open, this safe is going to be a pleasure to own.

Max H.

This cutting-edge safe combines advanced FBI-certified biometric technology with 0.52 cu ft of internal storage, offering an unparalleled level of convenience and peace of mind for gun owners.

In all of our testing, the Verifi impressed us with its build quality and biometric performance. The unique FBI-certified fingerprint sensor is fantastic and passed our wet finger and powered finger tests with flying colors.

With the addition of a handgun rack, you can store more handguns than what is shown here- plus, they’ll be protected from scuffs and scratches.

With the ability to scan each registered fingerprint multiple times, you’ll never have to worry about picky finger placement which adds a delay to accessing your handguns.

#2 Barska HQ500 Biometric Multi-Gun Safe

Our second pick is the Barska HQ500 Biometric Multi-Gun Safe which is another top security solution designed to protect your handguns and accessories.

Editor’s Choice

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

I bought this before I took a long summer vacation. I was feeling uneasy earlier, and I was really happy it arrived before I left, so I can store all my valuables inside without worrying things got stolen. I’m actually thinking about getting one for my friend, who is a overly conscious man, as a birthday gift. I think he will love it! Every family can use a safe. It makes a great gift!

Rodger V

Offering advanced biometric technology, this safe ensures that only authorized individuals can gain access, providing peace of mind and ultimate convenience.

The Barska’s use of an extra long barrel key adds an extra level of picking difficulty to this tubular lock (as well as helping to hide its location better than most surface-level locks).

With its spacious .99 cu ft interior (almost double the space of the Verifi S5000) and sturdy construction, it is the perfect choice for gun enthusiasts and collectors seeking reliable and efficient protection for their firearms, mags, and ammo.

#3 Amazon Basics Biometric Multi-Gun Safe

Our third pick is the Amazon Basics Biometric Multi-Gun Safe, offering a highly-affordable, yet effective, entry-level lock box that has been a reliable storage solution based on our series of functionality tests.

Our Top Affordability Pick

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

This lockbox, while not quite a full-fledged safe, is a fantastic entry-level security solution that serves a specific niche, and here’s why it deserves a closer look:

First and foremost, its lightweight design makes it exceptionally easy to handle and move, a feature that’s particularly advantageous for those who prioritize portability. Its small form factor is ideal for stowing away precious, smaller items such as money and jewelry, providing a dedicated and secure space for these valuables.

However, it’s worth noting that its lightweight nature also implies that it should ideally be discreetly hidden from plain view to deter potential intruders. This precaution ensures that its very nature doesn’t invite unwanted attention due to its manageable size and weight.

Harold D.

It’s designed for gun owners seeking a safe and convenient way to store multiple handguns, some spare mags, and a few ammo boxes.

The industry standard biometric sensor looks cheap but was surprisingly robust, as our wet finger and powdered finger tests proved. It’s also lightning-fast to read your fingerprint and never fails to open- with the correct finger placement.

The Amazon Basics steel biometric safe can hold quite a few handguns if foam racks are used to help organize the space. Here, you can see we opted to use it in a mixed configuration, but you can easily fit a 6-7 gun foam rack if you prioritize handgun storage above all else.

The build quality was quite a bit better than we expected it would be for its budget-friendly price and the steel gauge used on the safe door was decently thick, making it somewhat more pry-resistant (though, it is not going to be pry-proof like a burglary-rated safe is- so hide it well!).

Top 2 Large Biometric Handgun Safe Picks

Now for our last section which covers the larger bolt-down biometric handgun safes that offer the most storage capacity and ramps up the weight quite a bit. Don’t worry, we managed to find some great value leaders in this category!

#1 RPNB ‎RPHS60 Biometric Multi-Gun Safe

Our first pick in this category is the RPNB RPHS60 Biometric Multi-Gun Safe. It’s a dependable and aesthetically pleasing choice for those wanting to securely store their handguns, spare magazines, ammo, and other valuables.

Security with a Touch of Class

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Wanted a decent safe for my 9mm. Ammo, and some small important stuff. Has a nice weight to it and came solid and undamaged. Won’t prevent a determined theif from taking it unless it’s bolted down but having my 9 locked up does add some peace of mind. Programing wad straight forward and easy. I like the backup keys just in case. 

Shawn P.

With a design that can accommodate multiple guns, this innovative biometric safe guarantees you can confidently and conveniently store your firearms, ensuring they remain out of unauthorized hands.

With advanced biometric technology, this safe offers swift and effortless access exclusively to authorized individuals.

#2 XDeer CS50 Biometric Multi-Gun Safe

Our second pick is this XDeer CS50 Biometric Multi-Gun Safe. This reasonably priced and secure storage solution is designed to provide gun owners with peace of mind while ensuring quick and easy access to their firearms.

Our Top Budget Pick

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Size was the biggest factor, it had to be able to store my Springfield XD-M Elite Tactical with optic, and it does!! I first thought this would be a pain but the fingerprint reader works so good!
I am now in the habit of storing my weapon as I sit down at my desk.
And if I need it in a hurry, it only takes a second to open.

Michigan IL

With reliable biometric technology and a capacity to store multiple handguns, magazines, and ammo boxes, this lockbox offers a level of security that’s good enough to keep curious kids out while keeping honest people honest.

It’s a no-brainer for the price (and has a $10 off Prime coupon as of the time of this writing).

Final Thoughts

Small biometric gun safes are a great option due to their awesome versatility, portability, affordability, and security features. They’re also ideal for storing your home defense pistols in key locations like a bedroom, nightstand, closet, desktop, or cupboard and be permanently mounted for added security against theft.

Quick and convenient access may just be their claim to fame and the number one reason so many gun owners decide to buy one as opposed to a more traditional mechanical safe.

They may not be as theft-proof as a true safe but with a bit of strategic placement, you’ll gain much quicker access to your firearm in time to defend you and yours.

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