Biometric Rifle Safe | Best Options in 2023

What are the best biometric rifle safe options for 2023? Are they reliable? Today, we will save you time and show you the ones we put our trust and rifles in. From entry-level biometric rifle safes to the best ones money can buy.

biometric rifle safe

Remember, that when it comes to a safe, it’s only a theft deterrent that will buy you some time before the police arrive.

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The Best Of The Best Biometric Rifle Safe

When it comes to choosing the finest biometric safe for your rifles, your search ends here. Verifi brings you an unparalleled biometric rifle safe that surpasses all others, having undergone rigorous testing to ensure it meets FBI standards for next-generation identification.

“Featuring high-resolution 508 DPI fingerprint images along with advanced anti-spoof 3D surface skin recognition, specifically designed for living tissue verification, this is the ultimate choice for those seeking absolute reliability.”

Best Fingerprint Reader
Verifi Smart Biometric Rifle Safe FBI Certified Sensor
  • Tested and certified by the United States FBI to meet the Next Generation Identification (NGI) standard for fingerprint image quality.
  • High-resolution (508 dpi) fingerprint images.
  • Anti-spoof, 3D technology works below the surface of the skin to recognize living tissue.
  • Recognizes worn, dirty, or delicate fingerprints that many optical sensors won't
  • Customizable storage for 5 long guns - includes 5 padded gun barrel holders & an adjustable storage shelf
  • Extra space in the door enables two AR/AK-style rifles to be stored with their magazines attached

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Vaultek’s Best Biometric Rifle Safe

If you’re able to invest in a reliable and top-notch rifle safe, I strongly urge you to consider the Vaultek Biometric model. Vaultek has established itself as a trusted manufacturer of high-quality safes. In case this safe surpasses your budget, I would recommend looking into the Verifi model, or alternatively, the Hornady non-biometric touch-free safe.

Both of these options perform exceptionally well even in low-light or challenging situations, just as a biometric safe would.

Best Smart Rifle Safe
Vaultek Safe RS500i WiFi Biometric Smart Rifle Safe
  • Large interior can store up to (5) rifles. Tough & rugged 14-gauge carbon steel construction using Vaultek's exclusive metal forming technique features a durable finish to prevent corrosion & ensure long-lasting protection.
  • Advanced anti-theft protection features include (4) solid steel locking bolts, anti-pry bars, ruggedized interior hinges, & Impact Detection for the ultimate prevention against break-ins.
  • 4 Fast access points with the 20% OVERSIZED Smart Align Biometric Scanner, Smart Key Nano, rapid-fire 8-digit backlit keypad, & manual keys. Instant access to your valuables, documents, & firearm(s) with the automatic opening front door.

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Best Budget Biometric Rifle Safe

Barska’s biometric Rifle safe is definitely worth checking out due to its impressive features. For instance, it comes equipped with a cutting-edge biometric fingerprint scanner capable of securely storing an extensive number of 120 unique fingerprints.

Additionally, its external battery pack makes battery replacement a breeze, ensuring you never have to fumble around inside the safe, an inconvenience nobody wants to deal with.

For those that won’t put their lives in the hands of a fingerprint reader, it does come with 2 keys for quick access just in case the batties or biometric reader fails. Remember, with smaller safes, bolting them down is 100% necessary, and with Barska, it comes with all mounting hardware.

Check out our YouTube review of the Barska HQ800 below:

Great Value
Barska HQ800 Standard Quick Access Biometric Keypad
  • Advanced Biometric Fingerprint Technology
  • Shops can store up to 120 fingerprints
  • Internal Removable 4-Position Rifle Rack
  • Programmable silent access mode
  • 3-Point Steel Dead Bolt Locking Systems
  • Removable accessory shelf
  • Uses 4-AA batteries (Included).
  • Outer Dimensions: L x W. x H inches: 8.6in x 9.8in x 52.17in
  • Inner Dimensions: L x W. x H inches: 6.3 in x 9.3in x 51.5in
  • Included are Mounting Hardware, 2 Backup Keys, and an External Battery Pack
  • Weight: 66 lbs

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Best Large Biometric Rifle Safe

If you require additional rifle capacity, the RPNB biometric safe is an excellent choice. Designed for durability, this safe weighs 112 pounds and comes with pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware. Bolting down the safe is necessary to ensure optimal firearm protection.

Think pry-resistant door steel door. RPNB is the go-to biometric rifle safe if you need something a little larger.

Check out our YouTube unboxing and overview below:

Holds 5 Long Guns
RPNB Rifle Safe Electronic Gun Security Cabinet
  • Larger & Deeper Rifle Safe: The gun safe is Larger and deeper than similar ones.
  • It fits practically anywhere for up to 5 rifles up to 49” long with or without scopes.
  • It also has a separate Ammo Cabinet inside to store bullets, handguns, money, & other valuables in your home or office.
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Top NON-Biometric Rifle Safe Pick

Hornady’s rapid safe with RFID touchless entry is my next non-biometric top pick. Hornady’s safe has 3 optional pathways to gain access. The quickest is the RFID reader with the patented RFID technology providing unmatched security from unauthorized users.

Simply place the included RFID wristband, key fob, or decal over the safe’s reader to immediately open and retrieve your firearm- a truly touchless access rifle safe. It also features a touch keypad as a backup to the RFID. In case of a no power condition, 2 circular barrel keys are provided making this the best pick for quick access shotgun safe with redundant safety

Watch us put the Hornady Rapid Safe through its paces below:

Lightning Fast RFID
Hornady RFID Rapid Safe AR Gun Locker
  • Hornady Rapid Safe AR Gunlocker is convenient, tamper-proof security!
  • This gun locker provides the same convenience & tamper-proof security as our other rifle Rapid Safes, but in a fully enclosed design.
  • Its front-end spring-loaded door makes it a great companion under a bed, in the back of an SUV, or mounted in a closet.
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Advantages of a Biometric Rifle Safe

When it comes to ensuring the security of your firearms, especially those high-value rifles, traditional methods often fall short of the mark. This is where the game-changing innovation of biometric rifle safes enters the picture.

At ExocTactical, we’re all about cutting-edge solutions that offer unmatched security, convenience, and peace of mind. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the world of biometric rifle safes, highlighting their benefits, top features, and why they might just be the ultimate choice for firearm enthusiasts.

A Modern-Day Marvel: The Biometric Rifle Safe

Picture this: You’re in a situation where every second counts. In the dead of night or during an emergency, fumbling with keys or combinations isn’t an option. Enter the biometric rifle safe – a high-tech solution that provides swift, secure, and reliable access to your firearms using the power of biometrics, specifically your unique fingerprint.

This means that only you, or other authorized users you’ve registered, can unlock the safe in the blink of an eye. No keys to lose, no codes to remember – just your touch, and your rifle is in your hands.

Advantages That Pack a Punch

Precision Beyond Measure

One of the standout advantages of a biometric rifle safe is the precision it offers. Unlike traditional safes, where the combination of numbers or the turn of a key can sometimes be susceptible to human error or mechanical glitches, biometric technology relies on your fingerprint’s distinct pattern.

This means no more fumbling, no more uncertainty – just a reliable, foolproof access method every time.

Lightning-Fast Access

In a crisis, mere seconds can be the difference between life and death. Biometric rifle safes shine in this aspect, offering blazing-fast access to your firearm. With a single touch, the safe recognizes your fingerprint and unlocks itself, ensuring you’re ready for action in an instant.

Whether it’s a break-in or another unpredictable situation, the speed of access provided by biometrics can’t be overstated.

Fortified Security

Rifle enthusiasts know the value of their firearms, both sentimentally and monetarily. Biometric rifle safes are engineered with advanced security measures to safeguard your investment. Solid steel construction, anti-tamper features, and reinforced locking mechanisms create an impenetrable barrier against unauthorized access.

Additionally, many models come equipped with tamper alerts, notifying you of any attempts to breach the safe’s defenses.

Final Thoughts: Making an Informed Choice

When it comes to securing your valuable firearms, the choice is crystal clear: biometric rifle safes offer a blend of cutting-edge technology and robust security that’s unparalleled. From rapid access to foolproof precision, these safes redefine firearm protection.

At ExocTactical, we’re committed to providing you with the latest and most relevant recommendations in firearm security, ensuring that you’re well-prepared for whatever challenges come your way. Make the smart choice – choose the reliability and speed of a biometric rifle safe. Your peace of mind is worth every fingerprint.

Biometric Rifle Safe FAQ Section

In this section, we tackle the most frequently asked questions regarding biometric rifle safes and their use as the best solution for home defense.

Are biometric rifle safes worth it?

Absolutely! Biometric rifle safes are definitely worth it. Not only do they provide a high level of security for your firearms, but they also offer convenience and peace of mind like no other traditional safe can. Let me walk you through the reasons why investing in a biometric rifle safe is a fantastic decision.

First and foremost, biometric rifle safes offer unparalleled security. By utilizing advanced fingerprint recognition technology, these safes ensure that only authorized individuals can access your firearms. Unlike traditional combination locks or keys, which can be lost, stolen, or easily duplicated, your unique fingerprint serves as the ultimate key.

This means no one without authorized access will be able to open the safe, providing an additional layer of protection against unauthorized access, theft, or accidents. Moreover, biometric safes offer incredible convenience. Think about the hassle of fumbling for keys or trying to remember complicated combinations during critical moments.

With a biometric rifle safe, all you need to do is place your finger on the scanner, and the safe will open in seconds. This quick and seamless access ensures you can retrieve your firearms swiftly and efficiently when they are needed the most. Furthermore, biometric safes provide peace of mind.

Whether you have children at home, live in a shared space, or simply value the security of your firearms, knowing that they are safely stored in a biometric safe will grant you a sense of relief. You can rest easy, knowing that your guns are stored securely, away from any potential accidents or unauthorized hands.

This not only protects you and your loved ones but also helps prevent tragic incidents that can result from mishandling firearms. In addition to all these benefits, biometric safes are often built with durable materials, ensuring the physical protection of your firearms against fire, water damage, and other unexpected events.

Many biometric safes are also compact and lightweight, making them easy to transport or hide in case of emergency while still offering substantial storage capacity. With all these features, you can have peace of mind both at home and when traveling with your firearms.

So, if you value security, convenience, and peace of mind, investing in a biometric rifle safe is an excellent decision.

Are fingerprint safes safe?

Oh, absolutely! Fingerprint safes are incredibly safe and secure! The technology used in these safes is highly advanced, allowing only authorized individuals with registered fingerprints to access the contents.

It’s like something out of a sci-fi movie! Rest assured, your valuable possessions will be protected from any unwanted intruders with the reliability of fingerprint technology. It truly is a remarkable and trustworthy solution for keeping your belongings safe.

For those with eyesight problems- or simply worried about stressful conditions and may have difficulties remembering a code under stress- a biometric safe could be a lifesaver! Fumbling around in the dark trying to quickly type in a code without making a mistake is not a situation you want to find yourself in.

What does “biometric” mean on a gun safe?

“Biometric” on a gun safe refers to the use of unique physical or behavioral characteristics of a person for identification and access control. In the context of a gun safe, it typically means that the safe incorporates a fingerprint scanner or other biometric sensors to grant access to authorized users.

Instead of using traditional methods like keys or combination locks, the biometric technology scans and verifies an individual’s fingerprint, allowing them to open the gun safe if their fingerprint matches the pre-registered data in the system.

So far, with most safes, the biometric reader will only pertain to fingerprints. When the iris scanning safe comes out, we will be sure to let you know!

Are fingerprint and biometric safes the same?

Yes, all fingerprint safes are biometric safes. Some brands offer the ability to store multiple fingerprints from trusted friends or family members. 

Simply scan your fingerprint, and the lock will recognize your unique fingerprint; no code or key to fumble in stressful situations or low light conditions. A biometric safe can be a real game changer in dire situations. 

Your unique fingerprint makes it virtually impossible for anyone to duplicate it. It is much faster to use your fingerprint than to enter a code or use a key. But most also come with a bypass key just in case. 

What is the most reliable biometric gun safe?

If I had to choose the most reliable biometric rifle safe, this would be the Vaultek RS500i WiFi Biometric safe. With 4 Quick access points and utilizing a 20% OVERSIZED smart Align biometric scanner, Smart Key nano, rapid-fire 8-digit backlit keyboard, and manual keys, the automatic opening front door gives you instant access to valuables, documents, and firearms. 

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