Top 6 Taurus GX4 Problems- Read Before You Buy!

If you’re looking to buy or already own a Taurus GX4, this article is a must-read. Many newly-designed, hot off-the-line pistols are sometimes plagued with early production issues. In this post, we’ll be addressing all of the Taurus GX4 problems and how to determine if yours might need to be sent back to Taurus for repair.

I’ll be listing the GX4 problems from the most severe to the least problematic and adding just a few nitpicks that some may argue just come with the budget territory. Either way, these are definitely problems we believe everyone should be made aware of before purchasing a Taurus GX4 to use for self-defense or add to their carry rotation.

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Top Taurus GX4 Problems Reported

I’ll be starting off this post with the problem my personal Taurus GX4 had when I received it. Then, we’ll go over some of the other problems people report having with their Taurus GX4 pistols. As an aside, a lot of manufacturers experience problems with completely new designs that are rushed out to market, especially when talking about budget handguns.

It has recently come to my attention (on, and I’m not sure how much of this is substantiated or just speculation, that most of the problems people are having with their GX4s are coming from those from the earlier batch “A” production guns and supposedly the batch “B” guns have addressed all of the problems I’m about to list. My GX4 does have an A in the serial number and is an earlier production model.

Taurus GX4 Problems
Taurus GX4 Problems: Here’s my brand new Taurus GX4 in its box. I won’t be firing this gun until it’s been fixed by Taurus!

Taurus has been getting better at producing more reliable handguns, like the G2C and G3C, for a very reasonable price. The problems occur when a manufacturer starts cutting too many corners and is too lax with their quality controls. Even higher-end brands like Sig Sauer have had their fair share of problems and recalls, but on average there will be far fewer lemons exiting the Sig factory versus the Taurus factory.

Because of this fact, it is especially important to check each and every firearm you purchase before depending on it to potentially save your ass! This is even truer when you’re talking about budget handguns made by Taurus. There is a reason they are able to sell their firearms at such a low cost to the consumer and that’s by cutting some corners and having less stringent quality controls.

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Taurus GX4 Problems: #1 The Trigger

This is one of the first problems I ran into when I searched the web in preparation for writing this article and discovered my own trigger issue that I hadn’t noticed hardly anyone else having. My Taurus GX4 trigger, brand-new out-of-the-box, had a dead trigger safety. The trigger safety is all-important on an IWB carry gun that doesn’t have any external safety as a backup.

Taurus GX4 Problems: As you can see with the slide locked back, the trigger blade safety is flat and not extended under spring tension as it was designed, rendering this gun dangerous to carry!

The blade on my flat-faced trigger was missing the return spring to keep it extended and functional. This means the trigger can be fired without your finger fully on the trigger. It also means the trigger could potentially depress under inertial forces if it was accidentally dropped! This is a really serious problem that should not have passed QC inspection… but unfortunately did!

I have included a short video below showing the trigger safety blade malfunction. It may be missing a return spring or perhaps the spring became disconnected somehow (no, it was never installed). Either way, I’ll be returning it to Taurus for warranty repairs.

Taurus GX4 Problems: I made a short video showing the broken trigger safety on a brand-new, never fired GX4. This will be going back to Taurus for repair ASAP!

Another potential trigger problem that has been reported on a bit more than the problem I am having is the trigger breaking and having a delay before the striker releases and having what’s known as a “hang-fire”. This is a potentially dangerous situation that could end very badly if the shooter doesn’t know what to do to make the gun safe.

Some posit this is a relatively rare occurrence and isn’t widespread but Taurus has admitted to this issue in a company-released statement here: “It’s a tolerance stack on the trigger bar. We tested over 2000 units we had in inventory and very very few exhibited the problem. Unfortunately yours did. So we’ve addressed it in our production”.

Personally, I’m not sure if mine has this problem or not since I’ve yet to shoot it with its current limp trigger-blade problem. I did try to induce this malfunction a few dozen times while dry-firing it and couldn’t get the striker to delay when tripped. The Taurus is a good fit for my average-sized hands and most of the people who seem to have this issue have large hands with long fingers.

One more issue I’ve seen with the GX4 trigger is the inconsistent pull weight from gun to gun. Out of the box, some report their triggers are nearly 10 lbs while others report trigger weights of only 4.5-5 lbs. My trigger was tested with a pull weight averaging nearly 9.78 lbs on the lowest possible position with the most leverage! That’s a bit too heavy for comfortable shooting at the range but not as important in a self-defense scenario where a heavy trigger pull might be preferred.

It’s also important to mention other quality control issues people experience with the Taurus GX4 such as missing slide lock springs and missing pins on the frame assembly. Here’s a quote from a member I found:

“Right off the bat, I noticed that the slide would intermittently lock back. Some times after every shot fired and some times it would fire two or three times without locking bank. Right away I noticed the the slide latch lever was loose and not under spring pressure like all my other semiautomatics. When I field stripped it, I found that it was missing the slide latch spring. Part number 4.8 in the owner manual. I contacted Taurus customer service and asked them to send me the spring and I would install it myself. I was told that this part is a “restricted part” and that they can’t send the part out. So I had to sent the gun back to the manufacturer to have it repaired. When I asked why the slide latch spring was considered a restricted part, the Rep did not have an answer only that they can’t sell or mail out restricted parts.” 

Pat Timmons

It’s really unfortunate that none of these missing parts can be purchased anywhere and a terrible inconvenience that the customer has to pay in lost time just to get a working firearm because it obviously slipped through Taurus’ quality controls undetected! They really need to improve in this area because I’ve never purchased any “budget” guns that were outright missing parts. Enough ranting from me, but that just isn’t good business practice.

Taurus GX4 Problems: #2 The Barrel

We’re not entirely sure what the rate of incidence of the chamber tolerance problem of some Taurus GX4 barrels is, but we saw at least one video by GBGuns where he noticed that the shell casings were showing the telltale “Glock smiley marks” and powder burns on the unsupported side due to an oversized, out-of-spec chamber.

Taurus GX4 Problems: Here you can see the powder burns and chamber marks on the casings caused by an under-supported chamber. Source: GBGuns

I’ve heard this is more common on micro 9mm pistols to help increase reliability but some of these barrels may be more oversized than others. The person who made the video had their barrel replaced by Taurus and there seems to be a bit more support than before. Accuracy doesn’t seem to be adversely affected by the oversized chambers on these barrels as the GX4 is about as accurate as any other micro 9mm currently on the market. The improved trigger and ergonomic grip seem to help a lot in this regard.

Taurus GX4 Problems: #3 The Firing Pin

Some people have reported firing pins breaking at around the 1,500-round mark. This is likely due to poor heat treatment of the firing pin and less-than-stellar quality controls. It’s also been brought to our attention that Taurus will not sell you a new firing pin if it breaks and will force you to send it back on your dime and pay for the repair. We can’t confirm if this is a widespread issue or if this was due to the gun being out of warranty but it still doesn’t seem like a good move to deny the sale of a simple and easy-to-replace part.

Taurus GX4 Problems: As you can see in this picture, the firing pin channel is oblong towards the bottom half. This allows more back pressure from the primer detonation creating what is known as “primer flow”. Source GBGuns

Speaking of firing pins, the firing pin channel on the Taurus GX4 is oblong to help keep debris from clogging up the channel and causing malfunctions.

Taurus GX4 Problems: All of these casings exhibit “primer flow” as a result of the increased back pressure caused by the enlarged firing pin channel. Source GBGuns

One of the consequences of having an oblong design is it causes “primer flow” which is usually something you’d see when using high-pressure rounds. Because of this, it’s probably not a good idea to use your own hot reloads in this particular handgun.

Taurus GX4 Problems: On the left, you can see what a normal dimple on a primer should look like. On this right, you can see the primer flow that causes the primer to extend past the rim of the empty shell. Source GBGuns

Taurus GX4 Problems: #4 The Extractor

After reading an insightful thread from, it came to my attention that the extractor may also exhibit failures to extract. This seems to happen more often with some ammo than others but it shouldn’t be happening with any ammo after 250+ rounds of breaking in a well-lubricated gun!

Below is one of the members of the forum mentioned above. He was not the only one in that thread that has experienced extraction problems.

Jan. 6, 2022:
“After reading this thread I want to share my story. I purchased a GX4 two days ago. This morning It took it to the range. I used two types of factory ammo, Winchester and Federal, 115 grain ball. As always, I gave the gun a thorough cleaning and lube first. Every single magazine I shot there was a failure to extract in about one in seven rounds. Later today I went back to my local gun store and sold it back to them. I took a $50 loss from what I paid. I suppose I could have gone through the trouble of returning it to Taurus to fix, but after reading what others have been through I decided to get rid of it. To add to the misery I ordered a thirteen round magazine which has yet to arrive. Guess I will be selling that when it comes in.”


I have yet to find out if my Taurus GX4 from the early A batch of guns will exhibit any of these problems since I need to wait to find out if Taurus will send it back to me with the missing trigger blade safety spring actually installed. I will update this post with some videos and pictures after I take it to my local gun range to test the GX4 after repairs. Some of the comments in that thread have me more than a little bit worried about the competence of some of the “gunsmiths” that Taurus has employed.

Taurus GX4 Problems: #5 The Finish

This is more common with budget brands like Taurus and is more of a gripe than a serious problem but it can lead to premature rusting if you carry it using in the waistband holsters or keep the gun in a humid and hot environment like the inside of a glove box. It also ages the look of the gun prematurely and affects resale value. The GX4 slide is not stainless steel but is a low alloy steel with the typical gas nitride matte finish. It looks like Taurus did a better job with the finish on the GX4 compared to the G2C but about on par with the G3C. That said, it still leaves a lot to be desired!

Taurus GX4 Problems: As you can see in this picture the scratches and scuffs from barely even handling this micro 9mm that hasn’t even been fired yet.

Taurus has always used some of the cheapest finishes of any gun manufacturer, as has been evident on just about every Taurus model I’ve ever owned. Granted, they seem to have improved somewhat with the introduction of the GX4 but it’s still super easy to scratch and scuff and I’m doubtful it will be 100% rust-proof without the help of some quality gun oil! This spot rusting, unfortunately, happened to my IWB Taurus TCP which only saw limited carry in my rotation. The Taurus TCP is a micro .380 that has since been discontinued and replaced by the Taurus Spectrum.

Taurus GX4 Problems: Yet another set of scratches that just “appeared” out of nowhere!

It wasn’t more than a week or two of hot summer sweat and Texas weather that exposed just how bad the finish on that Taurus TCP was. My G2C, which was my EDC for nearly a year, seemed to fare a bit better rust-wise but still, the finish couldn’t hold up to holstering in a soft leather IWB holster. It looked so bad after a while that I just decided to buff off the nearly non-existent surface paint and sealed it with some Mother’s steel polish. That seemed to do the trick but that’s what you get when you go for these budget guns!

Taurus GX4 Problems: #6 The Sights

This last problem is from the rear sight of the GX4. Many have reported the rear sight drifting after firing x amount of times at the range. The front sight has also been reported to have fallen off after less than a full mag of shooting which leads me to believe that Taurus is forgetting to add any thread lock to the screw. This can be remedied easily enough with a sight upgrade from Lake Line but it would be nice if they made them a tighter fit at the factory.

Taurus GX4 Problems- Sights
This is a picture of my GX4 sights before I’ve had the chance to fire it and confirm whether or not the sights will come loose…

This is yet another example of cutting corners and having less-than-stellar quality controls for a product meant to protect your life. Hopefully, most GX4 owners won’t encounter this problem with their sights but I wouldn’t be surprised if it did happen to your GX4.

Final Thoughts On The Taurus GX4 Problems

Don’t get us wrong, the Taurus GX4 appears to be a solid offering from Taurus at a great price (at least the ones from more recent batches). There are many more people that have been completely satisfied with their purchase and have experienced none of these problems, or very few issues, whatsoever.

Not everyone, though, has likely shot their Taurus GX4 enough to know for sure if a problem may or may not exist so that surely accounts for at least some of the positive experiences- or lack thereof. I, on the other hand, will not be able to give you our full review on the Taurus GX4 until my gun is repaired and sent back to us for testing.

Until such time, we cannot recommend that you buy a Taurus GX4 when there are more proven options available out there, albeit more expensive options, but what’s a few hundred more when your life is a stake? To each his own! On a side note, and if after reading this you still plan on purchasing a GX4, try finding one from a retailer that sells a lot of them to better your chances of receiving the latest production model since you’re less likely to run into any issue that way.

28 thoughts on “Top 6 Taurus GX4 Problems- Read Before You Buy!”

  1. Appreciate you taking the time for this in depth review. I picked up a G2C a year or so back just simply based on the price. Why not add another firearm for a few hundred bucks. I’ve been looking into this GX4 and considering it as a carry from time to time to give my P360 a break. I have well over 5,000 rounds through that one with very little failures. In any case if I do pursue purchasing the GX4 I will be sure to pick up a B serial model. Again truly appreciate your insight and time to review this firearm. Thank you

    1. Glad to have helped you, Danny. I just wish I’d done this research sooner before purchasing a Gx4 myself! I do own a couple of G2Cs that I purchased lightly used at a local pawn shop and I don’t regret those purchases one bit as they’re respectable firearms for the money I paid. Thanks for commenting!

    2. Emmett P Hefele

      Just bought my GX4 fired 1 round trigger did not reset, back for warranty work not quality for me was told it would take 4 weeks to get it back Oh by the way mine is a B serial model.

  2. I would stay away. I nave hade two g3s and two g4s trouble with what you saying plus more. Lock up finish and not one but two g3 firing pins on the g3c got smart got rid of all of them.I was not happy with the serve they do not know th meaning of customer centric. Also smith Wesson is no better made with all MIM internal parts.
    Also not fitted well. Dont wasted your cash on a spring kit you can not smooth out MiM. Also There owned by a lock company the same one that makes the locks for them.Is there a well manufactured handgun? Years ago Smith and others cared about customers. Taurus was off to a ew good start what happen?

  3. I just bought the gx4 and about every 7 or 8 shots the trigger doesn’t reset. Shame I like the gun otherwise but won’t be able to use it for its intended purpose.

  4. Took my new GX4 out today an found that the slide lock does not hold the slide back very well. Sometimes when a magazine is inserted the slide will move forward by itself cambering a round. Sometimes if the magazine is removed and the gun is grounded (even softly) the slide will move forward. Not my idea of a very safe weapon.

    1. Man I just sent mine back for the same reason yesterday. I’m so tempted to get rid of it. It was brand new just got it Friday. Not 1 round shot threw it! I’m still kicking myself for not getting a used hellcat. My law enforcement friend said he thinks their going to recall them in the near future.

      1. Yea, it’s not looking good for the GX4. If you bought yours recently, I’m wondering if some of these problems haven’t really been addressed on current batches. Definitely seems recall worthy imo.

    2. I shot mine yesterday for the first time and mine did the same. The issued a shipping label this morning

  5. Had isues with feed and extraction .sent back to taurus and they had it back and repaired in ten days.

  6. These guns should all be recalled. I bought a GX4 a couple weeks ago. The trigger constantly fails to reset. The rear sight drifts. It’s a total piece of junk. Taurus should be ashamed.

  7. Kenneth Schmeling

    I just bought a Taurus GX4, the slide is extremely hard to pull back. At the range today I fired 3 rounds and the 4th didn’t fully chamber and the slide jammed. Is this a problem with this handgun?

  8. I was seriously considering a GX4 before reading this article. Thanks for the info! Considering S&W…. What do you, Joe, and the readers think of the Shield Plus overall? (I mean in addition to the reply above)

    1. I absolutely love the S&W Shield Plus and it’s definitely staying in my top 3 IWB rotation- permanently. The slightly larger frame (compared to other micro-9s) is much better suited to my average-sized hands, and the sandpaper-like grip is so good I haven’t wanted to use any after-market solutions to improve my purchase on the gun under any conditions.

      I got mine under a promotion that included 3 extra high-cap mags and a sweet tactical case to hold all the extras. Great deal!

    1. Sounds like you might have the latest C batch, which I would think should have resolved some of the problems earlier batches had but I’d still perform a thorough inspection and range test prior to enlisting it as my primary carry weapon.

      1. I was in a gun store just now (11/21) and all were “C” models.

        Only 1 out of 3 of them had the issue where if you pressed the trigger to the left while pulling it wouldn’t reset. I’m not feeling very confident in this model, as they’ve had PLENTY of time to work that crap out with the trigger pull.

        1. Many thanks for the investigative report, Joe! That’s unfortunate that Taurus has forced prospective buyers to “roll the dice” on these newer models instead of just fixing them so everyone gets a “good one” and rarely a dud.

  9. I both the viridian laser for my new g4x, and now have a problem , finding a decent holster that accommodate, the red laser.

    1. If you don’t mind leather holsters, a generic holster for a slightly larger sub compact pistol should work.

  10. Do not listen to half these reports if you did you would never buy anything I have digs glocks and my gx4 is better than all of them I had it from they first came out and it’s faultless

    1. You’re one of the lucky ones. It’s a roll of the dice on this particular Taurus release. A lot of us were not so lucky!

  11. I am not sure why but any GX4 is restricted in MD? Do you have any idea? Does it relate what the vendor that sells them or it is the type of a gun?

    1. IDK but you’d have to check with your local gun laws regarding magazine capacity since they do come with mags that exceed 10rnds.

  12. Just bought a GX4 on 1-30-23 took to range fired first two shots reset after that had to pull slid-rail back to rest trigger ,I took it back to dealer they oiled and worked rail ,at range same issue e mailed and spoke with Taurus waiting on setting pick up for warranty they know about issues unreal

    1. That’s a shame. So many of these comments are something new I haven’t heard of yet. Perhaps they’re not as common type failures but speak to a much broader issue of overall poor quality control or just a bunch of new model bugs that need a lot of ironing out. Already I’ve seen the prices drop significantly for the GX4. Time for an overhaul!

  13. Thanks for your article Joe! It’s the kind of topic that can save lives.

    Here in Brazil we have a huge distrust of this brand, as we have a long history of defects and even deaths. In the early 2000s, many Brazilian police officers died because of failures in the safety locks of the Taurus pistols.

    If I could give one piece of advice it would be: don’t buy it! Save a little more cash and grab a Beretta, Glock or IWI.

    Greetings from Brazil,

    Federal Agent – Brazil

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