Best AR-15 Gun Safe Options in 2024 (Ranked)

I’ve experienced my fair share of frustration when it comes to solutions for storing my growing collection of purpose-built AR-15 rifles. Over the years I have introduced different types of gun safes that each play a specific role in various use cases.

Hopefully, I can lend you a helping hand and point you in the right direction so you can avoid the many pitfalls that come with blindly pulling the trigger on what might be the best AR-15 gun safe for your needs with little to no information or guidance!

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Key Takeaways:

Here are the key things to consider when shopping for the best AR-15 gun safe options:
Picking the Right Safe for the Job: I group safes that fit these specific needs: Home Defense, High-Security, and Travel.
For Quick Access: Home defense safes should open fast. Smart tech and features can add up quickly.
For More Security: Higher security safes are strong and bulky. Some offer fire and water protection too but are heavy.
For Travel: Travel safes are portable, easier to move, and offer decent security for safekeeping your AR-15.
Deciding What Matters: Consider your budget, how many guns you need to store, quick access needs, and how strong you want the safe to be. With the help of this article, you’re sure to find a safe that meets all your requirements.

If you’re in a rush, here are links to all my top picks covered in this article:
Home Defense Recommendations:
Most Smart Features: Vaultek RS800i Plus Edition Safe
Top Biometric Scanner: Verifi S7000 Smart Safe | On Optics Planet
Quickest Access: Hornady Rapid Ready RFID Vault | On Amazon
Best Budget Option: RPNB RP7FR Biometric Safe | On Armadillo Safes
High-Security Recommendations:
Top Premium Pick: Remington SAR6530S 30 Gun Safe
USA-Made Pick: Hollon CS-12E Crescent Shield Series
Best Stealth Safe Option: Stealth PR23 Premier 23 Gun Safe | Stealth ES23 Essential Series
Top Budget Pick: Winchester Bandit 19 Gun Safe | On Optics Planet | On Amazon
Travel Recommendations:
Most Versatile Pick: SecureIt Fast Box 40 Vehicle Safe
Quickest-Access Pick:

We’ve been busy testing $8,000 worth of gun safes over the last 2 years to bring you the most informative and trustworthy gun safe reviews from a first-hand perspective. To learn all of the criteria that I use to rank these gun safes, see: How We Test Gun Safes

FYI: Just a friendly reminder to check out my short ‘guide of things to consider before buying a gun safe for your AR-15‘ at the bottom of this article. This will help you determine which of the AR-15 safes on this list might work best for your specific needs.

Below, you’ll find all of the gun safe brands I’ve had the best experiences with and ones that I feel provide the best value proposition with all of the necessary features to accommodate AR-15s and other long guns.

I’ll start with my favorite options and end the list with my budget-friendly picks. I’ve included options that fit most budgets, use cases, and storage capacity needs.

Best Options For Home Defense

As discussed in more detail in my guide below, these gun safes are ideal for home defense because they incorporate quick access technologies such as biometric scanners and RFID, while the most economical picks on this list have reliable electronic keypads. All have backup keys in case the batteries run out of juice (always replace them regularly).

Quick Comparison Chart of the Safes Featured Below:

DetailsVaultek RS800i Plus EditionVerifi S7000 Smart SafeHornady Rapid Ready RFID VaultRPNB RP7FR Biometric Safe
Security FeaturesEnhanced security features, Comprehensive remote monitoring, Multiple access pointsFBI-certified fingerprint sensor, Self-diagnostics feature, Solid steel constructionFast RFID technology, Multiple entry methods, Heavy-duty constructionReliable biometric sensor, Solid construction, Advanced outside battery compartment
Interior DesignVersatile for customizable storageCustomizable for five long guns and pistolsCustomizable storage with peg wallsSpacious for up to seven rifles
Access TechnologyBiometric scanner, RFID, Electronic keypadLarge area capacitive fingerprint sensorRFID, Digital keypad, Mechanical keyFingerprint sensor, Keypad, Backup keys
Additional FeaturesWi-Fi connectivity, Durable constructionLong battery life, Easy user managementWi-Fi connectivity, Alert system through appDoor panel organizer, Concealed hinges
Weight & DimensionsWeight: 124lbs
Interior: L52.25xW13.75xD12.6
Weight: 92lbs
Exterior: L53.5xW11xD13.5 Interior: L52.5xW10.75xD9.9-11.75
Space: 3.3 cu. Ft.
Weight: 170lbs
Exterior: L52.2xW20.0xD15.1 Interior: L51.8xW19.0xD12.7
Weight: 97lbs
Ammo Space:
ProsComprehensive monitoring, Durable, Versatile storageReliable and accurate sensor, Dedicated pistol shelf, Long battery life, Easy managementQuick RFID access, Customizable storage, Wi-Fi monitoringSolid construction, Spacious capacity, Efficient organization
ConsPotential connectivity issues, Higher costExpensive for its size, Setup menus are more complicated than mostHigher cost, Wi-Fi feature frustrationsNo smart features, Not as deep as other options

FYI: The prices decrease the lower down the list you go, but you might be surprised by what my budget-friendly picks have to offer! Give them some serious consideration if you don’t have a lot to spare but need something solid and reliable.

#1 Vaultek RS800i Plus Edition Safe

Vaultek makes the most premium smart gun safes in the industry and takes my top spot for an AR-15 safe with the most advanced built-in technology and features. This safe is undeniably the coolest bit of kit you’ll likely ever come across.

Though they charge a pretty penny, I’d argue nothing this feature-packed and well-made could be had for much less. What you do get for your hard-earned dollars is a safe that lacks almost nothing, except the possible need for even more storage space!

But, when it comes to the perfect home defense solution for your AR-15, you’d be hard-pressed to find a safe with more customization, organization, smart features, and rock-solid reliability than the RS lineup by Vaultek.

Pay no sales tax when you buy it from the Veteran-owned Amadillo Safes.


  1. Enhanced security features
  2. Comprehensive remote monitoring with Wi-Fi connectivity
  3. Versatile interior design for customizable storage
  4. Multiple access points for quick and convenient entry
  5. Durable construction with tough 14-gauge carbon steel
  6. Rechargeable backup battery for continuous operation
  7. User-friendly interface with built-in LCD screen


  1. Potential connectivity issues with Wi-Fi
  2. The app is less than stellar (could be improved in a future update)
  3. Relies heavily on electronic access points
  4. Higher cost compared to other safes
  5. Interior space may not accommodate larger firearm collections
  6. Potential setup challenges for those not technically inclined

Here’s an honest take from an owner sharing some of his experiences with the Vaultek RS800i:

The safe is very high tech, which as a lifelong professional technologist, is right up my alley. I can comfortably fit my various rifles, pistols, and mags knowing that my kids cannot access them and I will know if they even tried. It’s certainly on the pricey side especially given the lighter materials and zero attempt at being fireproof, but everything I keep in there is replaceable, and my kids obviously are not.

Setup was unfortunately very difficult, even for a techie like me. Once I got it working though, it’s been fantastic. I can use the Vaultek Wifi app on my iPhone 15 without problem; it was just the initial setup that was failing. Vaultek REALLY needs to refine the setup process. Getting instant push notifications of attempted safe access gives me incredible peace of mind.

Armadillo has the best prices and has been really painless to work with. Highly recommend if you’re going with a Vaultek to buy it from here. You can’t go wrong.


While I’ve yet to get my hands on the Vaultek RS800i Plus Edition, I’ve experienced their excellent line of biometric pistol safes firsthand. I have, however, managed to glean some valuable information from a few friends, other users’ experiences, and lots of reviews.

One commonly shared experience users seemed to appreciate, besides its good looks, is the extensive features offered by the RS800i. The Wi-Fi connectivity feature, in particular, received high praise from my friend for its convenience in allowing him to monitor his safe remotely and receive instant alerts for various events.

Other users found it reassuring to stay informed about any potential tampering, impacts, or environmental changes affecting their gun safe at any given time.

The modular interior design also received a lot of positive feedback (and is one of my favorite features), with many owners noting its flexibility and customization options. Being able to reposition accessories easily with the perforated mounting boards adds to the overall convenience of organizing AR rifles, various long guns, and handguns within the safe.

In terms of accessibility, users love the multiple fast access points provided by the RS800i. The combination of an oversized LED biometric scanner, Nano Key, auto-illuminating keypad, and manual keys ensures quick and effortless access to stored items, even in low-light conditions.

When it comes to security, most owners of this safe felt confident in the RS800i’s construction and anti-theft protection features. The solid steel locking bolts, anti-pry bars, and ruggedized interior hinges provide some reassurance against break-ins, while the Impact Detection feature adds an extra layer of security.

The additional accessories that come with the Plus Edition help to take full advantage of this safe. This may seem like a ‘splurge’ purchase but if you’re a sucker (like me) for the latest and greatest technology with crazy levels of modularity, then the Plus Edition fills the bill- in spades.

Here’s another honest review from an actual owner of the Vaultek RS800i:

Well made, nice features

Let’s be real – this safe is expensive for its size. What it offers, however, is some great features that add flexibility and peace of mind. The integrated perforated metal walls allow unique customization for your situation.

The print reader is rapid and seems to work well. The wifi connectivity lets you know when it is accessed, successfully or not – a great feature with teenage boys in the house who are very aware of what’s in the safe. Overall, for me, this safe was worth the investment.


While a majority of users have had positive experiences with the Wi-Fi connectivity and electronic access points, a few have reported occasional issues such as WiFi connectivity with some Wi-Fi routers (usually, a reset will fix this problem) and others wished the app was better.

FYI: While not ‘technically’ a ‘true’ gun safe, the 124-pound RS800i is the featherweight king of quick-access gun lockers (it’s a lot tougher than you might think!). However, it has many advantages over those bulky heavyweights when it comes to ease of placement and smart tech. But, if you’re looking for more security against brute force attacks, check out some of the options in the ‘High Security’ section.

Overall, I’d conclude (after helping set up my neighbor’s) that the Vaultek RS800i Plus Edition provides a comprehensive solution for secure firearm storage (with a few technical hurdles) that makes for a highly effective home defense option.

I’ll be the next one in line to join the many gun owners enjoying all of the advanced features, robust construction, and customizable interior design (if I can manage to save enough pennies!).

#2 Verifi S7000 Smart Safe

I’ve had the pleasure of owning and testing the Verifi S5000 pistol safe with the same great biometric scanner, though I’ve yet to experience their newer line of rifle safes like the S7000 model.

But, from what I can see from the design layout and modular options (as well as what I’ve gleaned from reviews) I know it would make an awesome AR-15 safe for home defense or can be a long-term storage solution when securely bolted down.

User experiences with the Verifi S7000 biometric rifle safe often highlight its reliability, ease of use, and robust security features.

Pay no sales tax when you buy it from the Veteran-owned Amadillo Safes.


  1. Reliable and accurate FBI-certified large area capacitive fingerprint sensor
  2. Self-diagnostics feature ensures continuous functionality
  3. Long battery life than most with years of operation on a single set of batteries
  4. Customizable storage for five long guns and pistols with an adjustable shelf
  5. Solid steel construction with concealed hinges for enhanced security
  6. Easy user management and access logs via LCD screen
  7. Carpeted interior protects valuables and reduces noise


  1. Relatively expensive compared to cheaper safes of similar capacity
  2. Limited to 5-rifles, which may be insufficient for some
  3. Occasional, albeit rare, issues with fingerprint recognition or battery performance
  4. LCD screen interface may require some familiarization for optimal use
  5. Mounting hardware included may not be suitable for all installation scenarios

This lesser-known safe brand is flying under everyone’s radar (for now), but the few reviews I did manage to come across noted the convenience of the larger capacitive fingerprint sensor area, which has been tested and certified by the FBI (the only one I’m aware of).

The sensor is responsive and accurate, allowing for quick and secure access to firearms stored within the safe (I can confirm this with my unit).

One noteworthy praise from a family friend of mine is the self-diagnostics feature, which conducts checks every 24 hours and after every use, which is pretty handy. This provides reassurance that the safe is in proper working condition and alerts users to any potential issues promptly.

The long battery life is another standout feature that users appreciate. Owners of the Verifi S7000 reported years of operation on a single set of batteries, reducing the hassle of frequent battery changes (they do last long!).

The customizable storage options, including space for five long guns, an adjustable storage shelf, and extra door clearance for AR/AK-style rifles with magazines attached, are also well-received. Users gave high marks regarding the convenience of tailoring the interior to accommodate their specific firearm collection and accessories.

The ease of user management is another aspect that people liked about the Verifi. The LCD screen allows you to add or remove authorized users, customize user names, change lighting settings, view access logs, check battery levels, and more with minimal effort (the settings are pretty deep).

With the S7000’s solid steel construction, concealed hinges, and recessed door, owners of this safe can be confident in the safe’s ability to keep curious kiddos or unauthorized users out. The carpeted interior adds a layer of protection for stored items and reduces noise produced by items coming into contact with the safe’s body.

A good hunting buddy of mine summed up the Verifi S7000 biometric rifle safe as “a reliable, convenient, and fairly secure storage solution for his AR-15 and hunting rifles”.

Personally, I’m digging the clean layout and overall unique design of this safe which gives you exactly what you need to keep your guns organized, right out of the box. There’s no need to buy additional accessories to get the most out of this safe, which is always a plus!

So if you don’t want the added expense or need the additional smart features the Vaultek provides, then you can enjoy spending less by going with the Verifi while upgrading to the best biometric scanner on the market.

Having a highly reliable biometric scanner that reads your fingerprint quickly is paramount in a home defense situation. I think Verifi gets the edge on the biometric side of things but both safes have several means of gaining access to your firearms (albeit slower).

FYI: As I’ve stated before, the Verifi is not a ‘true’ safe but is more akin to a secure gun locker designed to have other advantages that are self-evident by comparison. If a higher level of security is your primary concern, take a look at my recommendations in the ‘High-Security’ section below.

#3 Hornady Rapid Ready RFID Vault

The next gun safe on this list is my top pick for granting the quickest access to your AR-15s. This high-capacity model from Hornady’s Rapid Ready Vault series of RFID safes is capable of storing up to 5 AR-15s (and other long guns) and features lightning-fast RFID access making it one of the top contendenders for use as your primary home defense strategy.


  1. Fast and reliable RFID technology for quick access
  2. Wi-Fi connectivity for remote monitoring via smartphone
  3. Customizable storage with metal interior peg walls
  4. Heavy-duty tamper-proof construction for security
  5. Multiple entry methods with digital keypad and backup mechanical key
  6. AC and battery power options for continuous operation
  7. Convenient alert system through the Hornady Security app


  1. Limited capacity for those with larger firearm collections
  2. Higher cost for its size due to more advanced features
  3. Some have been frustrated with its Wi-Fi features
  4. The Hornady App needs to address some reported bugs
  5. Some users may trust traditional access methods over RFID technology

I haven’t personally used the Hornady Rapid Safe Ready Vault with Wi-Fi, but I’ve done quite a bit of research on it and read numerous user reviews. I do have experience with Honady’s RFID quick access locks, though, since they use identical components on their AR-15 locker and shotgun wall-mounted vault models (which I do own). From what I’ve gathered, it seems to be a solid option for home defense.

One aspect that stands out is the convenience of Wi-Fi connectivity. Being able to monitor the safe remotely through a smartphone app is a feature that many users will appreciate for the peace of mind it provides. It’s especially handy for keeping tabs on who’s accessing the safe and when.

The RFID technology also seems to be a hit among users (myself included). Many report that it’s incredibly fast and reliable, offering quick access to firearms when needed (I can attest to this). Plus, the ability to program multiple RFID tags for selective access adds a layer of customization that’s appreciated by those with varying security needs.

In terms of security, users generally feel confident in the safe’s construction. The steel housing and multiple locking lugs provide reassurance that firearms and valuables are well-protected. And for those who want added peace of mind, the option to anchor the safe to a permanent location is a nice touch.

FYI: It’s not what most would consider to be a ‘true’ safe in terms of lock strength, steel gauge, or weight… though, it’s not meant to be. I will show you some better options in the ‘High-Security’ section if that’s what you’re after.

Features I like the most:

The pegboard system is a unique solution for arranging the internal layout to accommodate quite a few handguns of various kinds that allow for the use of some low-cost pistol hangers designed for pegboards. You can comfortably house 5 ARs or a mix of rifles and shotguns for a nice variety of tools at your disposal.

When it comes to home defense, this safe’s spacious interior makes grabbing your firearm of choice quick and easy. Hornady took a very minimalist approach that leaves you more space than traditional safe interiors while still maintaining a high degree of modularity.

Fortunately, Hornady gives you an internal depth of 12.7 inches which means you can keep your AR in a ready condition with mag inserted and room for a red dot scope with a riser attached (*as seen in the image below). This is a must for home defense use and means you don’t have to store your rifles at some odd angle or remove mags and accessories.

Here’s a picture of my budget AR-15 build showing a total length of just over 11 inches with scope and magazine inserted, leaving some room to spare (possibly for scopes with slightly taller risers) inside this Hornady safe.

Here’s an honest take from an owner of the smaller Hornady Rapid Safe model:

I really like the Compact Ready Vault – I’ve had mine for about 2 years now, and it works flawlessly. For me it was all about the RFID lock, and it has never failed to open immediately. I store 2 and a half long guns, 3 handguns, and some spare mags.

I don’t think I could squeeze anything more in, but I didn’t really expect to be able to – it easily holds what it’s designed to hold. I did have one problem with the battery compartment when the product first arrived, but I was able to get it fixed with help from the Hornady customer service team – they were easy to work with and very knowledgeable.


Some users have mentioned minor issues with the Wi-Fi connectivity, such as occasional signal drops or difficulty setting up the app initially. Additionally, while the RFID technology is generally reliable, there have been isolated reports of tags failing to register or needing to be replaced over time. Also, the App could use some improvements- as some have stated.

Overall, my impression from user experiences, and my own, is that the Hornady Rapid Safe Ready Vault with smart Wi-Fi connectivity is a solid choice as an AR-15 locker for home defense. It offers a good balance of security, convenience, and modern features that make it a worthwhile investment for those looking to upgrade their gun storage solution.

#4 RPNB RP7FR Biometric Safe

The last home defense safe is my top budget pick that just received a major design update sporting more features and organizational improvements.

With this new RPNB RP7FR model, there’s space for up to seven AR-15 rifles (with mags removed), but you’ll have to store your ARs at an angle with the magazine inserted since this safe is only 9″ deep. This means you’ll lose some capacity if you like to keep your rifles in the ‘ready’ condition.

It incorporates a fingerprint sensor for quick and secure access, along with backup keys and a keypad for added convenience. With a door panel organizer, users can efficiently store pistols, magazines, and documents inside the safe.

Pay no sales tax when you buy it from the Veteran-owned Amadillo Safes.


  1. Reliable biometric fingerprint sensor for quick and secure access
  2. Solid construction and prevents corrosion, black rocky finish for durability
  3. Spacious storage capacity for up to seven rifles, plus additional accessories
  4. Convenient backup keys and keypad for alternative entry options
  5. Concealed hinges and advanced outside battery compartment for added security
  6. Door panel organizer maximizes storage space and keeps items organized


  1. Some users may experience occasional issues with fingerprint recognition or keypad functionality
  2. The safe weighs 97 lbs, which may be challenging for some to move or install
  3. The safe is not as deep as other options on this list
  4. Batteries are not included

I own the older electronic keypad version of this safe without a biometric scanner but I like this newer model quite a lot more. Seeing as this is a fairly recent addition to RPNB’s rifle safe lineup, I could only find a limited amount of review data on it but what I did find was very positive!

Many liked Its solid construction and concealed hinges, providing added security against unauthorized access and pry attacks. Additionally, the advanced outside battery compartment allows for easy battery replacement, enhancing user convenience.

Mounting options are available with pre-drilled holes at the back and bottom of the safe, enabling secure installation on walls or floors. This ensures stability and prevents unauthorized removal of the safe. The safe’s exterior dimensions and handle depth are designed to fit seamlessly into various interior spaces, maximizing storage capacity without sacrificing accessibility.

In terms of user management, the safe allows for the storage of up to 20 fingerprint scans, providing flexibility for multiple users. The LCD screen interface allows for easy customization of settings, viewing access logs, and checking battery levels.

User experiences with the RPNB RP7FR biometric rifle safe often highlight its reliability, ease of use, and spacious storage capacity.

Many users appreciate the convenience of the biometric fingerprint sensor, which allows for quick and secure access to firearms stored within the safe. The inclusion of backup keys and a keypad provides additional entry options, offering flexibility for users.

Here’s a solid review from a satisfied owner:

Quick Delivery!!! Product arrived well package. Not a scratch!!! the quality is perfect… exactly what i was looking for. I have 3 shotguns, Savage rifle, Ruger AR556 and my two S&W handguns in the smaller internal safe! I also added a couple of motion sensor lights. Perfect!


So, if you’re on a tighter budget, the RPNB offers a lot of bang for your buck while still giving you a quick access biometric entry system and plenty of built-in accessories for improved organization, all for under $500 bucks.

You do give up a bit of depth compared to the Vaultek, Verifi, and Hornady but that means it’s a bit more compact and takes up less space- making it ideal for smaller spaces.

The hidden keyhole is a pretty nifty feature too that is quick and easy to access underneath the access panel (with just a simple twist). Don’t pass on this as a viable home defense option for storing your ARs, shotguns, or other long guns unless you want something a bit deeper.

FYI: Just like the other safes in this ‘Home Defense’ section, the RPNB is not a ‘true’ safe per se but it is pretty rugged for a safe built with convenient storage and quick retrieval in mind. If you’re looking for something more secure (but less convenient), check out my other recommendations in the ‘High-Security’ section below.

Now, let’s get into my higher-security picks for storing your AR-15s long-term. Due to their added weight and size (and cost), they won’t be as affordable, convenient, or as quick to access as the gun lockers above… but, they will provide much more resistance against pry attacks, theft, and even fire protection (in some cases).

Best Options For High-Security

These are going to be your best bet for secure, long-term storage of your AR-15s and other high-ticket rifle purchases. These are going to cost much more for the same level of storage capacity you would get from the less expensive Home Defense options above since they are double-walled and heavy-duty.

Quick Comparison Chart of the Safes Featured Below:

DetailsRemington SAR6530S 30 Gun SafeHollon CS-12E Crescent Shield SeriesStealth PR23 Premier 23 Gun SafeWinchester Bandit 19 Gun Safe
Security FeaturesUL-approved lock, 10-gauge steel, Fire and waterproof1.5-inch chrome bolts, 12-gauge steel, Drill-resistant hard plate¼” steel plate door, 10-gauge steel, Superior fire protection45-minute fire rating, Palusol® Heat expanding door seal, 14-gauge steel
Capacity30 guns (practical capacity varies)Up to 12 long gunsUp to 23 long gunsUp to 30 stripped-down long guns
Fire Protection120 minutes at 1,800°F75 minutes, intumescent seal90 minutes at 1200º F45 minutes at 1400° F
Additional FeaturesLighting kit, USB ports, Premium interiorFlexible storage options, Deluxe interior linerElectrical power outlet, Light kit, Leather-lined shelvesGunStiXX™ storage system, Adjustable shelving
Weight & DimensionsWeight: 966lbs
L65x W32xD26
Storage Space:
20.16 cu. ft.
Weight: 320lbs
L55xW19.5x D9.5
Storage Space:
7.36 cu. ft.
Weight: 486lbs
L59x W24xD18
Storage Space:
Not Specified
Weight: 388lbs
L60x W28x D20
 L57.5x W26x D14
Storage Space:
19.4 cu. ft.
ProsGreat capacity, Extensive fire and water protection, Durable, Premium build, Lifetime warrantyStrong security, Enhanced fire protection, Good interior flexibilityEnhanced security, Superior fire protection, Interior luxuryGood storage capacity, Reliable fire protection, Affordable
ConsHeavy and difficult to install, Premium priceMost limited capacity, Not waterproofCostly, Heavy, May not fit all firearmsFire rating could be longer, Thinnest steel gauge, Not for small items or accessories

FYI: Many offer some level of fire resistance and have burglary and/or theft ratings. The sky’s the limit in terms of cost, but I made sure to include the most affordable options in this category from reputable brands.

#1 Remington SAR6530S 30 Gun Safe

This bad boy comes from one of my favorite gun safe brands, Remington. If you’re in the market for a Gucci safe for securely storing your AR-15 collection with lots of room to spare for pistols, ammo boxes, shotguns, accessories, cash, valuables, etc, then the Remington will scratch that itch for a more premium experience!

Pay no sales tax when you buy it from the Veteran-owned Amadillo Safes.


  1. Features a UL-approved SecuRam electronic lock, 10-gauge steel construction, and fourteen 2″ steel locking bolts
  2. Rated for 120 minutes at 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit and waterproof for 7 days in up to 2 feet of water
  3. Comes with a lifetime warranty covering theft, fire, natural flood, locks, parts, and paint
  4. Accommodates a decent-sized collection, plus additional storage on the door, with adjustable shelves and barrel rests
  5. Includes a lighting kit, UL-rated power outlets, USB ports, and a sophisticated design with premium interior.


  1. Weighing over 940 pounds and with substantial dimensions, it may be challenging to install
  2. The high-quality construction, security features, and additional functionalities come with a premium price tag
  3. Won’t fit 30 rifles, unless gutted!
  4. This specific model might not be readily available at all retailers

Will this high-security safe store 30 rifles? Maybe, if you removed the shelving, you could cram 30 rifles inside but that wouldn’t be very practical. In its stock configuration, 10-plus plain rifles with longer barrels (or 6 fully-equipped rifles) will fit into the rifle section with one mounted on the door.

10 active golden deadbolts and 4 inactive hinge-side bolts make this a truly secure storage solution for your AR-15s!

You could use the top shelf to store a few short barrel rifles, if you wanted, or use that space for magazines or ammo boxes. There are also pistol holders built into the door panel that give you easier access to 6 handguns with lots of pouches for storing various odds and ends.

The shelving can be adjusted to meet your needs and you could add a few extra pistol racks to expand handgun storage capacity. This Remington safe is a well-rounded storage solution that can store all of your firearm equipment and maintenance kits.

Now, let’s get into the features of this large gun safe and see what you’re getting for the relatively high price tag! First, let’s talk about its build and what qualifies it as a ‘true’ gun safe.

Remington’s STS Series is a robust security solution, designed with a range of features to protect firearms and other valuables. It’s constructed from 10-gauge steel, ensuring a strong barrier against pry attacks, and a UL-rated electronic lock system that prevents unauthorized access to the contents inside.

How about fire, water, and theft?

This safe boasts a triple seal protection system, guarding against fire, smoke, and water. This model is fireproof, with a rating for 120 minutes at temperatures up to 1,800°F (which is excellent), and waterproof for up to 7 days in 2 feet of water (also a big plus), including a waterproof bolt-down kit that keeps this safe from being tipped over.

What about the security features, you ask?

The security features on this model include a backlit Securam Digital Lock for easy and quick access, with a FAIL-SAFE backup key option. It contains fourteen locking bolts, with ten active and four deadbolts on the hinge side to prevent pry attacks.

What extra features are included in the price?

For some much-needed convenience, Remington includes a light kit, a UL-rated dual power outlet, and two USB ports for charging devices that add some premium utility to this safe.

What about the fit and finish?

The exterior of this safe features a premium forged aluminum wheel and is finished in a metallic Sage Green, making it a tasteful addition to any man cave. The interior and the door panel are quilted in a premium vinyl, enhancing the overall aesthetic and offering protection to your gun collection.

What about the warranty?

The Remington SAR6530S comes with a comprehensive lifetime warranty covering theft, fire, natural flood, locks, parts, and paint, emphasizing Remington’s confidence in its product quality and durability.

To sum things up, this is the safe I would go for if I wanted both high-security and a premium gun safe experience for my high-ticket rifles, handguns, and accessories.

Now, let’s take a look at some more affordable options that still check that ‘high-security’ box without as much attention to detail.

#2 Hollon CS-12E Crescent Shield Series

Hollon is an American company that earned my top USA-made vote with their new Crescent Shield line of rock-solid gun safes. I seriously can’t believe how much UL-rated security and features you get for a moderate amount of money!

FYI: You can even opt for the biometric scanner with electronic keypad for an extra $150 which almost tempts me to consider this as a possible home defense solution that’s also a high-security long-term storage solution.

If it wasn’t for the sheer size and 320 lb heft of the Hollon making it hard to find an ideal spot to mount nearby for those ‘ bumps in the night’ situations, I would take this safe over the Vaultek in a heartbeat.

Pay no sales tax when you buy it from the Veteran-owned Amadillo Safes.


  1. Strong security with 1.5-inch chrome steel bolts and 12-gauge steel construction
  2. Enhanced fire protection rated for 75 minutes, with an intumescent seal for smoke and fire resistance
  3. Equipped with a high-security, UL Listed, Type 1 Rated S&G Electronic Lock
  4. Optional biometric lock option upgrade
  5. Flexible storage options with adjustable and removable shelves and gun racks, plus a deluxe interior liner
  6. Drill-resistant hard plate and vault-style hinges for added security and durability


  1. Weight of 320 lbs may make installation challenging without professional help.
  2. Limited capacity of up to 12 long guns might not suffice for collectors with larger collections.
  3. Electronic lock, while secure, may not be preferred by those looking for traditional dial locks.
  4. The depth added by the handle and hinges requires additional space planning.
  5. Only available in one color option, which might not suit all tastes.
  6. Not waterproof

The Hollon CS-12E Crescent Shield Series Gun Safe really stands out for a few reasons. It’s designed to offer more than just a place to lock away your firearms or valuables.

This safe takes security up a notch with its solid construction and advanced locking mechanism. It’s crafted from 12-gauge steel, which gives it a sturdy body and door, and the locking bolts are 1.5 inches of chrome steel.

That’s not as robust as the Remington with its 10 gauge steel build, but it’s still thicker than what you’d find on most safes at this price point, giving it that extra layer of security against break-ins.

Here’s a review of the experience of buying this safe from Armadillo Safes (no sales tax and veteran-owned!):

I had been safe shopping for a while. I found Armadillo and from my first email to them, I knew I was in the right hands. Customer service team (Sarah specifically) was super-responsive, pleasant and thorough. All of my questions were addressed, including with pictures to help me see what I couldn’t online.

They’re an authorized dealer for Hollon and it’s like they have a direct line into Hollon – I got answers and issues resolved rapidly. Delivery was great, and safe came in perfect shape. Even after set up, Armadillo team resolved any open issues for me. I am beyond completely satisfied and would buy from them again. Highly recommend!

Joe F.

Now, let’s talk about the fire protection. It’s rated to withstand fire for up to 75 minutes, which is quite impressive. There’s this special seal around the door that expands massively in the event of a fire. It’s designed to block out fire and smoke, keeping everything inside safe and sound.

But what I find particularly appealing is how it’s been thoughtfully designed for gun owners. It’s well-suited for AR-15 collections and can hold up to 12 long guns in total with an interior that is quite flexible.

You’ve got this deluxe liner on the inside that’s not just for looks but also protects your guns and valuables. Plus, there’s a pocket door organizer for additional storage, which is always handy.

The electronic lock on this safe is top-notch, too. It’s a Sargent & Greenleaf Type 1 electronic lock, which is a step above many other locks in terms of security. And if you’re worried about drills or ballistic attacks, this safe has got you covered with a drill-resistant hard plate protecting the lock.

Hollon hasn’t overlooked the details either. This safe comes with vault-style hinges that prevent the door from sagging over time, ensuring it can fully swing open for easy access to your items. And if you’re considering securing the safe to the floor, there are four pre-drilled mounting holes ready for you.

Overall, the Hollon CS-12E Crescent Shield Series Gun Safe qualifies as a high-security option with ‘true’ safe characteristics, excellent fire protection, and a well-thought-out design. It’s a solid mid-sized choice for anyone looking to secure their AR-15 rifles, long guns, some pistols, accessories, and other valuables

#3 Stealth PR23 Premier 23 Gun Safe

Next, I’ll be comparing two popular Stealth safe models. The first is from Stealth’s more premium ‘Premier Series’ lineup and the second is from their more affordable ‘Essential Series’ rifle safes.

Both of them are excellent options for secure AR-15 storage but let’s explore their differences to determine which one might be right for you and your budget.

Pay no sales tax when you buy it from the Veteran-owned Amadillo Safes.


  1. Enhanced security with a 1/4″ steel plate door and 10-gauge steel body
  2. Superior fire protection with a 90-minute fire rating at 1200º F
  3. Increased locking bolt strength with 12 solid steel locking bolts, 1.5” in diameter
  4. Features a high-security, UL-approved electronic lock, offering reliable protection
  5. Interior luxury with leather-lined shelves and a comprehensive door organizer for additional storage
  6. Includes a pre-installed electrical power outlet and a light kit, adding convenience for visibility and electronic charging
  7. Covered by a lifetime burglary and fire warranty


  1. The increased security features and materials cost add to the price point
  2. Weighing 486 lbs, its substantial weight may require help for installation or relocation
  3. The interior space may not accommodate all types of firearms, particularly those with large scopes or accessories
  4. Electronic locks may not appeal to those who prefer mechanical locks for their simplicity and reliability

The Stealth Essential 23 Gun Safe (EGS23) and the Stealth Premier 23 Gun Safe (PR23) offer different levels of protection, build quality, and features, designed to cater to varying needs and budgets.

The Essential model focuses on providing the most ‘basic, ‘ essential’ yet necessary security features at an affordable price. It’s built with a 14-gauge steel body and door, includes a 30-minute fire rating at 1200º F, and comes equipped with an electronic lock protected by a hard plate and internal re-locker (which is really a step above ‘basic’ in my book).

Like the Premier model, it also features a Molle door organizer, electrical power outlet with USB slots, and a gray fabric interior. Both models were designed to store up to *23 long guns and include a lifetime warranty against theft and fire​​.

FYI: *As discussed earlier, the reality is that you’d have to strip out the interior bare in order to fit 23 rifles inside! The actual rifle capacity will depend primarily upon how many attachments you have on your AR-15s and the angle you store them.

On the other hand, the Premier model is designed as a top-tier option, boasting a ¼” steel plate door, a 10-gauge steel body, and a 90-minute fire rating at 1200º F.

It enhances security with 12 solid steel locking bolts that are 1.5″ in diameter, a 4-way locking bolt system, and exceeds California DOJ Gun Safe Requirements. The Premier version also includes a Molle door organizer but adds luxury features like leather-lined shelving and a pre-installed electrical outlet kit.

Though they are hard to tell apart on a surface level, the Premier Series differentiates itself with its build quality, increased fire protection, and included light kit. Owners of the Premier safe are also covered by a lifetime burglary and fire warranty​​.

Side by Side: At first glance, the two Stealth safe models look nearly identical but take a closer look and you can spot the higher deadbolt count with an enormous size advantage on the Premier safe (right).

The Stealth gun safe really left a good impression on Jason and many other reviewers:

I’m pretty impressed with the Stealth gun safe I purchased. It has a lot of extra features I didn’t see included on safes like this one such as the outlet and molle organizer, they even included all the accessories with it which I thought was a nice touch.

The overall quality is pretty apparent, they left no detail unfinished and the paint is my favorite part, the pictures online don’t do it justice. I don’t even know how to describe it but it looks very durable, the black on black look is awesome! Very happy with my purchase and would order a safe from Stealth again in a heartbeat!


So, if you’re looking for a more cost-effective solution that covers basic security and fire protection needs, the Essential series could be the right choice. However, if you prioritize higher security, better fire protection, and more premium features, the Premier series would be a more suitable option.

#4 Winchester Bandit 19 Gun Safe

My last pick is my top budget safe pick (made in Fort Worth, Texas) which is geared more toward maximum rifle storage, thanks to its minimal layout. It lacks the extra shelving, nooks, and crannies of the other high-security safes on this list, making it less ideal for organizing smaller items or firearm accessories. This may be a good or bad thing, depending on what your storage goals are.

Pay no sales tax when you buy it from the Veteran-owned Amadillo Safes.


  1. It offers great storage capacity, which is great for collectors or those with multiple firearms.
  2. The safe features a 45-minute fire rating at 1400° F, providing reliable protection in the event of a fire.
  3. The inclusion of the Palusol® Heat expanding door seal enhances its fire protection by sealing out heat and smoke
  4. The price point is ideal for those on a tighter budget looking for secure firearm storage solutions
  5. The UL-listed Securam Electronic Lock with a backlit keypad facilitates quick and secure access
  6. The interior is designed with the GunStiXX™ storage system and an adjustable shelving system for versatility


  1. At approximately 388 pounds, it may pose challenges for installation or moving
  2. Although the fire rating is acceptable, there are safes on the market with longer fire protection ratings
  3. The 14-gauge steel is the thinnest of the bunch and meets the bare minimum build quality for durability
  4. The electronic lock, while convenient, may not appeal to those who prefer the traditional mechanical dial locks

The Winchester Bandit 19 Gun Safe, specifically the SECWINB19-SL-E model, brings together an impressive amount of features for the price. This safe offers a considerable capacity with enough space to store up to 30 stripped-down long guns.

Here’s what Bill had to say about his purchase of the Winchester Bandit safe:

Had been looking for a medium safe at other outlets and found this one offered here. Was very impressed by the delivery service (delivered to my door, on time, without a scratch). Winchester makes a quality product and I am impressed with the workmanship of the shelves, locking mechanism, digital keypad (very nice compared to other brands) locking wheel (quality… nice looking).


One stand-out perk is its fire protection capability, boasting a 45-minute fire rating at 1400° F, which isn’t too shabby (again, given the price). This is further reinforced by the Palusol® Heat expanding door seal which expands significantly under heat, creating a barrier against both heat and smoke, adding an extra layer of protection.

Its construction doesn’t shy away from toughness either. Made with rugged 14-gauge steel, it is the thinnest of the bunch on this list but it can resist pry attacks and will buy you some time.

The use of solid steel locking bolts and reinforced steel door help contribute to its robust burglary protection. Fortunately, it’s equipped with a UL-Listed Securam Electronic Lock, ensuring secure access while exceeding California DOJ Requirements for firearm safety devices.

Not just about security, the Bandit 19 also focuses on convenience and organization. It introduces the nifty GunStiXX™ storage system, a simple yet effective solution that allows for vertical storage of rifles and shotguns, maximizing the safe’s internal space. Alongside this, it features a customizable door panel organizer for additional storage options.

The aesthetic design choices are on point too, with a durable powder-coated slate finish and a stylish 3-spoke chrome vault handle enhancing its appearance. The safe is also pre-drilled for anchoring to the floor, adding to its security by preventing it from being moved or tipped (as thieves like to do).

Wrapping things up, the Winchester Bandit 19 Gun Safe offers a secure, spacious, and well-designed option for AR-15 gun owners looking for reliable protection with adequate fire and theft at an affordable price.

Best Options For Travel

These gun safes are great for securing your AR-15 while traveling between various destinations and can serve double-duty as home defense lockers under your bed or in a nearby closet. I’ve included 2 models in my own collection that I have tested and reviewed on this blog. Also, check out Jay’s reviews of all the safes we’ve tested exclusively on the Exoc-Tactical YouTube channel.

Quick Comparison Chart of the Safes Featured Below:

DetailsSecureIt Fast Box 40 Vehicle SafeHornady Rapid Safe RFID AR-15 Locker
Security FeaturesFully seam-welded, Hardened latches, Electronic lock disengagement, Keyed access, Bolt-down holesHeavy build, Hardened latches, RFID, electronic keypad, Keyed access, Bolt-down holes
Capacity2 AR-15s or other long guns, Can add pistols with hangers (sold separately)2 AR-15s or other long guns, Possible spaces for unsecured pistols
Access TechnologyElectronic push-button lock, Key accessRFID, electronic keypad, key access
Additional FeaturesCradleGrid technology for customizable storageFoam racks, External power supply, Tether cable, RFID bracelet, Key fob, Stickers
Weight & DimensionsWeight: 33lbs
Weight: 50lbs
ProsVersatile placement, Quick access, Customizable storageQuick RFID access, Tougher construction, Versatile storage
ConsNeeds additional accessories, Less secureNo modularity, Heavier to move

FYI: These safes were designed with quick access, portability, and convenience in mind with ‘high-security’ being lower on the list of priorities. They are, however, substantially more secure than a soft or hard rifle case and sport an all-steel construction that is relatively compact and lightweight compared to floor-standing models.

#1 SecureIt Fast Box 40 Vehicle Safe

The SecureIt Fast Box series is my top pick due to its sheer versatility. Needing something under the bed as a home defense option? In the closet? Maybe in your RV or tucked away in your pickup truck? The Fast Box Model 40 fits all these spots perfectly.

You can mount it vertically or horizontally and, with SecureIt’s CradleGrid Technology, you can tweak the inside setup to fit a mix of handguns, long guns, and whatever accessories you can fit inside.


  1. The Fast Box Model 40 is designed for quick access, making it ideal for home defense or where fast retrieval is desired.
  2. Its compact, low-profile design allows for versatile placement options, maximizing space efficiency.
  3. CradleGrid Technology offers customizable storage for a variety of configurations, adapting to individual storage needs.


  1. Limited to storing up to two bare long guns, or just one AR-15 with accessories attached
  2. Some users may find the electronic lock system and reliance on batteries less ideal. Fortunately, it has keyed access!
  3. The SecureIt name comes with a higher price tag compared to simpler gun storage solutions

Check out my full review of the SecureIt Fast Box for a deeper dive into the setup (with pics and videos).

The locker itself is pretty sturdy, drawing from the kind of craftsmanship SecureIt is known for, especially with their military-grade products. It’s constructed from all-welded steel, ensuring durability and security. But, despite its heavy-duty vibe, it’s lighter than most compact AR lockers and is designed to be easily hidden away.

Fortunately, there are plenty of places and ways to secure the Fast Box using the included hardware. I purchased my Fast Box 47 (the 47″ model) with the included ‘under-the-bed’ kit but decided to use it, instead, for securing my AR-15 under the trunk of my car for those longer trips.

I recommend picking up the 2-rifle stand kit to securely lock down your rifles inside the Fast Box!

Now, let’s chat about what it can hold. If you’ve got a couple of AR-15s, or any long gun under 39 inches each, this locker’s ready to accommodate them. It’s all about giving you the flexibility to organize your storage exactly how you like it.

Here’s a review from Rob using his Fast Box in the back seat of a pickup truck:

Great Product

I bought this for a behind the seat gun case for my 2018 F-150. No one makes a case for this purpose. This case is perfect,I can still move my seat completely back without hitting the case it is easily accessible. I did mount a handle on it since I am using it in an upright position, it needed a handle. I also added additional padding since it is in a bouncing 4×4 on bad roads. I add a piece of auto carpet so that it isn’t easily visible from the outside

Rob has his Fast Box hidden behind the seat of his truck, which is stealthier than a gun rack!

As for security, the Fast Box Model 40 features a three-point locking system with a recessed, full piano hinge door. It includes a push-button lock with key override, offering both security and quick access. Additionally, two quick-release tie-down straps and a padded insert are included to secure and protect the firearms inside.

Here’s an in depth review from an owner using it for under bed storage:

Very good – for what it’s designed for

Like most products, the key to this one is to use it for what it’s designed for. It’s a gun locker. A good one, but nevertheless, it’s a “locker”. This is not a safe and the vast majority of people, including the manufacturer, are not claiming this is designed to be impenetrable and theft-proof.

Nearly all home burglaries are petty thefts, smash and grabs or crimes of opportunity carried out by kids or low to mid-level burglars. They carry basic tools to gain entry through a door or window and do not have the means or want to invest the time on a concentrated attack in order to steal some firearms (especially long guns difficult to conceal and much harder to sell due to their high profile).

I am comfortable knowing my child can’t access the gun and most thieves can’t or won’t bother trying to as well. I see some people claiming someone with a grinder can get into the back of it in minutes. Ok, how many petty thieves are carrying a cordless grinder, have no need to be quiet in order to listen for someone coming home and can also contort themselves to operate a grinder in a 7″ space under a bed? You drama-loving people can relax…The Ocean’s 11 crew is not coming for your gun.

The average duration of a residential burglary is 1-1/2 to 8 minutes.Back to the Fastbox… My situation allows me to place much more comfort in its ability. I specifically was looking for an under-bed solution which would provide reasonable safety and security while allowing quick access. The box is a nicely built 14 gauge steel cabinet, has machined and smoothed-over edges and a 3 point locking mechanism.

The door sits perfectly flush with the frame and a pretty tight tolerance prevents the insertion of a prying tool. It also has a key backup (don’t keep the key in your nightstand…). The buttons are not the cheap and finicky membrane type, but are rubber soft-touch, tactile buttons. They don’t beep when pressed and the LED provides a momentary indication of a valid code and also serves as a low battery warning.

Here’s what makes my application even better….It is set-back under our bed about 5 inches and is bolted to a 300 lb heavy-gauge steel bed frame. The very nature of it being secured under a bed makes for difficult and awkward access to it with tools, let alone trying to gain the leverage and angle to use tools on it. It includes brackets that will allow you to secure it to a standard angled-steel bed frame.

It offers a 5 to 8 digit code (using 4 buttons). I created an 8 digit, random code not mimicking any birthdays, anniversaries, etc. just to prevent my son from guessing when he gets older. So far the locking mechanism is holding up nice. Since I used a random code, in order for me to gain proficiency with it I entered the code at least 2-3 times a day until I had it down cold and was able do it in the dark and even upside down when reaching from my bed.

In just a few weeks I did over 50 entries and the lock opened every time without a hitch. I suggest memorizing the sequence of your code as I did, rather than having to read which button to press. Also, measure the space under your bed to make sure it will fit (no less than 7″ when laying down)! Overall I’m pleased with the locker and it suits my application great. Good degree of security and quick access. I’d recommend it to those living in reality and not in the movies.


If you decide to pull the trigger on the SecureIt Fast Box, you can go with either the 40-inch or 47-inch model. I’d recommend the Fast Box 47 if you plan on using this as an ultra-compact vertical gun locker. The extra few inches left over will allow you to add a shelf for spare mags or a couple of pistol hangers to add some more go-to options for home defense. Otherwise, the 40″ model is more ideal if you don’t need the extra space or plan to mount it horizontally for maximum compactness.

Whether you’re considering it for its practicality in tight spaces, its quick-access design, or the customization it offers, the Fast Box Model 40 seems like a pretty smart pick for keeping your AR-15 safe and sound​

#2 Hornady Rapid Safe RFID AR-15 Locker

The Hornady RAPiD Safe AR Gun Locker is the only locker I own that looks and feels more like a safe when compared to the SecureIt. The RFID feature is quick and works every time but does need to be nearly touching the sensor to trigger.

This is true whether you’re using the bracelet, key fob, or cellphone stickers. There’s also an electronic keypad that stores a numeric code of your choosing as a secondary means of entry. You can also use the backup barrel key to gain access should the electronics ever fail (due to dead batteries, most likely).

You can also plug in the safe to external power with the included A/C adapter when mounted near an outlet if you’re concerned about batteries dying in a home defense situation.

When running on battery power, you have to press the “H” button on the panel to wake it up before entering a code or using the RFID sensor. But, on wall power, it is awake all the time and you won’t have to press the “H” before use.


  • Utilizes RFID technology for fast, touch-free entry, ideal for home defense situations.
  • Can be mounted in various locations, including closets or vehicles, offering flexibility in storage.
  • Built with durable materials to provide a secure storage solution for AR-15 rifles.
  • Besides RFID, it offers keypad and key lock options, ensuring access under different circumstances.
  • Optimizes space usage, making it suitable for storing AR-15s without taking up excessive room.


  1. Primarily designed for 2 AR-15s, which may not suffice for owners with multiple firearms.
  2. Relies on electricity for RFID and keypad functionality, though it includes a key lock as a backup.
  3. While fast, RFID might not appeal to all users, and reliance on tags means you must keep them secure yet accessible.

Check out my full review writeup on the Hornady AR Gun Locker if you want a much more thorough look at this safe.

Here’s a helpful review from an AR-15 owner using the Hornady for his SUV:

Great choice for SUV use.

This fits in our 2016 Dodge Durango perfectly. Multiple unlock options are great! Programming is the only reason for the for the four stars…it took a bit of time to figure out the red/green light when you install the batteries (the light remains red for an annoying amount of time before you see green after install of batteries; the manual just says it turns green upon new battery install).

After that programming the RFID tags/stickers was a breeze (if you have RFID tags from other Hornady branded products that you already use, they can be programmed to work with this safe). The only issue with car use its the single supplied cable lock. I went to a hardware store and spent $50 on two heavy coated cables with eyelets, a pair of 1/4″ eye bolts, some wide flat washers, nuts, and some high security locks, to secure the safe to the vehicles frame.

For me, this safe daily keeps an AR15-style rifle, or braced-pistol; a chest rig, some spare tools, and equipment. On a few road trips, the supplied padding has allowed me to add an additional rifle/braced-pistol and chest rig (tooks several tries to pack in an orderly fashion that would allow easy closure). I would recommend this safe for AR platforms. Range carry or daily EDC use when one wants a rifle close.If a rainy day comes, this is a great way to keep your tools closer than the home safe.


This locker is big enough to safely tuck away your AR-15 or other long guns, keeping them out of sight but easy to reach in seconds if you ever need them. It’s made to be really tough, so no one can just break in and take your stuff. Plus, you can bolt it down to the floor or the wall, so no one can simply walk off with it!

It’s not just for AR-15s since you can store other guns in there too. The inside is padded so your guns won’t get scratched up. And, besides the high-tech RFID, you can also open it with a keypad or a traditional key, giving you backup ways to get in if the RFID isn’t your thing.

So, if you’re looking for a safe spot for your guns that’s cool, quick to open, and super secure, this locker is like hitting the jackpot. It’s perfect for keeping your guns safe but ready to go in a flash.

Considerations Before You Buy

Here are some of what I consider to be the most important metrics when considering which gun safe to buy for your AR-15:

Price: Budget is relative to income but you should have some idea of how much you’re willing to invest in a gun safe. Generally speaking, the more expensive options have more features, are more reliable, more secure, and have higher build quality. You can surmise that the opposite tends to be true for the cheaper options. As I always tell my friends and family, buy once, cry once!

Capacity: This metric is very important since it affects how many AR-15s you can comfortably store and have easy access to. You want to look for options that can fit your current collection and can accommodate future acquisitions so you don’t have to upgrade it anytime soon. The most common sizes tend to be those that can store 5 rifles but there are plenty of models that can store much larger collections. I’ll be showing you options that can store from as few as 3 to up to 15 rifles to cover most readers’ needs.

Access: Your ability to gain quick access to your firearm is something every AR-15 owner should consider if home defense is your main reason for purchasing a gun safe. Access also refers to how easy it is to grab your rifle once the safe door is open. If a safe is designed well, the layout will be spacious enough to orient your rifles in the most advantageous position possible. Poorly designed gun safes are often cramped and force you to store your rifles at odd angles or won’t allow you to keep your rifles in a ‘ready’ condition; in translation, your rifle’s stock may need to be folded/collapsed, or magazines/optics removed.

Security: This metric is probably first and foremost in people’s minds when they think about any gun safe. There are ‘layers’ to what exactly security means. For many, a gun safe need only be secure enough to keep kids, guests, or service providers from accessing your firearms. Most gun safes will do a fine job serving this basic purpose.

But, when it comes to burglary, security means strong locks, multiple steel deadbolts, anti-drill plates, quarter-inch front doors, and heavy gauges of steel. Still, given enough time, there’s nothing a cutoff wheel and a determined thief can’t defeat.

At best, high-security safes will buy you some time compared to cheaper options but if you incorporate multiple layers of defense into your strategy, you can mitigate this risk and greatly reduce the likelihood of being identified as an ‘easy target’.

There are many good reasons for storing your AR-15 in a safe, many of which are quite obvious, but here are my suggestions for use cases:

  1. Home Defense: AR-15 gun safes for home defense use benefit greatly from having quick access entry methods such as biometric scanners, RFID chips, or electronic keypads. These types of safes tend to be much lighter than true safes and will cost less but are very feature-rich with smart functionality (usually only found on the higher end of the price spectrum). I will be recommending gun safes that serve home defense duty.
  2. Secure Long-Term Storage: It’s safe to say that if you’re looking for a long-term storage safe for your AR-15s, then high security should be your top priority! These safes are a considerable investment, are large and heavy, and require the most planning to incorporate into your home. They typically lack biometrics or RFID access but usually have quality electronic keypad options if you don’t care for combination locks. I will show you the most affordable options that will serve this purpose well.
  3. Travel: These are compact gun safes that can store 1 or 2 AR-15 rifles and are designed to transport your rifle during travel to and from destination points. They can serve double duty as under-bed or closet safes for home security. Some offer quick access entry of one type or another but some are simple lock boxes. I’ll show you some of my favorites that worked best for me and my friends.
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