Best Yugo AK Stocks and Furniture for ZPAP M70 Rifles

If you’re looking for the best stocks for your Yugo ZPAP M70 AK then you’ve come to the right place! It’s no secret, unless you’re new to AKs, that Yugo AK-47 like the NPAP, OPAP, and, Zastava ZPAP M70 can’t use the standard AK-47 or AKM pattern furniture.

This makes the Serbian ZPAP M70 AKs (formally made in Yugoslavia) a bit trickier when looking for new replacement furniture such as handguards and buttstocks for your newly acquired Zastava AK-47 or the older NPAP and OPAP variants.

Fortunately for you, we’ve come to assist you in finding places to get a hold of the best stocks for Yugo AK and furniture for ZPAP M70 as well as handguards, grips, and gas tubes for your beloved battle tank of an AK!

Yugo Zastava M70 ZPAP Wood AK Furniture

One of the best places we’ve found to obtain that hard-to-find Yugo AK furniture and accessories is Apex Gun Parts.

Mind you, these are going to cost a pretty penny depending on whether you’re buying new-old-stock furniture, surplus stocks in various states of disrepair, or refinished wood handguards.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to put the beloved Dong handguard on Yogo AKs unless you make one yourself.

Are we worried, NYET!

You can have one made to order for a reasonable price at APS Firearms:

Yugo AK furniture
Custom Yugo Dong Source: APS Firearms

The AK Operators Union has a cool YouTube video showing the various furniture and optic upgrades available for the Yugo-pattern AKM rifles below:

Check out Rob’s video going over the Yugo Furniture upgrades he’s done to his beloved AK!

Though the prices vary on the type of wood used and its condition, these prices are generally comparable to AKM pattern furniture- though nothing fetches quite as much money as original Russian surplus stocks, handguards, and grips.

And for the discerning eye, Zastava M70 furniture combines classic appeal with contemporary resilience. The unique Yugo dong grip is another option for those seeking a distinctive look and improved handling. Lastly, Yugo wood furniture pieces are for those who value the tradition and warmth that only wood can provide to the classic Yugo design. Check out this sweet Russian-red dong for Yugo AKs custom-made by Warsaw Wood Co!

If you’ve ever wanted a classic Romanian-style dong on your Zastava-made Yugo AK, Warsaw Wood Co. takes custom orders as well! Check them out above.

They also stock a ton of original Yugo surplus stocks with the optional butt pad at an additional cost, as seen in the image below.

In our exploration of the best furniture options for your Yugo-pattern AKs, we’ve uncovered a wealth of choices. For those seeking robust reliability, Yugo stocks stand out for their durability and fit. When it comes to precise fitting, a Yugo AK stock is engineered to match the unique dimensions of your rifle. If the classic aesthetic is what you’re after, Yugo wood stock options provide that timeless look with the ruggedness you

Despite the silly name, the ELITE SPANKER tactical buttstock AK pouch is a cool accessory that quickly mounts to the wood stock of any Yugo AK giving it quite a bit of added storage for cleaning kits, extra ammo, or anything else you’d like to have on your AK for quick access.

These are selling for a really low price on Amazon in four different colors and get great reviews. Click on the images to check them out.

These tactical buttstock pouches add a lot of storage and functionality to the plain wood stocks on Yugo AKs and are great for such a low price.

Those websites are great places if you want to go for a more traditional AK look but some of us like to add Picatinny rail to mount red dot sights, flashlights, and other accessories to our AKs, and for that, you’ll need to go with an UltiMAK.

Sure, there are cheaper railed gas tube replacements on the market but they require quite a bit of filing to make them fit properly.

Brownells sells the UltiMAK for Yugo AKs that you can buy while supplies last.

Best Stocks for Yugo AK | ZPAP M70 Furniture | UltiMAK

Of course, wood furniture may also require a bit of sanding to achieve a perfect fitment but it’s much easier to sand off a little wood than grind off metal.

Just remember, when making any adjustments to furniture, always remove material in small increments as a slightly tight fit is better than a loose one!

I put an UltiMAK on my new Zastava ZPAP M70 to mount a red dot optic and left the Hogue lower handguard, ergonomic grip (with internal storage compartment), and ProMag Archangel that it came with and it turned out great.

It was $107 well spent and I have no regrets.

My Zastava ZPAPM70 Fully Upgraded w/ Atibal Optic

Some people like to marry the old school with the new and have the best of both worlds. If that’s what you’re going for, you can purchase a Yugu AK with wood furniture and replace only certain parts to achieve a nice balance of classic looks and tactical prowess.

I like a cheesegrater upper handguard with a wooden lower and a triangle stock with a classic wooden grip like the one shown below.

Unfortunately, my budget in these crazy times wouldn’t allow for that but one can dream…

Image Source: @jlakind Instagram

Midwest Industries makes tactical lower handguards with M-LOK slots that replace the stock wooden or polymer handgrip allowing you to mount a flashlight, laser, hand-stop, pressure switch, or anything you can think of.

Brownells has them in stock for a good price.

Midwest Industries Lower Handguard

If you’re Yugo-style AK came with cheaper wood or polymer furniture, you can always upgrade to the full-furniture set that reputable companies like Pro Mag (not known for making the best AK mags but their furniture is pretty solid).

I only have the tactical stock in this group but I can attest to its durability and killer looks. This appears to be a well-made piece of kit and I don’t think you’d be disappointed if you decided to go with this budget-friendly set!

This awesome furniture set from ProMag also comes in 3 different colors available on Optics Planet in all 3 colors.

Tactical enthusiasts will appreciate the Zastava M70 tactical furniture, which offers modern functionality while maintaining the rifle’s rugged charm. Optics Planet has a great deal on this Archangel Furniture Set for Yugo AKs.
This is what the Archangel set looks like fully installed on a Zastava M70 Yugo-patten AK.

Another popular stock option is the Magpul Yugo Ak Zhukov-S Stock Folding – Yugo Ak which comes in several colors but most often black is what’s in stock.

You can buy it on Optics Planet in black.

The Zhukov-S is an easy way to turn your Yugo AK into a side folder and also just looks cool on an AK.

The YUGO Zhukov-S hinge block for fixed-stock Yugoslavian pattern rifles allows the user to replace their factory buttstock with a high-quality folding polymer buttstock.

Folding stocks are a great way to shorten the overall length of your rifle to allow easy storage and transport. You can also fire your AK with the stock folded in cramped quarters when called for.

The hinge block mounts directly to the unique rear interface of Yugo pattern rifles with the included hardware providing a very robust fit.

The Zhukov-S Stock folds to the right, has adjustable comb height for optics use via optional cheek risers, is adjustable for length-of-pull without tools, and features an angled rubber butt pad for easy shoulder transition and slip-free performance.

An included one-point QD mount at the receiver, and optional QD mounting points at the rear of the stock provide multiple sling attachments.

Hogue is the ultimate choice for exceptional value in gun and weapon accessories. Their primary focus lies in crafting top-notch pistol grips and gun stocks.

This carries through with this awesome Yugo-version of the Hogue AK-47/AK-74 kit with OM grip and forend in Flat Dark Earth.

“I have always liked the Hogue grips but the forend is also great.
The forend was much better for heat mitigation that the wood that it replaced.
It was easy to install and fit without any issues.
Customer Service was also very helpful solving a minor issue with and item out of stock.


Brief History Lesson on Yugo Stocks & Furniture:

Below is the truncated AKM “PAP” variant history to help you identify if you own a Yugo/ Serbian AK-47 (ZPAP M70) (Yugo AKM) (Zastava M70) (Yugo AK-47) that will require special Yugo pattern AK furniture:

EAA PAP: Model originally imported by EAA Corp Slant cut 1.5mm receiver single stack bolt and bulged single stack trunnion, thumb-hole buttstock. This model came in either wooden furniture and side optics rail or polymer furniture and dust cover Picatinny rail.

PAP M70 (Gen 1): Straight-cut 1.5 mm receiver, single-stack 10-round magazine, single-stack bolt and bulged single-stack trunnion, dust cover Picatinny rail. Century Arms International converted this model to look closer to the original M70.

Single-stack magazine wells and single-stack trunnions were widened to accept standard AK double-stack magazines together with a number of U.S.-made parts that were installed in order to make the rifle 922(r) compliant (muzzle brake, TAPCO G2 trigger group, new wooden furniture, and pistol grip).

However, because this model came with a single-stack bolt (originally intended for single-stack 10-round magazines) it caused some rifles to malfunction.

N-PAP M70 (Gen 2): Straight-cut 1mm receiver, double-stack bolt, and double-stack “AKM” trunnion, side rail instead of dust cover rail. Unlike the PAP (Gen 1), the N-PAP M70 (Gen 2) comes with a double-stack bolt and does not have the reliability problems of the Gen 1 model. This model is available in six different variants.

N-PAP DF: An under-folder version of the N-PAP with no side rail.

O-PAP M70 (Gen 3): 1.5mm receiver, uses double-stack magazine, bulged “RPK” trunnion, M-21 side rail, comes with oiled surplus furniture.

Z-PAP M70 (Gen 4): (Note: “This is the model we own that we think is the best variant to date!”) Straight-cut 1.5mm stamped receiver, double-stack bolt, forged barrel trunnion, comes with new walnut wood or polymer furniture. Imported solely through “Zastava USA”, a Zastava Arms-owned subsidiary.

In April 2020, it was announced that all future Z-PAP M70 rifles manufactured by Zastava Arms would now feature a 1.5mm receiver and bulged “RPK” trunnions, like the O-PAP M70. In addition, Zastava will now chrome-line the barrels of the Z-PAP M70, marking the first time the company used chrome in the lining of a barrel for any rifle chambered in the 7.62×39mm round.

PAP M77 PS: The civilian version of Zastava M77B1, chambered in .308/7.62×51mm, uses a 10-round magazine.

PAP M85/ PV: The semi-automatic-only version of the Zastava M85 was imported as a pistol to the United States.

PAP M85 NP: The semi-automatic only model with a standard AR-15 magazine adapter.

PAP M92 PV: The semi-automatic-only version of the Zastava M92 was imported as a pistol to the United States.


I stumbled upon a bit of confusion when doing my research for this article. There’s an old myth that Yugo AKs used Teak which is a very expensive hardwood from Southeast Asia and that wouldn’t make much sense cost-wise.

As I dug deeper, it turned out that Zastava used a species of Birchwood for the Zastava PAP series furniture sourced locally in Eastern Yogoslavia which made way more practical sense.

The reason for the confusion stems from one simple fact: they look nearly identical to each other in their woodgrain- especially when stained.

I suppose it makes sense now why so many people bought into the myth and I imagine there must be many species of wood that share a similar grain structure…(go figure).

For the M90 and M95 Zastava used Beechwood which I assume must’ve been locally sourced as well.

When laminated, these hardwoods are very strong and can take a lot of abuse and weathering. There were also some claims that they used Elmwood but those are just unsubstantiated claims.

The truth is many types of hardwoods (and softwood garbage) are used today in the US aftermarket and some of these custom furniture options can be pricey indeed, but if you wanted to keep your stock furniture you probably wouldn’t be reading this article right now.

Final Thoughts

For those in the market for an upgrade, the Zastava M70 stock replacement options are plentiful, offering enhanced ergonomics and aesthetics.

You can still find good quality Yugo-pattern furniture at prices comparable to AKM-pattern furniture but the selection and options just aren’t quite as widespread as they are with the more traditional AKM-style AK-47 that you find on some ZPAP M70s, Serbian AK-47s, Yugo AKMs, Zastava M70s, or Yugo AK-47s.

For collectors and enthusiasts looking to restore or maintain authenticity, the Yugo M70 stock set is a perfect match, preserving the heritage of this storied firearm.

For a custom touch that stays true to the original design, Yugo pattern AK furniture provides that bespoke feel without compromising the rifle’s iconic lines.

Most current ZPAP M70 furniture is specially designed to complement the newer ZPAP models, giving you a modern edge with a nod to tradition.

The continued availability of M70 furniture allows for a broad range of customization options, ensuring that there’s something for every taste and requirement.

If you’re trying to build your dream rifle, adding the right M70 furniture set is the best place to start.

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  4. I purchased a wood stock for my Zastava ZPAPM70 rifle as an option to its folding stock but it didn’t come with a butt plate or sling swivel. Do you have any idea where I can find these parts with the screws? Zastava Arms does not have any stock. I’d appreciate any help you can provide.

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    1. Unfortunately, rubber butt pads for Yugo surplus stocks are almost impossible to find separately, unless it was included with the stock. Also, Zastava started using a smaller steel butt plate on their wood stocks around 2016-2017 and those are also hard to find. If you have an older wood surplus stock, sells reproduction rubber butt pads for about $35.The swing swivels are just as hard to find for old Yugo stocks and I’m not sure what type of sling swivel might fit your stock, or if a standard AKM-variant sling swivel would line up with the holes on your stock… probably not.

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