The Best Biometric Rifle Safe Options

Today, we’ll be taking a close look at some of the best biometric rifle safes for quick access, from affordable entry-level options to the pricier models with all the bells and whistles.

With our expertise at your disposal, we aim to save you some time and money by showing you the models we trust to secure our rifles.

To learn all of the criteria we use to rank gun safes, see: How We Test Gun Safes

What Are The Best Rifle Safes With Biometric Access?

Come along with us as we explore the up-and-coming and some well-established biometric rifle safes available in 2024.

The King of Biometric Rifle Safes

No need to search further for the perfect biometric safe to protect your rifles. Verifi offers an exceptional biometric fingerprint reader that surpasses all competitors.

Rest assured, this safe has undergone extensive testing to meet or exceed the FBI’s advanced identification technology requirements.

Best Biometric Scanner Tech

Featuring high-resolution 508 DPI fingerprint images along with advanced anti-spoof 3D surface skin recognition, specifically designed for living tissue verification, this is the ultimate choice for those seeking exceptional reliability.

Vaultek’s Best Biometric Rifle Safe

If you’re able to invest in a reliable and top-notch rifle safe, I strongly urge you to consider the Vaultek Biometric model. Vaultek has established itself as a trusted manufacturer of high-quality safes.

Vaultek RS500i Biometric Wifi Rifle Safe

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If the Vaultek surpasses your budget, I would recommend looking into the Hornady non-biometric touch-free RFID safe with Wifi shown below.

Hornady RFID Wifi Rifle Locker

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Both of these options perform exceptionally well even in low-light or challenging situations, just as a biometric safe would.

Best Budget Biometric Rifle Safe

Barska’s biometric rifle safe is worth checking out due to its impressive features. It comes equipped with a cutting-edge biometric fingerprint scanner capable of securely storing an extensive number of 120 unique fingerprints.

Barska HQ800 Biometric Rifle Safe

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Additionally, its external battery pack makes battery replacement a breeze, ensuring you never have to fumble around inside the safe, an inconvenience nobody wants to deal with.

Read our Barska review covering the model pictured below.

For those that won’t put their lives in the hands of a fingerprint reader, it does come with 2 keys for quick access just in case the batties or biometric reader fails.

best biometric rifle safes
Remember, that when it comes to a safe, it’s only a theft deterrent that will buy you some time before the police arrive.

Check out our YouTube review of the Barska model shown above.

Pro Tip: Remember, with smaller safes, bolting them down is 100% necessary, and with Barska, it comes with all mounting hardware.

Best Large Biometric Rifle Safe

If you require additional rifle capacity, the RPNB biometric safe is an excellent choice.

Designed for durability, this safe weighs 112 pounds and comes with pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware.

Holds 5 Long Guns

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Pro Tip: Bolting down the safe is necessary to ensure optimal firearm protection.

Read our comprehensive hands-on review of the RPBN electronic rifle safe.

With a thick pry-resistant door steel door, the RPNB is the go-to rifle safe if you need something a little larger.

Check out our YouTube unboxing and overview.

Top NON-Biometric Rifle Safe Pick

Hornady’s Rapid AR-Locker with RFID touchless entry is my next non-biometric top pick. Hornady’s safe has 3 optional pathways to gain access.

Hornady RFID Rapid Safe AR Gun Locker

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The quickest is the RFID reader with the patented RFID technology providing unmatched security from unauthorized users.

Check out our hands-on review of the Hornady Rapid AR-Locker.

Simply place the included RFID wristband, key fob, or decal over the safe’s reader to immediately open and retrieve your firearm- a truly touchless access rifle safe.

Watch us put the Hornady Rapid Safe through its paces.

It has a touch keypad as a backup to the RFID. 2 circular barrel keys are also provided, making it the top choice for a quick access shotgun safe with backup safety.

The Appeal of Biometric Rifle Safes

When it comes to securing firearms, especially high-value rifles, traditional methods often fall short. Enter biometric rifle safes. At Exoc Tactical, we’re all about cutting-edge solutions that offer unmatched security, convenience, and peace of mind.

In this bonus section, we’ll dive into the world of biometric rifle safes, highlighting their benefits, top features, and why they might just be the ultimate choice for firearm enthusiasts.

Modern-Day Marvels

Imagine yourself in a critical situation where time is of the essence. Whether it’s the darkest hours of the night or an urgent emergency, struggling with keys or codes becomes out of the question.

Biometric rifle safes offer a cutting-edge solution that ensures rapid, foolproof, and dependable access to your firearms, harnessing the power of biometrics, particularly your distinct fingerprint.

This guarantees that solely you, or other individuals you have authorized and registered, possess the ability to effortlessly unlock the safe. There are no keys to misplace or codes to commit to memory. With a simple touch, your rifle is readily available in your hands.

Advantages That Pack a Punch

One advantage of a biometric rifle safe is its precision. Unlike traditional safes that can have human or mechanical errors with number combinations or keys, biometric technology operates flawlessly by relying on your fingerprints’ unique patterns.

This means that there will no longer be any fumbling or uncertainty, and instead, guarantees a reliable and fail-safe access method each time.

Lightning-Fast Access

During a crisis, seconds can dictate survival. Biometric rifle safes offer swift firearm access. By touching the safe, your fingerprint is recognized, unlocking it automatically, ensuring your prompt readiness for immediate action.

Biometrics’ crucial role in ensuring quick access, whether it’s for a break-in or other unexpected situations, cannot be overstated.

Fortified Security

Rifle enthusiasts value their firearms for sentiment and value. Biometric rifle safes provide advanced security with solid steel construction, anti-tamper features, and reinforced locks to protect your investment.

Additionally, many models come with tamper alerts, which promptly notify you of any efforts to breach the safe’s security.

Q&A Section

This section aims to provide answers to the frequently asked questions about biometric rifle safes and shed light on their effectiveness as the ideal solution for home defense.

Are biometric rifle safes worth it?

Without a doubt, biometric rifle safes are worth it! They offer high security, convenience, and peace of mind like no other safe. Let me tell you why investing in one is fantastic.

They guarantee that only authorized individuals can access your firearms, eliminating the risks associated with lost, stolen, or duplicated traditional locks or keys. Your unique fingerprint acts as the ultimate key.

So, if you value security, convenience, and peace of mind, investing in a biometric rifle safe is an excellent decision.

Are fingerprint safes safe?

Fingerprint safes are extremely secure with advanced technology that allows only authorized individuals with registered fingerprints to access the contents.

It’s like technology straight out of a sci-fi movie! Rest assured, your valuable possessions will be protected by fingerprint technology – a reliable and remarkable solution to keep them safe.

A biometric safe is a lifesaver for those with eyesight problems, stress, or difficulty remembering codes under pressure. Avoid fumbling in the dark and making mistakes while typing codes hurriedly.

What does “biometric” mean on a gun safe?

Biometrics on a gun safe uses unique physical or behavioral characteristics for identification and access control, often through a fingerprint scanner or other sensors.

Instead of traditional methods, biometric technology scans and verifies an individual’s fingerprint to open the gun safe if it matches the pre-registered data. Most safes currently only have biometric readers for fingerprints. We’ll inform you when the iris scanning safe is available!

Are fingerprint and biometric safes the same?

All fingerprint safes are biometric safes. Some brands allow storing multiple trusted fingerprints. Your unique fingerprint is virtually impossible to duplicate. It is faster to use your fingerprint than a code or key, but there is also a bypass key.

What is the most reliable biometric gun safe?

If I had to choose the most reliable biometric rifle safe, this would be the Vaultek RS500i WiFi Biometric safe. With 4 access points and a 20% larger smart align biometric scanner, the Smart Key nano ensures quick and accurate identification.

It also includes a backlit keyboard with 8 digits and manual keys for seamless entry, automatically unlocking the front door for immediate access to valuable possessions, documents, and firearms.

Final Thoughts

At Exoctactical, we’re honored to provide our readers with the latest and greatest firearm security recommendations. The key takeaway from this article is that nothing can beat a biometric rifle safe when it comes to lightning-fast access to a firearm for home defense.

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