13 Best Pistol Rack Options For Your Gun Safe

In this article, we’ll show you the best pistol rack options to keep your gun safe organized, as well as some magnetic options that can take advantage of the unused spaces within your safe (this is particularly helpful for safes without shelf space).

Pistol racks are ideal for utilizing what little space your gun safe has wisely. You’d be surprised what a little organization can do in terms of reducing clutter within your safe and allowing quick and easy access to your handguns!

Bonus: We’ve included a comprehensive guide with everything you need to know to get your pistol organization under control!

What Are The Best Pistol Rack Options in 2024?

If you’re tired of the cluttered mess your cramped gun safe has become, worry not because we’ve rounded up 13 awesome pistol rack options of various capacities, materials, and modularity to suit a wide range of gun safe sizes and use cases.

#1 Mind & Action Foam Pistol Rack 2-Pack

This Mind & Action pistol rack is one of our favorites since it’s made of lightweight foam with a customizable design that allows you to stick the panels together (with the included double-sided tape) to meet your gun safe’s space requirements.

12 Pistols Capacity

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I bought the 8 pistol rack and was able to neatly fit 7 pistols on the top shelf in my safe. Neat and organized. I like them…

Ani A.
This Mind & Action gun safe pistol holder foam rack is a modular design that allows you to add or subtract slots to suit your shelf size.

#2 Adoreal Foam Pistol Rack 2-Pack

The Adoreal foam pistol rack is a great low-profile design that comes in two height profiles to fit full-sized, compact, and subcompact pistols perfectly. The frame is made of durable ABS plastic and adds stability.

Low-Profile Design

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So the top shelf of my safe is not very high due to the lower shelf and long rifles underneath. Needed something to organize the pistols. Some other options looked really cool but we’re too thick on the bottom and I was worried about clearance with my pistols that had optics. These fit my 1911, 2011, CZ and everything else perfectly. The Desert Eagle wouldn’t fit as the part where it rests near the muzzle is too small as well. After this test run I’m going to order a couple more for the rest of the pistols in the safe.

The Adoreal gun safe pistol holder is a low-profile plastic/foam rack that works particularly well in safes with limited vertical space. Source: Amazon

#3 Liberty Safe Under Shelf Pistol Holder

If your rifle safe has a shelf, then this Liberty pistol holder is a great way to take advantage of the space underneath. Comfortably holding four handguns of any type, its plastic coating with a rubber end cap ensures a scratch-free, secure grip inside the barrel.

Great For Safes With Shelves

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Installed these a couple months ago and they work great for my compact 9mm guns they are currently holding. Easy to install in my safe, and just as easy to hang and remove my firearms from them.

The Liberty gun safe pistol holder is a wire rack designed to hang off a shelf, allowing you to take advantage of the empty space below.

#4 GPS Foam Pistol Cradle Holder

This GPS foam pistol holder pulls double duty inside of your safe and into a range bag, making it a versatile solution indeed.

With dense, thick foam panels, this pistol holder securely cradles your handguns and protects them from drop damage.

Great For Safe to Range Bag Duty

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Absolutely perfect. Fits my Sig P320 .45 with laser and Glock 45 with tactical light a little snug but, better than the alternative of flopping over. Just ordered another for my other safe.

The GPS pistol rack is an all-foam rack that tightly cradles your handguns and is perfect for transferring your pistols to a range bag.

#5 Mind & Action Foam 4-Pistol Rack

This sturdy plastic and felt-wrapped particle board 4-pistol rack made by Mind & Action is one of our favorite designs for displaying your handgun collection in style. Due to its tall stature, this type of pistol rack is better suited for gun safes with plenty of shelf space clearance.

Displays Your Guns in Style

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Extremely easy to put together and has a soft finish that offers good support and will not scratch. Perfect to organize and allow extra storage room. I wish I would have gotten one sooner

David K.
This Mind & Action gun safe pistol holder is made out of wood and wrapped in carpet matting to prevent scratches.

#6 Antreemag Foam & PVC Pistol Rack

Antreemag makes this awesome foam pistol that’s sandwiched in between 7 laser-cut PVC slats and secured with 3 long security bolts that provide a lot of rigidity once assembled.

Minimalist Design

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I currently have a few very heavy full sized pistols ( with optics and lights) and revolvers stored in this rack and they all sit nicely and look great. This frees up a lot of room on my safe shelf.

The Antreemag gun safe pistol holder is a simple design with sturdy PVC frame slats for superior durability.

#7 UnitedPower Metal 4-Pistol Rack

Probably the most badass design of any pistol rack on this list, the UnitedPower all-metal pistol rack holds not only 4 full-sized handguns but also incorporates a foam-lined spare magazine shelf on the bottom for maximum utility.

Killer Design

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Very nice rack especially for the price. Very sturdy and the trim is non marring and holds the pistols in place very well, even with a WML. Will be picking up another for sure.

The UnitedPower gun safe pistol holder is one of our favorite rack designs that maximize every square inch of space. Plus, it’s the coolest-looking pistol rack we’ve seen!

#8 BSTTEK Foam & PVC 6-Pistol Rack

Similar in construction to the Antreemag pistol rack, the BSTTEK 6-pistol rack sports a more patriotic flair with its faded Stars & Stripes Motif.

Patriotic Design

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This product was easy to put together, and I really like how it displays my weapons. Really happy with my purchase.

James W.
The BSTTEK gun safe pistol holder has great patriotic vibes with its tattered stars and stripes motif.

#9 Adoreal Metal 4-Pistol Rack

The Adoreal 4-pistol rack is made of super strong metal slates with foam sandwiched in between and secured with long, sturdy bolts for maximum rigidity.

This rack is similar to others but has a lower profile that doesn’t fully encompass your pistols.

Super Sturdy Steel Rails

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This rack worked well. It is sturdy. It came assembled – bonus! I was able to put it to immediate use without any issues. I would recommend.

Happy Customer
The Adoreal gun safe pistol holder is built like a tank and is a great option for smaller gun safes without a lot of shelf space to spare.

#10 BenchMaster Magnetic 2-Pistol Holder

This BenchMaster magnetic 2-gun holder is a great way to make use of the sides of your safe where there’s usually plenty of free space.

Four super-strong magnetic strips keep this 2-pistol holster firmly mounted when mated to any metal surface, making it ideal for quick access. You can also opt for the Velcro version if that serves you better.

Magnetic & Velcro Options

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My main purpose for purchasing these was to gain some room in my Safe. I am easily using the horizontal model of this product for that purpose and have left details in that review. So quickly here I’ll say that the advertised dimensions are accurate, the foam is more than capable to hold the pistols and hold up to storage use and the plastic dividers/ ends are strong enough for the job also. They are holding a full load of 1911 pistols without a problem.

M.A. Vitale
This Bendmaster gun safe pistol holder is unique in that it can either be attached magnetically or with velcro, depending on the model you choose.

#11 Liberty Safe Over/Under Shelf Handgun Holders

Similar to Liberty’s under-shelf pistol hangers, this model adds top and bottom hangers to maximize pistol capacity.

This keeps you from needing to purchase a separate gun rack for the top shelf but does take away some of the top shelf space.

Top & Bottom Shelf Storage

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fits neatly on the shelf and enables you to maximize space in your gun safe.

Happy Customer

#12 Gootus Magnetic Gun Holder For Safe

The Gootus features 2 screw-mounted magnetic holders that can support up to 35 lbs of weight.

Simply place the slide of any semi-auto pistol into the grips of these strong magnetic holders and you have a super secure quick-access solution.

Crazy Strong Magnet

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 What I like about this is it the magnet is very strong it holds your pistol very securely and not only that you can rack the slide with the pistol in the in the magnet mount and that’s awesome. I can’t really think of anything I don’t like about it I got two of them for $16 that’s basically eight bucks a piece you can’t beat that.

Harry H.

#12 TacBox FS Pistol & 2-Mag Holder

Here’s another versatile offering from TacBox that can pull double duty from your safe to your car.

From Safe to Vehicle Duty

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Both my Beretta 92fs and Glock 48 fit just about perfect, especially when using the extra foam to get the correct fitment. Only complaint is over the 3M tape. I opted to get my own 3M tape with velcro to use instead of the one provided, because I wouldn’t want the box’s placement to be permanent in any singular vehicle. Other than that I’m happy with the product.


Use 4 screws to attach it to your safe and take advantage of its slot-mounted design to remove it and transfer it to the center console of your vehicle to get the most out of this quick access 2-magazine holder.

best pistol rack

If you want a fixed mounting solution, TacBox includes some double-sided 3M tape to keep it in one place.

#13 Vaultek Modular Dual Pistol Rack

Get a firm grip on your semi-auto pistol or revolver with this compact dual pistol rack from the highly reputable makers of Vaultek pistol safes.

Superior Barrel Retention

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Fits nicely in my Verifi Smart Safe S6000 with room to spare. It’s holding a H&K USP Compact 40 and Glock G45 with standard sights. Seems high quality.


Designed for smaller gun safes without a lot of room to spare, this compact 2-gun holder sports a low profile with excellent barrel and slide retention.

gun safe pistol holder
The Vaultek modular gun safe pistol holder is a fantastic design that snuggly organizes your pistols and magazines all in one compact unit.

Guide to Pistol Racks For Gun Safe Use


In the world of firearms safety, organization is key. With gun safes already being an essential tool for secure storage, many gun owners still overlook the importance of interior organization, specifically for handguns.

A pistol rack is not just an accessory; it’s an integral component of effective and efficient storage.

This bonus section aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of pistol rack uses and the benefits of using aftermarket solutions when built-in options are absent.

Advantages of Using a Pistol Rack Inside Your Gun Safe

Efficient Use of Space

One of the first advantages of using a pistol rack is the efficient use of space. A well-designed handgun holder can maximize the storage capacity of your gun safe by stacking handguns vertically or horizontally, often in an offset manner, to optimize space.

Quick Access

The way handguns are arranged in a pistol holder allows for quick and easy access. This arrangement eliminates the need to shuffle through various items, which is crucial in emergencies.

Minimized Risk of Damage

Pistols placed directly on shelves or crammed into inadequate spaces risk cosmetic and operational damage. The use of a rack system to store your pistols upright will keep your firearms secure and separate, minimizing the chance of scratches, dents, or accidental falls.

Enhanced Organization

Beyond just saving space, an organized safe allows for quicker inventory checks and easier management of your firearm collection.

The 4 Types of Pistol Holders

#1: Racks

Pistol racks can come in several different forms, such as wire, foam, or metal, each with its advantages and disadvantages in terms of durability, cost, and protective quality.

#2: Door Organizers

These are generally sleeve-like compartments or pockets that hang from the inside of your gun safe door. They provide quick access but are generally not as secure as racks.

#3: Shelves and Drawers

Some pistol holders integrate seamlessly into existing shelves or include drawer systems, allowing for more comprehensive organization solutions that can also include space for accessories and ammo.

#4: Magnetic Holders

For the modern gun safe, magnetic pistol holders provide a unique and efficient storage solution. They make use of powerful magnets to hold the gun in place, allowing for both easy access and additional space-saving.

Benefits of Using Aftermarket Solutions


When your gun safe lacks built-in features for handgun organization, aftermarket pistol holders offer a higher degree of customization to suit your specific needs and preferences.


Start small and expand as your collection grows. Aftermarket solutions often allow for modular additions, unlike built-in racks that offer limited scalability.


Aftermarket racks are generally less expensive than a new gun safe with built-in features, offering a budget-friendly way to upgrade your existing setup.


Many aftermarket solutions are designed to be compatible with a variety of gun safe brands and models, providing a versatile solution for all your storage needs.

Final Thoughts

Having a pistol rack in your gun safe is a no-brainer for gun owners who have multiple handguns in their collection and need to take advantage of the limited space inside most gun safes.

Whether your gun safe comes with built-in handgun organization features or not, considering aftermarket solutions opens the door to customization, scalability, and versatility, making it a smart addition with obvious benefits and no downsides.

It’s a win-win situation for anyone looking to squeeze a few more pistols into their safe if there is any room to spare, that is!

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