Is The GX4 a Good Gun? We Answer This and More!

Since the arrival of the Taurus GX4, a lot of new questions about this popular micro-compact pistol have been circulating around the web. One of the most cut-to-the-chase questions is this: is the GX4 a good gun? In today’s post, we will attempt to answer that question plus 12 more FAQs regarding the Taurus GX4. There’s a lot of hype surrounding the Taurus GX4 and a lot of speculation and even more questions arising since its release in 2021.

It’s been a little over a year and many people have had the opportunity to shoot and review the GX4 so now we know quite a bit more than we did just a year prior. If you’ve got any questions about the Taurus GX4, continue reading before you consider buying!

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Our Top 13 Taurus GX4 Q&A of 2022!

Is the GX4 a good gun?
The Taurus GX4 is a hot micro 9 that many people ask questions about and we’ve got the answers!

We did some digging and found out exactly what people were asking about most when searching for information on Taurus’ newest entry into the micro 9 space and will do our best to give you a concise and thorough answer! Is the GX4 a good gun? Find our answer to this question and much more below!

Is the GX4 a good gun?

This is usually the first question to pop into a potential purchaser’s head before deciding to pull the trigger on a new gun acquisition. The short answer is yes but there is one major caveat! If you happen to receive a GX4 that has been properly made and thoroughly quality-control tested then pat yourself on the back, take a deep breath, and bask in the thought of all that money you just saved by not buying a Sig P365. But, if you were unfortunate enough to receive one of the lemons that snuck past the assembly line and into circulation- as we did- then get ready to put Taurus’ warranty services to the test!

Is the GX4 a good gun? The NASGW and POMA seem to think so!

We have much more to say about the Taurus GX4 to help you determine if it’s a good gun or a hard pass but that would take a whole article to explain! Fortunately, written two additional articles, one of which is our full bench review and the other a list of the top 6 Taurus GX4 problems to get the full answer to this question.

If you want to know more about some of these potential problems the Taurus GX4 has been reported to have by us and others, check out this article here for the lowdown: Taurus GX4 Problems: Read This Before You Buy!

How much does the Taurus GX4 cost in 2022?

The Taurus GX4 is listed with an MSRP of $392.42 but the “street price” on average is $299 and can be had for as low as $235 before tax and shipping if you shop around. Even at the average asking price, the Taurus GX4 represents a great value compared to the other micro 9s competing for your dollar. Just know that you may receive a lemon from time to time and I suppose that’s a fair risk (and par for the course) when dealing with a budget brand like Taurus. Yes, when Taurus gets it right, you do get one hell of a bang for your buck- no doubt about it!

When did the Taurus GX4 come out?

Following in the footsteps of the Sig Sauer P365 and the Springfield Armory Hellcat, the Taurus GX4 was introduced in May of 2021 and, like many in the micro 9 space, was an instant success for the company! Since then, other manufacturers rushed into the doublestack micro 9mm scene in the months that followed.

Is Taurus GX4 Made in the USA?

A new facility in Bainbridge, Georgia is where Taurus designed and manufactured their new micro 9: The GX4. Most Taurus handguns have historically been made in Brazil, but the new GX4 is indeed made in the USA!

Though the GX4 is made in the USA, it appears as though Taurus is still not quite on top of its quality controls as it should be. This is unfortunate since “Made in the USA” used to be synonymous with “quality” and explicit quality controls that vetted each and every product before it left the factory but that is definitely not the case for everything made within our borders- not anymore.

What caliber is a Taurus GX4?

The Taurus GX4 is chambered in the 9mm caliber like all of the micro 9 double-stack pistols on the market. This market was previously dominated by micro .380 semi-auto single-stack pocket-pistols that, despite being more compact, use a weaker cartridge and carry fewer rounds.

Does the Taurus GX4 have a lot of recoil?

Like most micro 9mm semi-auto pistols, the Taurus GX4 is going to be snappier and have considerably more recoil than a sub-compact or compact pistol shooting the same 9mm round. With the use of an extended magazine, or pinky extension, recoil can be better managed and improve the overall control you will have over the muzzle flip.

We wouldn’t consider the Taurus GX4 to have “a lot” of recoil for the average shooter, but less experienced shooters with smaller or weaker hands may have a hard time adjusting to the snappiness of a short-barreled 9mm like the GX4.

Is Taurus GX4 optic ready?

When the Taurus GX4 was launched it did not come with an optics-ready slide cut. A few months after its initial release, the GX4 TORO (Taurus Optic Ready Option) was introduced with an optics-ready slide cut that has the micro red dot footprint.

Here is a list of optics the GX4 TORO edition is compatible with:

  • Shield RMSc
  • Holosun HS507K and HS407K
  • Sightmark Mini Shot A-Spec M3
  • Hex Wasp GE5077-MIC-RET
  • Sig RomeoZero
  • Riton 3 Tactix MPRD2
  • Trijicon RMR cc Red Dot
    The optional adapter plate is sold separately

How many rounds does a Taurus GX4 hold?

The 9mm Taurus GX4 magazine holds exactly 11 rounds plus 1 in the chamber for a total of 12 rounds. It comes with 2 of these 11-round magazines, both having a flush baseplate. 13-round magazines are sold separately as is the pinky extension baseplate. With the flush-mount magazines, average-sized hands and above will not have pinky support and larger hands will need the 13-round magazine to get a full grip.

The standard Taurus GX4 magazine holds 11 rounds of 9mm ammunition!

Is the Taurus GX4 +P rated?

If the 9mm +P cartridge meets SAAMI standard specifications, then Taurus states that you can use it in your GX4. However, the Taurus GX4 does not support +P+ ammo of any kind so use it at your own risk! The idea of using +P ammo in a 3″ barrel is hardly advantageous since much of the added velocity produced from a +P load is lost without the barrel length needed to burn that extra powder. Save your money and buy a defensive hollow-point round instead!

Does a Taurus GX4 have a safety?

Unlike a lot of Taurus polymer semi-autos, the Taurus GX4 took a page out of Glock’s book and decided to drop the thumb safety from their newest micro 9. They do have other safety mechanisms though like the trigger blade safety, a drop-safe plunger safety, and an internal striker block, just in case one of the other safeties were to fail. These are all safety methods Glock has pioneered and many have copied- and for good reason! As an aside, the Taurus GX4 can fire a chambered round without a magazine present.

Can you dry fire a Taurus GX4?

All striker-fired semi-auto pistols, like the Taurus GX4, can be safely dry-fired without the risk of damaging the firing pin or striker plate. This is not true for some hammer-fired pistols and revolvers or firearms that shoot rimfire cartridges like the 22lr. This means you can feel free to practice your trigger control as much as you want without having to worry about damaging your gun! Practice on!

What Is The Slide Of The Taurus GX4 Made Of?

The slide of the Taurus GX4 is made from a low-carbon steel alloy that is gas-nitrided (gas nitriding is a type of case hardening). The finish on the slide is pretty lackluster and standard fare for Taurus guns. This means you can expect the slide to scratch and scuff quite easily from just normal handling and holstering.

We’ll be releasing our Rockwell hardness test results on the Taurus GX4 in another article soon so stay tuned!

What Is The Barrel Of The Taurus GX4 Made Of?

The barrel on the Taurus GX4 is stainless steel with a DLC coating finish. Taurus makes most of its barrels out of stainless steel and the GX4 is no exception. Stainless steel barrels tend to be more accurate with tighter tolerances but are less expensive (depending on the grade) and easier to machine than forged chrome-lined barrels.

Is the Taurus GX4 better than the G3C?

The Taurus GX4 is better in some regards than the G3C but the two pistols aren’t really in the same category. The Taurus GX4 is a micro 9 that has a much smaller imprint when concealed carrying than the subcompact G3C. The GX4 beats the G3C in terms of size to capacity but loses to the G3C in terms of ease of shooting and recoil management. The G3C is also easier to fire accurately at any distance due to its longer barrel and fuller grip.

The grip texture of the GX4 is more aggressive than the G3C in order to make up for its diminutive size. The added back strap options the GX4 has gives the shooter the best possible length of pull and the improved flat-faced trigger makes it harder to pull shots. Which one is best will be determined by the needs and capabilities of the individual shooter.

Is Taurus GX4 reliable?

Now that the Taurus GX4 has been in the hands of so many shooters this past year, the reports coming in on the GX4’s reliability have mostly been answered. There can be no question that the vast majority of reliability reports from actual owners have been mostly positive and encouraging. That being said, Taurus has been known to allow some lemons past their quality control checks and into the hands of a few unfortunate buyers.

Well, that’s all we’ve got for you in today’s post. Check back often for more questions and answers to all of the most relevant firearms in 2022!

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  1. The first 4 shots ftf jammed then after 4 the slide stopped going all the way forward. At the range they cleaned and oiled it same thing, ran another 50 rounds w diff ammo same thing. Sent off complained about slide and was shooting to the left all the time. Came back they fixed the slide and barrel after 50 rounds working OK except shots moved to the left again. Had 3 Marshall’s shoot it all 3 said way off. Customer service don’t care. Sad

    1. Wow, thanks for the report. Looks like the GX4 is definitely a model to avoid. Wonder if they’ll even bother fixing these issues with a gen 2 update or just discontinue it?

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