Top 9 Pistol Safes For Your Nightstand

Before year’s end, we tasked our knowledgeable team of gun safety experts to track down, research, and nominate the top 9 pistol safes to mount on your nightstand in 2024.

To learn all of the criteria we use to rank gun safes, see: How We Test Gun Safes

What Are The Best Pistol Safes For Your Nightstand?

The technologies built into our top 9 nightstand handgun safe picks are some of the best quick-access entry methods available for accessing your firearm quickly!

Some of the factors we use to come up with our top recommendations for nightstand pistol safes include:

  1. Size: The nightstand pistol safes on this list must be able to store a full-size pistol securely.
  2. Features & Tech: Many of the pistol safes we picked for this list feature electronic access either via biometric, RFID, or keypad access. Most have backup key access and a couple are keyless designs that are still quick to access. Quick-Access was our top priority for this list.
  3. Cost/Value: We chose only the pistol safes we feel represent the best value for the feature set included. All of these pistol safes passed our bang-for-your-buck metric.
  4. User Experience: All of the pistol safes on this list have overwhelmingly positive reviews and user experiences. Some pistol safes on this list were purchased and tested hands-on, passing a rigorous series of functionality tests.
  5. Use Case: The last metric we considered was how these pistol safes could be used. These nightstand pistol safes can also be mounted in other nearby locations to best suit your needs.

Without further ado, here are our top 9 picks ideally suited to mount on a nightstand:

#1 Hornady Night Guard Pistol Safe

During our research, we discovered that Hornady had introduced a remarkable addition to its lineup known as the “Night Guard” that would make an excellent choice for your nightstand.

Functional Alarm Clock

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“I am very impressed with this safe. I know that there is a different vendor that offers similar protection. But the fact that this offers a clock similar to an alarm clock or even a DVD player or some other type of electronic device. I have had people in the room and not know that the clock was a safe for my weapons. I was able to put a compact 9mm and 22 compact in the vault with 2 mags each and some assorted papers. I am very impressed with the options that they provide to include for use, a key fob, and combo electronically accessible or a barrel key.”

Helpful Review

This cleverly designed device disguises itself as an alarm clock, blending seamlessly into its surroundings.

What sets it apart is its utilization of touch-free RFID reader technology, offering superior speed and reliability compared to biometric scanners.

nightstand pistol safes
Credit: Amazon

The drawer on this safe is spring-assisted and designed to hold a single full-sized handgun, which can be immediately accessed in case of emergencies.

Also, you can choose to open the drawer using your user access code or by using a backup key located on the rear of the safe.

#2 Vaultek RS20i Slider Pistol Safe

Not only does the Vaultek RS20i prioritize security with its advanced technology and robust features, but it also does so in a stylish and sophisticated manner that leaves a lasting impression.

Premium Smart Slider

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“Works like a dream, mounted securely in my vehicle with the auto mount. Yes it’s pricy however both the cheaper ones and they do not compare to the quality you get with Vaultek. Hope to get me another for my truck one day soon.”


By effortlessly enhancing its visual appeal and seamlessly fitting into any room or space, this exceptional safe boasts a sleek and ergonomic design that is both visually pleasing and functional.

Credit: Amazon

The inclusion of a slider mechanism brings an element of innovation, enabling the safe to effortlessly slide open, unveiling your firearm in a remarkable cinematic fashion.

This design prioritizes not only aesthetic appeal but also practicality and user-friendliness.

#3 GloryFire Nightstand Pistol Safe

The GloryFire nightstand pistol safe impressed us with its affordable price, and slim vertical design, making it perfect for those seeking to safeguard their home defense pistol and maintain easy access.

Biometric Slider For Less

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“I recently purchased this pistol safe from Amazon and oh, how it has exceeded every expectation! The peace of mind it brings, knowing my firearm is secured yet readily accessible is unparalleled. This safe is a marvel of modern security technology blended with practical design.”


It features a convenient spring-loaded sliding door that ensures swift retrieval of your firearm whenever needed.

This slim pistol slider safe is equipped with state-of-the-art security features such as a highly reliable biometric scanner and a keypad code access system, further enhancing its exceptional reputation as an excellent choice for securing your home.

Credit: Amazon

With its compact size, it remains inconspicuous when discreetly mounted on a nightstand. It also offers versatile mounting options, enabling you to place it under a desk, inside a closet, or in any location where easy access to a firearm is desired.

#4 MaxSafe Under Desk Pistol Safe

If you are looking for a reliable home defense option with a unique sliding drawer design, then seriously consider the MaxSafes biometric pistol safe. Its versatile mounting capabilities allow for placement in various locations, such as a nightstand.

Vein Recognition

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“This safe is fantastic! It was very easy to install with a solid mounting bracket. It fits discreetly under my desk or can be put on top of a shelf for easy, quick access. The vein recognition technology is surprisingly easy to set up and very reliable. It hasn’t failed me after dozens of attempts! I also like the extra layers of foam to custom fit my Glock 19. I am very pleased with this safe and will be looking for other items offered by MaxSafes!”


With its advanced built-in biometric vein recognition technology, rest assured that only authenticated living fingerprints will be recognized.

Credit: Amazon

The spring-loaded tray swiftly slides open, providing instant access when it is most needed, while effectively excluding those without access codes or fingerprint registration.

#5 RPNB Nightstand Slider Pistol Safe

For a secure bedside weapon storage solution, consider the RPBN-mounted nightstand with a sliding door. This option ensures swift access to your defense pistol in case of a nighttime threat to your safety.

Slim Design

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” Having owned a key locked gun safe for two years, I found it provided adequate protection for my firearms. However, I realized its limitations when I experienced a real-life scenario of a break-in. On that nerve-wracking night, someone broke into my backyard and, in the crucial moments when every second counted, I found myself frantically searching for the keys to my gun safe. That 5-minute delay was not just frustrating but also highlighted a potential risk to my family’s safety.”


Equipped with cutting-edge biometric fingerprint technology, this safe guarantees that only your fingerprint will provide instant entry.

Rest easy knowing that your firearm is easily accessible yet fully secure.

Credit: Amazon

In case of your absence, you have the option to share the access code with authorized loved ones.

With its slim design, this safe can be easily mounted and hidden in a wide range of furniture types and different locations to cater to your specific requirements.

#6 MaxSafe Drop-Down Pistol Vault

The slide-out drawer model shown on this list and the MaxSafes drop-down vault both utilize the same biometric scanner technology.

Advanced Biometric Scanner

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“Looks nice and sleek on my night stand. So far its working and what I love is that the brackets are not exposed like some of the other brands and it is vein instead of finger print.”


The drop-down model, however, offers a vertical mount and flexible installation options, allowing it to be easily attached to various furniture items within your room.

Similar to the majority of safes mentioned in this list, this one includes an electronic keypad and a backup key that allow three different access points for added security.

Ensuring the optimal placement of a bedside pistol safe is crucial in providing quick access to a firearm while also ensuring its discreet concealment.

#7 Langger Nightstand Slider Safe

We find the Langger biometric slider to be an exceptionally compact choice with the added convenience of accommodating an extra magazine, which we believe is a commendable feature.

Great Value

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“I really like this safe. It is sturdy, secure, fast and reliable. It installed easily on my nightstand, the biometric works reliably well and safe opens very fast. Keypad, biometric finger sensor all work great and keys were also provided for backup. It also has a silent mode that disables beep when using keypad or fingerprint reader. Now I can safely store firearm where it can be reached quickly. I recommend this product.”


It effortlessly accommodates most full-size handguns, with a maximum length of 9.5 inches.

Moreover, its distinctive mounting plate system offers versatile configuration options for placement, making it an optimal solution in various scenarios.

The device includes a dependable biometric scanner and a 4-digit keypad, along with an additional backup key for added security.

#8 RPNB Mounted Drop-Down Pistol Safe

For gun owners on limited budgets, this is an easy choice. With a quick access drop-down design, the RPNB showcases a dependable biometric fingerprint reader that responds promptly.

Top Value Pick

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“This is the perfect quick-pull safe. Installing the safe on the side of my nightstand was quick and easy. And the safe is easy to program and install. Fingerprint unlock is also very sensitive, very suitable for my needs. Installation is very simple. Absolutely no complaints. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a reasonably priced pistol storage unit.”

Helpful Review

You have the flexibility to mount it in different ways, depending on your preferred location, making it an excellent choice for enhancing bedside security without overspending or compromising on durability and dependability.

Credit: Amazon

The RPNB mounted safe we tested performed flawlessly, proving to be effortlessly usable and easily programmable. It features a tubular cam lock that is not likely to be picked and is too small for most tubular lock-picking sets to fit.

Check out our YouTube review

#9 VAULTEK Smart Station Pistol Safe 

Because of its high cost, we opted to feature the Vaultek smart station as our ultimate choice for those wanting a premium option.

Premium Alarm Clock Slider

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“For years I’ve followed Vaultek and the products they’ve brought to market and I finally bit the bullet and purchased the D2Si as my first item from them. It’s great. The setup is straightforward and clear. The quality is excellent, Bluetooth, and biometrics top tier. It’s got every option you could want for a desktop/nightstand safe and none you wouldn’t. Having the clock/Bluetooth charger/and safe all in one eliminates clutter on the nightstand.”


Among all the pistol safes listed, the Vaultek smart station most closely resembles a conventional digital alarm clock, allowing it to effortlessly merge with your bedroom decor without drawing attention.

Credit: Amazon

Vaultek, a respected brand in the field of high-end, portable, no-nonsense gun safes, has established a stellar reputation for its superior craftsmanship, outstanding performance, and excellent reliability.

It comes with a wireless charger and is equipped with a wide array of intelligent features, making the price well-deserved, in our opinion.

Guide To Nightstand Pistol Safes

When it comes to home defense, ensuring maximum safety is of utmost importance. A crucial factor that can significantly contribute to your safety is having quick and reliable access to your firearm.

Whether faced with an unexpected intruder or some unforeseen emergency, immediate access to your weapon will keep the odds in your favor.

Pistol safes designed for nightstands are fast becoming the ideal solution to tackle this vital need by offering discreet and secure storage while ensuring protection is always within arm’s reach.

Key Benefits:

Let’s examine the benefits of nightstand pistol safes, exploring their characteristics, technologies, and the vital role they fulfill in protecting your home and loved ones.

  1. Quick access to a firearm during emergencies: These types of safes provide easy and fast access to a firearm when needed. In critical situations where every second counts, having your weapon securely stored within arm’s reach can be crucial.
  2. Enhanced home security: Keeping a pistol safe on your nightstand ensures that your firearm is not left unsecured in your home. It prevents unauthorized access and reduces the risk of accidents, especially if there are children or curious visitors in the house.
  3. Peace of mind: Knowing that your firearm is stored in a secure and readily accessible place can give you peace of mind while you sleep. It allows you to rest easy, as you know you can defend yourself and your loved ones promptly, if necessary.
  4. Convenient storage solution: They are designed for easy installation and accessibility. They fit perfectly beside your bed, offering convenience and accessibility without compromising safety.
  5. Deters children and unauthorized access: If you have children in your home, a nightstand pistol safe is an essential investment. It keeps firearms out of reach, preventing accidental discharge and avoiding potential tragedies. Similarly, it acts as a deterrent against unauthorized individuals gaining access to your firearm.
  6. Easy installation and operation: They are also typically straightforward to install and operate, featuring electronic or biometric locking mechanisms that allow for quick access with a code or fingerprint scan.
  7. Versatile and discreet design: These safes are often designed to blend seamlessly with your bedroom decor, maintaining a discreet appearance. They can be customized to look like ordinary items you’d find on a nightstand, further concealing their true purpose.

Technology Enhancements:

Various advanced technologies are utilized in these pistol safes to ensure a harmonious blend of accessibility and security whose options include biometric fingerprint scanners, electronic keypad combinations, and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) locks.

Swift access is made possible by these technologies, which also mitigate the possibility of unauthorized use.

Pros and Cons:

No nightstand safe is without its flaws. Here are some things to consider before buying:

The Good:

  1. Quick Access: These safes allow you to retrieve your firearm swiftly during an emergency.
  2. Discreet Placement: They blend seamlessly with your bedroom décor, keeping your firearm hidden from prying eyes.
  3. Child and Guest Safety: Properly secured bedside safes prevent unauthorized access, ensuring the safety of children and visitors.

The Bad:

  1. Dependence on Technology: Electronic malfunctions or battery depletion could hinder quick access.
  2. Limited Storage: These safes are typically designed for a single firearm, limiting storage options.
  3. Accessibility Concerns: Placing the safe too far from your bed might reduce its effectiveness during high-stress situations.

Being Prepared at a Moment’s Notice:

It’s the middle of the night when a break-in or home invasion startles you, causing you to snap awake. In that instant, each passing second is what separates survival from tragedy.

Without swift access to a firearm, you become defenseless, without even the element of surprise to assist you.

The consequences of being caught off guard, without adequate means to safeguard both you and those who rely on you, are far too grim to contemplate.

Final Thoughts

Investing in a pistol safe for your bedroom will enhance your home defense strategy but overlooking its importance will leave a sizable hole in your security.

These easy-to-install and useful additions to any nightstand will offer you a multitude of advantages without any serious drawbacks.

With so many affordable options to choose from our top 9 recommendations, it’s never been easier to find the perfect fit for your bedroom.

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