The 7 Best Gun Cabinets For The Money Ranked

Welcome to Exoc Tactical’s comprehensive list where we rank the best gun cabinets for the money in 2024. Our security experts will introduce you to 7 options that won’t break the bank and are great storage solutions for securing any firearm collection.

In this article, we aim to provide gun owners with helpful insights and honest reviews of the top-ranked gun cabinets available online, all representing great value for your hard-earned dollars.

To learn all of the criteria we use to rank gun safes, see: How We Test Gun Safes

What Are The Best Gun Cabinets For The Money?

Are you currently searching for the ideal gun cabinet to store your rifles and shotguns? Our security experts examined the most popular options online and carefully ranked our top recommendations.

Let’s explore the options to assist you by providing some valuable reviews to keep your firearms secure without breaking the bank.

#1 RPNB Electronic 5-Rifle Gun Cabinet

62% 5-Star Reviews Out of 500 Ratings

A personal favorite of ours, and most recommended to friends and family, the RPNB Rifle Safe Electronic

Holds 5 Long Guns

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Product Highlights: Has a lockable compartment up top for ammo, mags, or documents. Good capacity for average collections. 5 steel locking bolts secure the front door of this gun cabinet. Electronic access for quick entry (backup key included).

THOROUGH AMAZON REVIEW: I ordered this “safe” as I wanted secure storage for a reasonable price, and have found it to be an excellent value.

SHIPPING EXPERIENCE: The safe arrived quickly and was well packaged with foam protection, cardboard inserts, etc.

WEIGHT: However it is heavy (probably 120lb) and I’m sure got manhandled around a bit during shipping.

ITEM CONDITION: The finish on mine was in good shape, no scratches, etc. I did have one very minor dent/ding, which I’m sure was due to shipping, but it’s hardly noticeable and I don’t blame the manufacturer as the packaging was good.

INSIGHTFUL OBSERVATIONS: I think a large, heavy item such as this is probably just not treated too gently during shipping, and that’s not the manufacturer’s fault. Overall, mine arrived in great shape and I’m very happy with the quality (welded with no visible seams, etc).

FUNCTIONALITY & EASE OF USE: The electronics on mine work perfectly and lock was very easy to program.

BUILD QUALITY: The steel is pretty thick (I give it 4 stars). It’s not as heavy a gauge as some more expensive “safes,” but is substantially thicker than gun “cabinets” I’ve looked at. It’s right what I was hoping for in this price range.

INSTALLATION TIPS: My package also came with a small safe as well, which was a nice add on. Both safes were easy to bolt to the floor (or shelf for the small one) on the bottom, and a wall from the back. I did add some larger washers to make them more secure when bolting in.

CAPACITY: The safe will easily hold 5 long guns even with scopes on a couple. Not sure you could have scopes on all 5 though. Not sure if it will hold a shotgun with a 28″ barrel (I haven’t tried yet).

HANDGUN POCKETS: It will also accommodate a couple of handguns in velcro holsters on the inner door and velcro sticks great to the inner door “carpet.”

TAMPER-PROOF: I like the way the door is recessed when closed. It would be very difficult to pry, and even if the hinges were somehow cut, you would still not be able to open the door as the hinged side is recessed behind the outer edge of the safe when the door is closed.

SMALL ISSUES: I did have one minor issue with the inner storage compartment door (key) lock on my large safe, which RPNB resolved very quickly and very much to my satisfaction.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect customer service wise, but RPNB responded within 24 hours to my inquiry and their customer service was outstanding! I would not hesitate to buy from them again. Customer Service is critical and they did a fantastic job!

EXPECTATIONS: Overall, I wanted a secure option for a reasonable price, and this safe is perfect for my needs. It’s not fireproof, or as heavy duty as a larger, more expensive safe, but it’s thicker and much better quality than a typical gun “cabinet.”

PEACE OF MIND: It feels absolutely secure to keep children or curious persons safe from accessing firearms, and also feels like a reasonably solid deterrent from a criminal theft standpoint as well.

SATISFACTION: I’m very pleased with this purchase and definitely recommend it! For the money, it’s perfect for me, and I love it!

LONG-TERM USE UPDATE: After more than a year, this safe still works great, as does the smaller one it came with! I have found that it can indeed fit a shotgun with a 28″ barrel with about 1″ to spare for height, along with another shorter shotgun, 3 rifles (one with a scope and 1 with a red dot sight), and 4 handguns in velcro holsters attached to the inner door.

*Learn more about this product with our hands-on RPNB review.

Get it from Amazon for only $299.00 with Free Returns!

#2 Hornady Rapid Gun Cabinet w/ WiFi

41% 5-Star Reviews Out of 19 Ratings

Once you unlock your Hornady Rapid Ready Vault Firearm Safe with your pre-programmed credentials, the patented RFID technology and sturdy steel construction guarantee immediate access to all stored items.

Hornady RFID Wifi Rifle Locker

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Product Highlights: Wi-Fi Connectivity Keeps You Informed. Fast and Dependable Touch Free Entry – patented RIFD technology unlocks safe faster than a keypad or biometric gun safe. 

Here’s a list of reviews to help you gauge the user experience of this Hornady gun cabinet.

Jerry shares his thoughts about the Hornady gun locker”-

JERRY’S REVIEW: It’s a lightweight safe that is perfect for the bedroom to keep kids out.

SMART PHONE FEATURES: It will even notify you on your cell phone when it’s locked or unlocked. I wish it had a tip/tilt notification if someone was trying to run off with it.

SIZE LIMITATIONS: It won’t fit a serious collection, but it’s handy for quick access.

POTENTIAL ISSUES: I’ve found the RFID access in the Hornady safes to be practically useless, the tag has to be touching the sensor just right. It’s faster for me to just enter the code. The RFID could be used as a backup I suppose, as well as the physical key.

How was Jeff’s experience with the Hornady gun cabinet after 2 years of ownership?
JEFF’S LONG-TERM REVIEW: I really like the Compact Ready Vault – I’ve had mine for about 2 years now, and it works flawlessly.

RFID PERFORMANCE: For me it was all about the RFID lock, and it has never failed to open immediately.

CAPACITY: I store 2 and a half long guns, 3 handguns, and some spare mags. I don’t think I could squeeze anything more in, but I didn’t really expect to be able to – it easily holds what it’s designed to hold.

ISSUES: I did have one problem with the battery compartment when the product first arrived, but I was able to get it fixed with help from the Hornady customer service team – they were easy to work with and very knowledgeable.

Jeff A.
“Let’s see what fellow firearm owner M.T. had to say about the Hornady gun cabinet”-
M.T.’S HELPFUL REVIEW: It’s a good safe got it for Christmas from the with . I just installed mine after the kids being home for winter break.

SHIPPING DAMAGE: As I was putting it in I noticed it was dented on the upper right side. I did notice that the door doesn’t unlock all the time probably from The dent and it’s loud when it unlocks.

BEST USE CASE: Main reason for getting it is to keep tools away from kids.

SIZE CONSIDERATIONS: But if you’re looking for one get the bigger size. The one I have holds a few pistols but only one scary tool with its mag in it. It does it job wish I noticed the dent before I installed it.

Get it from Amazon for the best price of $491.95 with Free Returns… or get the Hornady safe on Optics Planet.

#3 Barska HQ800 Biometric Gun Cabinet

38% 5-Star Reviews Out of 58 Ratings | 4 Questions & 4 Answers

The remarkable features of Barska’s biometric rifle cabinet make it a must-see.

One of its standout attributes is the state-of-the-art biometric fingerprint scanner, which can securely hold up to 120 different fingerprints.

Barska HQ800 Biometric Rifle Safe

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Product Highlights: Advanced Biometric Fingerprint Technology. Programmable Silent Access Mode. Removable Accessory Shelf.

LEGACY’S REVIEW: An excellent value if you do not have more than 2 or 3 long guns. I have 2 long and 1 hand gun. Less that 5 seconds to open and have gun in hand.

WEIGHT: Very light and easy to set it place but that is also what makes it more vulnerable to theft.

INSTALLATION TIPS: For my purposes I have it bolted down securely and have a home security system to limit a thief’s time to break it loose.

RECOMMENTDATIONS: Highly recommend it if your needs are similar to mine.

PROS AND CONS: Lightning fast entry, very reasonable cost. Limited Space

Legacy Reviewer
Let’s see what William had to say about the Barska biometric gun cabinet”-
WILLIAM’S HONEST REVIEW: A very good lockable steel cabinet. I would not call it a safe. It looks like a safe, has a lock like a safe and is named “safe”.

SECURITY WEAKNESSES: It has no inner secure material to prevent it from being breached by simple metal working tools.

BEST USE CASE: That said, for use within your secure home, it is a very good choice to keep its contents from the hands of children or invited guests.

SCANNER PERFORMANCE: The biometric (fingerprint) locking mechanism works wonderfully. For the price, it was a good choice for me.

EASE OF MOVEMENT: It is light enough for one person to move into place and anchor down.

HONEST GRIPE: My only criticism is the stick on foam long gun divider. Shame Shame Barska.

William Freeman
How did Joseph plan to use his Barska gun locker?
JOSEPH’S REVIEW: The Safe was just what I needed for my Jeep. I hunt often and need a secure place in my Jeep to store my weapons when I am not with my Jeep. This was an ideal fit for the back of my Jeep. I simply bolted it in place and now I have a safe place in my Jeep. Now I do not worry about a car break in while weapons are in my Jeep. It has given me great peace of mind.

“Did fellow gun owner Bitten get what he wanted out of the Barska gun locker?
BITTEN’S POSITIVE REVIEW: Delivered yesterday. Opened today and was very satisfied with the safe.

CAPACITY: Great safe for about 3 long rifles.

FEATURES: Great features with fingerprint access. Pretty sturdy and a really good safe for a very good price from OpticsPlanet!

SHIPPING SPEED: Fast shipping and great value from OpticsPlanet. Will for sure buy again from OpticsPlanet!!!

*Learn more about this product with our hands-on Barska review.

Get it from Optics Planet for the best price of $493.99 with Free Shipping!

#4 BBRKIN 5-6 Rifle Gun Cabinet

70% 5-Star Reviews Out of 1,170 Ratings

The BBRKIN represents a great value for well under $500. Comfortably stores up to 6 rifles with a locked storage compartment for keeping spare mags, ammo, or important documents.

Lots of Storage For Guns & Ammo!

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Product Highlights: Larger and Deeper Rifles Gun Safe with separate Handgun lockbox. Higher level of security for your firearms with Silent Mode. Instant Home Defense with Quick Firearm Access

CALVIN’S HELPFUL REVIEW: This is a great safe. A lot of the negatives I’ve read say that it’s not sturdy enough, but it’s plenty sturdy for what it is.

PRO TIP: If you think you’re going to store a priceless gun like the one from Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels in this, then you might want to spring for something more expensive.

BEST USE CASES: However, this safe is great if you want to keep your guns secure from kids or houseguests, and it serves as an extra obstacle for thieves—yes, if given enough time they could get into it, eventually, but this safe will at least prevent a burglar from just stumbling across your guns.

FINGERPRINT READER: The other criticism is about the fingerprint reader. Yes, it has a harder time reading fingerprints if it’s dirty. Solution? Wipe it off every once in a while.

ACCESS POINTS: There’s also a keypad and manual keys if you prefer to use those, and they work 100% of the time. I’d ignore all the dramatic comments about the fingerprint reader not working 100% on the first try ( lots of dramatic “your life may depend on it!” comments on here) and just realize that you have other options for opening it if it’s that big a deal.

MOUNTING LOCATIONS: Frankly I keep this safe in the closet and another gun by my bed—I don’t see how jumping up and running to this safe in an emergency should be anyone’s plan in the first place.

HOME DEFENSE TIPS: I have to say though, if the thing you’re worried about is that you’ll hear a noise in your house jump out of bed, run to the closet, only to get murdered just because your fingerprint didn’t read the first time (and you didn’t just use the keypad) then I guess it’s just your time to go.

CAPACITY: It’s solid, it’s a good price, it’s easy to set up, it can store 5-6 average size long guns (and if you reach out for the door organizer then several handguns as well) and has a neat extra lockbox for papers or ammo or the secret plans that reveal the one weakness of the Death Star. All this and it’s reasonably priced.

ALL-IN-ALL: Will it protect the Crown Jewels from master thieves? No, but you don’t own those anyway.
best gun cabinets for the money

Get it from Amazon for the best price of $369.99 with Free Returns!

#5 BBRKIN Metal 5-6 Gun Locker

70% 5-Star Reviews Out of 1,927 Ratings

The BBRKIN is a ready-to-use firearm locker, with a spacious design that can accommodate 5-6 mixed firearms. It comes pre-built and requires no assembly.

All Accessories Included

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Product Highlights: This locker is equipped with a programable keypad for convenient and swift access and also includes a backup key in case of battery failure.

HELPFUL AMAZON REVIEWER: After a lot of research to find a good value gun cabinet, I settled on the Moutec Large Rifle (w/ touchpad) Gun Cabinet. I found numerous positive and informative reviews on Amazon as well as reputable sites. I have had the cabinet for about a month and recently mounted it to a wall in my home. I am very pleased with my choice.

STORAGE REQUIREMENTS: I had 2 key elements in my search: price and interior dimensions. Many cabinets I researched had one or the other but not both. Most fell short on the interior dimensions. When wanting to store rifles with optics or other accessories, interior space is a must.

INTERIOR SPACE: The interior dimensions listed in the product details are accurate and one of the main reasons I selected this cabinet. I would estimate it would hold 5 – 6 long rifles as described.

BUILD QUALITY: Quality of materials is another key element, but I am not knowledgeable enough to understand the gauge of the metal (yes, I know you can research to understand but I wasn’t getting it).

REVIEW CONSISTENCY: The reviews here and elsewhere were consistent on two things: metal for the sides and back, as well as the cabinet door thickness. Here, the reviews were again accurate.

SECURITY The sides and back don’t feel much thicker/stronger than a school locker, but to get better you’re going to pay more. As such I did not feel misled. The cabinet door, however, is thick, solid, and hefty, with 3 security bars/deadbolts down the side and 1 each on top and bottom.

THEFT DETERRENCE: The door isn’t being opened unless someone has time, patience, and tools. Same can be said for the sides and back. You’re going to have to expend effort to punch a hole into the cabinet to get what’s inside.

LOCKBOX: The separate lockbox is also solid. For me, it doesn’t add much value. I would have preferred open and adjustable shelves. There is 1 cabinet on Amazon that has these and was my close second choice, but the cabinet wasn’t reviewed as positively or at all on other sites.

RIFLE STORAGE: The foam adjustable support frame keeps rifle barrels snugly in place. Once you put your rifle away, it’s not going to shift in the cabinet, or rotate in place.

KEYPAD PERFORMANCE: The keypad works great. I’ve had bad experiences with biometric locks so I did not consider the Moutec model that had one. The keypad isn’t touchy or sensitive.

INSTRUCTIONS: You actually need to press the keys to enter your code, which I like. Once the code is entered, the cabinet unlocks quickly. If you’re worried about getting into the cabinet in a hurry, don’t be.

PROGRAMMING: The batteries that shipped with the cabinet must have been old because when I installed them, all I got was a long loud whiney noise. After trying unsuccessfully to program the code, I replaced the batteries, watched the video on the Moutec website, and set the code with ease.

SHIPPING EXPERIENCE: The cabinet arrived via FedEx when promised. There was no damage from shipping, as the Moutec team did a great job packing it securely and with good materials protecting the cabinet.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: After I registered the cabinet on the website, I was emailed by Alan from Moutec. He queried about my experience with the cabinet, thanked me for my purchase and registration, and offered to send me the door panel organizer that Moutec sells. I love it and so appreciate receiving it.

CONCLUSIONS: I am very pleased with the cabinet. I would buy another once my collection grows, unless I upgrade to something larger and fire rated (which would cost more). While I understand some of the negative reviews I’ve seen on Amazon about this cabinet, I do not agree with them.

ALL-IN-ALL: My experience with it, as well as customer service, thus far has been nothing but positive. Other reviews I found in my research were accurate and lead to my decision to purchase this cabinet. It has met my expectations and I am glad I went with this cabinet over others.

Get it from Amazon for the best price of $299.99 with Free Returns!

#6 INTERGREAT Electronic Metal Gun Locker

58% 5-Star Reviews Out of 830 Ratings

Intergreat introduces an affordable, fully assembled gun locker suitable for individuals with smaller gun collections.

This product is highly praised by numerous owners who express satisfaction with its features and value for the money.

Fully Accessorized

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Product Highlights: The gun rifle cabinet has several storage spaces. Holds 10-14 rifles up to 51” with/without scopes using adjustable pegboards. 3 extra adjustable racks with 6 pockets on the door of the cabinets. Stores long guns, handguns, & bullets, etc.

“Here’s what Gerardo had to say about this affordable gun cabinet”-
GERARDO’S SHORT REVIEW: I was skeptical at first despite some reviews I saw but the safe is actually really good!

BUILD QUALITY & WEIGHT: Pretty decent in weight and all around metal is actually sturdy! Everything works fine and has a decent amount of space.

BUILD TIME: It did take me a while to build it together but it worked out at the end so give yourself extra time to build it, another pair of hands will actually help.

Gerardo Rocha
“What did Dawn experience with her purchase of the Intergreat gun cabinet?”
DAWN’S REVIEW: For the price I was not expecting the best. I was amazed though.

ASSEMBLY: Reviews are right in the fact that assembly can be tricky, but taking it slow and having enough light it’s possible.

SIZE & CAPACITY: We got the black 10-12 gun. Think of that like a tent size. 4 man tent can fit 2 comfortably. I was not expecting to much room and neither should you. Scopes handles and straps all play a roll in taking up space.

PROGRAMMING & SETUP: Easy to program. Must have lithium batteries for anything beside key entry.

ALL-IN-ALL: Love the door. It’s what takes it from a gun cabinet to a gun safe. Placed in mobile home and holds 5 rifles. 3 ammo cans and 2 of our pistols and an entire self of ammo to fit. Worth the $$ just takes patience to install.

“Here’s what Finn had to say about this large gun cabinet”-
FINN’S REVIEW: I got this product with the understanding that it’s not a safe or a vault but a cabinet to lock away items.

EASE OF ASSEMBLY: Yes I had to put it together, but it’s very intuitive and took a total of 30 minutes, if that!

PROGRAMMING: Programming codes and finger prints also took no time at all. From start to finish it was a breeze!

PERSONAL EXPERIENCE: Reading the negative reviews were off putting but not my experience at all. Would recommend for anyone looking for a budget option!

Get it from Amazon for the best price of $209.99 with Free Returns!

#7 Ncnlhk 6 Rifle Gun Cabinet

85% 5-Star Reviews Out of 13 Ratings

This compact gun cabinet can hold up to 6 rifles with the option to remove the top shelf for storing longer rifles.

With 3 ways to gain entry into this secure gun cabinet, you’ll always have access to your firearms while keeping them safely stored away from unauthorized users.

Tons of Organization!

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Product Highlights: A large gun cabinet made of solid steel with good anti-pry features, anti-rust, and high-temperature resistance. This cabinet weighs up to 70 pounds and comes with a 60 mm thickened front door and six 25 mm solid deadbolts. 

Here are some honest reviews of this affordable gun cabinet.

“Here’s what Russ had to say about his purchase”-
RUSS’ SUCCINT REVIEW: Finally a product that is just what it reads in description! A sturdy safe that’s easy to set up. Two keys for back up, fingerprint, and keypad. Electronic set up is very easy.

INSTALLATION: Plus came with bolts to install against the wall.

CAPACITY: Plenty of room on top shelf for ammo and other accessories. Currently holding three rifles and two handheld firearms.

Russ Carter
“What did Joe think of this gun cabinet?”
JOE’S REVIEW: This is a great cabinet. Easy to assemble. It keeps things organized and safe.

DELIVERY TIME: It got here very fast and I am very pleased with my purchase. It is highly recommended.

Joe Wright
“Shana had a great experience with her new gun cabinet”-
SHAWNA’S CUSTOMER SERVICE REVIEW: Great customer service got reply’s back quickly and efficiently with helpful hints.

PACKAGING: Product shipped quickly and came in a very sturdy box. Definitely recommend if you are looking for a small safe!

“Here’s what David had to say about his purchase”-
DAVID’S SETUP REMARKS: When I got this cabinet, the biometric and code set up went really fast and easy.

QUICK-ACCESS: It fits all my guns right now to secures them with ease of getting them out.

Get it from Amazon for the best price of $289.99 with Free Returns!

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed checking out our top picks for securely storing your long guns in 2024.

Our product researchers made sure to include affordable price options for a variety of budgets and size requirements while making sure to exclude models with poor reviews and user experiences.

If we helped you find the right gun cabinet for your needs, drop us a comment below and tell us which one you think is best.

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