Best Home Safes For Securing Firearms and Valuables (7 Options)

Have you ever fallen victim to choice paralysis when shopping online? I sure have! Well, you can rest assured that my shortlist of the best home safes is here to ease your mind- and save you lots of time- by giving you what I think are some of the best value storage options available for securing any number of firearms in your collection.

Whether you’ve got one gun or just a few guns that need a space to call home- or a collection that’s growing out of control (like me)- chances are you’re searching for some no-nonsense, trustworthy advice from an expert on the subject of what to choose and which options are best suited for a variety of home use applications.

So… take a deep breath, relax, and allow me this opportunity to help you narrow down your choices by showing you my top recommendations based on my personal experience with gun storage solutions over the years.

Key Takeaways

  • We’ll examine safes for a variety of uses inside the home to make choosing quick and painless.
  • Security levels and price go hand-in-hand (and vary widely), so choose accordingly.
  • My top picks range from compact to large, so know your space constraints and capacity needs.
  • These home safes are available at multiple price points, with value as my top priority.
  • Several home safes on this list provide fire/water resistance if that’s what you need.
  • Investing in a home safe is always a good idea and worth the time to get it right the first time!

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Why Should You Trust Us?

We purchased a wide variety of gun safes ($8k worth) with our own money for the purposes of thoroughly testing and curating our top recommendation lists.

We’re the only blog that dives this deep on the topic and we publish all results on YouTube, performing real-world destructive tests (like an actual thief would) as well as testing the functionality and reliability of these gun safes over time.

We use gun safes daily to provide our readers with real hands-on information to give you the most honest and accurate take on these safes and the best way to use them.

Top 7 Gun Safes For Home Use


My top picks are what I consider to be the best value safe for a particular use case or size requirement. Each of my recommendations is based on my own user experiences, so I would advise you to think carefully about how you will use the safe and the potential places it can be mounted inside your home.

Best Home Pistol Safe: Viking Security VS-37PZ

My top pick for a great home pistol safe (based on performance and value) is the Viking Security with the same advanced fingerprint scanner used on the Verifi branded safes that I’ve already had the pleasure of reviewing here and on our YouTube channel.

The Viking is the perfect option if you’re looking to save some money and don’t need all of the smart features found on Vaultek safes. The Viking actually bests the Vaultek with its FBI-certified biometrics and built-in lid storage.

FBI Certified Fingerprint Reader

Amazon is the best place to buy the Viking Security brand safe and offers the best price and painless returns.

Best Features:

  • Fast access with 3-way entry
  • Robust build quality that’s compact and portable
  • Easy setup and simple to use
  • Multiple safety features (like silent mode) and included accessories 


  • FBI-Certified fingerprint reader
  • 2 Full-size pistol storage
  • Fully-padded interior prevents scratches
  • Lid storage pocket for spare mags or documents
  • Electronic keypad entry and laser-cut key backup access


  • Single locking latch
  • A bit pricey

How I Would Use It:

I like the Viking safe as a quick-access home defense option mounted on a nightstand bedside. It can also serve double-duty as a vehicle safe or at the range for additional security.

Thanks to its compact size it can be mounted just about anywhere and is easier to hide than larger options.

This ensures that your guns are kept away from any curious kids while allowing authorized, quick access when needed thanks to its reliable biometric scanner.

Best Home Burglary Safe: Stealth HS8 UL

Now we’re getting into my top pick for a mid-sized home safe for handgun, ammo, and accessory storage with a UL-rated for burglary resistance.

It’s also fire-resistant for up to 60 minutes at temperatures reaching 1,200 degrees F and would have edged out my fireproof pick if not for the burglary rating.

The Stealth brand is one of my all-time favorite storage solutions. It offers some of the best value for the money with its no-frills, utilitarian design that focuses primarily on the strength of materials used, spaciousness, and rugged reliability.

UL-Rated Safe

You can upgrade to a high-security combination lock (keyed) for $100 more. When you buy from Armadillo Safes or Everlasting Safes, you pay no sales tax and get price matching too!

Stealth makes a slightly smaller model (HS4 UL ) for $100 less if you don’t need the extra capacity with the same UL-rated locking mechanism.

Best Features:

  • UL RSC residential security container burglary rating
  • 60-minute fire rating at 1200º F
  • 12 gauge steel door and body
  • 7 solid steel locking bolts (1.25” in diameter)
  • UL-approved high-security electronic lock
  • Protected by hard plate and internal re-locker
  • Mechanical dial lock upgrade available
  • 4 pre-drilled bolt-down holes to secure the safe down
  • Gray fabric interior with leather-lined shelves
  • Pre-installed electrical outlet kit inside
  • 2 zippered storage pockets on the interior of the door
  • Extremely durable armored black paint
  • Chrome l-shape turn handle
  • Lifetime burglary and fire warranty


  • Feature-packed and fully accessorized
  • Stout 271 lb build quality
  • Spacious 29″H x 19 ½”W x 13″D interior with 2 removable shelves
  • Burglary and fire resistance
  • Electronic or mechanical locking options


  • Heavy
  • Expensive

How I Would Use It:

This is a true safe in every sense of the word with burglary and fire ratings so it’s ideal for the secure storage of pistols, ammo, accessories, documents, and other high-ticket valuables.

I would use it for long-term storage of my safe queen pistol collection along with some expensive optics not currently in use.

The Stealth will provide you with some peace of mind over less expensive options when it comes to theft and fire protection.

PS. If you buy the electronic lock version, it may even be suitable for home defense if you can locate it inside a bedroom closet or somewhere nearby.

Best Home Safe Locker: V-Line Tactical Weapons Locker XD

Now for what I consider to be the best home safe locker weighing in at approximately 70 lbs empty and made by V-Line. We’ve had a lot of experience with V-line’s Simplex lock when we reviewed their awesome pistol safe box last year on this blog and our YouTube channel.

V-Line is known for their basic, utilitarian designs that are built with tactical storage and simplicity in mind. Thanks, in no small part, to the battery-free Simplex locking mechanism you’ll never have to worry about lock failure in the middle of the night- no matter where you decide to use this quick-access gun locker.

Simplex Lock

This V-Line tactical gun locker sells on Amazon for the best price with hassle-free returns.

Best Features:

  •  Molle panel board on the lid
  • Heavy-duty lock cover for the Simplex mechanical lock
  • Constructed of a rigid 14ga steel lid and a 16ga steel body
  • Has two key locks on the corners and a dependable Simplex mechanical lock for quick access
  • Foam pad on bottom of case protects firearms along with quick-release nylon straps
  • Fits between the wheel wells on most SUV’s, pickup trucks and trunk of vehicles
  • Optional long gun mounting brackets designed with brackets specifically for the V-Line designed molle panel can be purchased from V-Line’s website


  • Serves double-duty for vehicle use or tactical home safe storage
  • Reliable and quick access via the reputable Simplex punch lock
  • Spacious interior for your tactical rifle loadout with lid organization
  • Strut-powered lid to assist in opening and closing
  • 2 additional locking latches for added theft protection
  • Can fit under most beds for home defense storage
  • Easy to move and install
  • Comes with most of the accessories you’ll need to use it day one


  • Might be a bit bulky for some applications
  • Slightly expensive for the amount of storage provided
  • Rifle mount sold separately
  • No electronic lock options, if that’s what you prefer

How I Would Use It:

This one is easy! This is going to be my in-between vehicle use option when going on hunting trips or range days and then brought inside as my under-bed AR-15 rifle locker home defense solution.

There’s not a lot of storage in this V-Line tactical locker for rifles but you could fit quite a few handguns, ammo, accessories, or even several compact pistol-caliber carbines (if arranged just right).

Best Quality Home Safe: Remington SAR6530S

This is hands-down the best quality home safe on this list and has the price tag to match! The Remington is the best option for those looking to splurge a bit and pamper their firearm collection by giving them a home they will be proud to call home.

With features and a build quality that rivals much more expensive gun safes, the Remington brand pulled out all of the stops on this one, sparing no expense, to show off what USA-made products can do in a market full of cheap junk pretending to be a “real safe”.

30-Gun Capacity

When you buy from Armadillo Safes or Everlasting Safes, you pay no sales tax and get price matching too!

Best Features:

  • UL-approved SecuRam electronic lock
  • 10-gauge steel construction and fourteen 2″ steel locking bolts
  • Rated for 120 minutes at 1,800 degrees F and waterproof for 7 days in up to 2 feet of water
  • Lifetime warranty covering theft, fire, natural flood, locks, parts, and paint
  • Can store a decent-sized collection with storage on the door, adjustable shelves and barrel rests
  • Includes a lighting kit, UL-rated power outlets, USB ports, and a premium interior.


  • Premium build quality and materials
  • Lots of interior room with built-in shelving and organization
  • Elegant paint job that’s scratch-resistant
  • Exterior door hinges allow full access to the interior
  • Feature-rich and included accessories so you won’t have to purchase them separately
  • No thief is walking this tank out of your house
  • Good look trying to break into this safe before the police arrive


  • Weighing over 940 pounds and bulky dimensions, it may be challenging to install
  • Premium price tag
  • Won’t fit 30 rifles with accessories attached

How I Would Use It:

This is the safe I would splurge on if I wanted a gun safe for my home that matches the quality of my big-ticket firearms.

I would use this as my primary firearms storage solution since it can easily house and organize all of my gun maintenance equipment, safe accessories, handguns, magazines, firearm accessories, ammo boxes, documents, and/or other items of value.

This Remington gun safe checks all of the boxes in terms of looks, build quality, burglary resistance, fire and water protection, and storage capacity. It’s a no-brainer if you’ve got the money to burn and want to maintain your firearms investments in style!

Best Home Shotgun Safe: V-Line 3842-SA

V-Line takes the cake here (yet again) but this time for something I consider to be the best home shotgun safe option with the already mentioned Simplex lock used on the V-Line Tactical locker and the pistol box we reviewed.

Like the tactical locker, this locker has 2 additional keyed latches to provide some additional security while you’re away. Unlike V-Line’s tactical locker, this locker was designed to house a single shotgun making it much more compact and lightweight (and much more affordable too!).

Battery-Free Operation

This V-Line safe is sold on Amazon for the best price but the veteran-owned Everlasting Safes website has price matching and no sales tax!

Best Features:

  • Made in the USA
  • Genuine KABA Simplex lock
  • Top opening can be mounted upright or hanging on a wall or door
  • Pre-punched mounting holes for easy mounting
  • Foam Lined Bottom Interior
  • Ships with a 2-year supply of Cortec corrosion inhibitor
  • Designed for home defense-sized shotguns


  • Punch key style lock can be programmed with concurrent button presses
  • Compact design can be mounted in multiple ways and places
  • Can fit shotguns up to 42″ long with accessories attached
  • The lightweight build makes moving and mounting a breeze


  • Not as secure as more robust options
  • A bit pricey for its capacity
  • Limited storage ability

How I Would Use It:

This shotgun locker would be perfect for home defense shotgun storage setup in a bedroom closet, under the bed, or as a truck gun or vehicle security solution while traveling.

It comes with everything you need to mount it out of the box and can be discreetly installed either horizontally or vertically depending on your needs.

Best Large Home Safe: Winchester Bandit 

Though this is technically not the largest home safe on this list (*that would be the Remington) it is the largest safe I’ve found that offers this much storage and security for the money.

Winchester, like Remington, is made in the USA and stands behind their products with an excellent warranty. It also sports a killer internal layout that really takes advantage of the space inside, allowing for a high degree of organization!

19-Gun Storage Capacity

There are several options to buy the Winchester Bandit but when you buy from Armadillo Safes, you pay no sales tax and get price matching too!

Due to the popularity of the Bandit 19 (and most other Winchester models), it’s often out of stock so you can check availability on the Winchester Ranger 26 instead if you’d like an even bigger solution. Shop around for the best prices on Amazon, Armadillo Safes, and Everlasting Safes. PS. You can also check out the smaller Winchester Bandit 14 if space is an issue. See the price on Amazon.

Best Features:

  • Proven 45-minute fire rating at 1400º F
  • Palusol heat expanding door seal expands to over 6x its size
  • UL-rated fireboard protection in the ceiling, walls, and door
  • Composite steel door with an added layer of fireboard behind door panel
  • External solid steel strap hinges allow full fire protection
  • Durable powder-coated slate finish
  • 3-spoke chrome vault handle
  • Features GunStiXX, allowing vertical gun storage to maximize space
  • Adjustable shelving system with U-shaped barrel racks and auxiliary shelves
  • Door Panel Organizer for quick access to handguns and safe pocket storage
  • Small power cord exit hole at the back of safe
  • Lifetime Free Replacement Guarantee in the event of a fire


  • UL-listed SecurAm electronic lock with backlit keypad
  • Solid steel 14 ga. body formed with robotic welds
  • Eight 1″ solid steel locking bolts- 4 deadlocking and 4 active
  • Anti-pry tabs
  • Pre-drilled for anchoring to floor


  • At 314 lbs, it may be too heavy for some to manage
  • It’s hard to find in stock!

How I Would Use It:

I would take advantage of the spacious layout of the Winchester to store as many guns and gear as possible. So, it’s ideal for long-term storage use of a decent-sized mixed firearms collection.

This safe can fit a wide range of rifle types and configurations and has a lot of handgun storage built into the door panel. It also has a very respectable fire rating so it would make the ideal do-it-all gun safe for many of us collectors.

Best Fireproof Home Safe: The Barska FV-500

Though not technically the longest fire rating on this list, it does boast the highest temperature rating within a 30-minute period which is excellent for asking price.

For this reason (amongst others), the Barska wins my pick for the best fireproof home safe for small handgun collections or as a secure ammo storage box that should outlast the length of most home fires (on average, between 10-20 minutes after they’re reported). Check out my article about fireproof safe facts vs fiction for more info.

My experiences with the Barska brand have been mostly positive, even though they tend to charge a higher premium for their models. I reviewed the Barska biometric rifle safe last year and my brother posted his finding on our YouTube channel if you want to check that out.

1/2 Hour at 1,700F

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Best Features:

  • The safe is fireproof up to 30 minutes at 1,700° F
  •  Pry-resistant recessed door provides added security and prevents unauthorized access
  • The FV-500 comes with 3 steel deadbolts and can be mounted for added security
  • This safe comes with 2 adjustable shelves, allowing you to customize the interior
  • The Barska comes equipped with an ax12674, bolts, a keypad, and carpeted interior


  • 169-lb heavy-duty solid steel build quality
  • 4.35 cubic feet of storage space
  • Fully adjustable shelving system for customization
  • Quick access electronic keypad entry
  • Security lockout after 3 failed attempts
  • 3 robust deadbolts with 3 fixed steel bolts on the hinge side for pry attacks


  • On the expensive side for the storage provided
  • Some have received faulty electronic units
  • On the heavy side for its size (which is also a good thing for reasons)

How I Would Use It:

This would be my dedicated small pistol and ammo safe with the potential for home defense use if you have the space for it nearby.

Most of my experience with the Barska brand comes from their biometric rifle safes so I can’t comment on the reliability of their electronic keypads but I know they’re easy enough to replace (and relatively inexpensive) if they become faulty over time.

Bonus Info

If you’ve made it this far, thanks! I hope this article has helped you narrow down your selection of choices for a good home safe for your needs. Here’s a bit of bonus info regarding home safes in general.

Best Home Safe Brands

There are a lot of manufacturers of safes designed for home use but here are some of my favorite brands (in no particular order):

  • Fort Knox
  • V-Line
  • Hornady
  • RPNB
  • Remington
  • Stealth
  • Winchester
  • Vaultek
  • SentrySafe
  • Verifi
  • Viking Security
  • MaxSafes
  • Awesafe
  • Snap-On
  • Secure-It

This isn’t a complete list by any means but contains the safes I’m most familiar with and ones that boast the best user experiences and reviews.

What is the Best Fireproof Safe for Home Use?

Any of the fireproof safes on this list would be great candidates for use inside the home. The question comes down to budget, space constraints, capacity, and the length of fire protection required.

The sky’s the limit in terms of cost and size so just think long and hard about what your needs are and the value of the firearms you want to keep inside and choose accordingly.

Closing Thoughts

Thanks for reading my article! If you have any questions, shout them out in the comments section and I’ll get back to you and address any concerns you have- or if you happen to have any sage advice or an interesting story to tell about installing a safe in your home, I’m all ears!

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