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Welcome to Exoc-Tactical’s Gun Safe page! On this page, you’ll find a veritable treasure trove of articles covering every aspect of gun safe ownership.

We’ve got informative articles that focus on the most relevant topics and cover everything you need to know about gun safes from our own experiences and the consensus of countless others.

Gun Safe Knowledge Base

Check out our Gun Safe Knowledge Base for in-depth articles about the differences between a real gun safe vs a gun cabinet, the various technologies inside all the different types of gun safes on the market, and simplifying the sometimes confusing lexicon of gun safe terminology.

We’ve also got some informative and educational Gun Safe Buyer Guides derived from our many years of experience in the home security field to help you determine which gun safe is right for your particular needs.

Our Gun Safe Reviews show you all of our in-depth, hands-on, experience with each and every gun safe we’ve personally tested and vetted.

We’ve even dedicated a 2nd YouTube channel to show you these tests in real-time, as well as show you each safe’s capacity, reveal the winners and losers, and show you how to set up and program each gun safe individually.

Check us out below!

Best Gun Safes

If you’re looking for our best gun safe recommendations for every possible use case, then you’re bound to find what you’re looking for here!

If you’re not sure what you’re looking for in a safe (or would like to learn as much as possible prior to making an informed purchase), then you should definitely read our Gun Safe Buyer’s Guide first.

Best Pistol Safe Posts

These articles are tailored toward the best pistol safe options from super portable travel options to larger multi-pistol storage solutions.
Best Gun Safes | Top 25 Questions Before You Buy!

Best Gun Safes | Top 25 Questions Before You Buy!

ByJoe CoxeAug 9, 2022

Welcome to our comprehensive and informative buyer’s guide for gun safes in 2023! Whether you have a decent-sized collection of firearms or just a few stashed away in a closet or drawer, you really shouldn’t put off finding a safe and secure place to store them. You risk losing your precious collection of guns to theft or fire if you’re on the fence about it for too long. Having more…

Best Rifle Safe Posts

These articles focus on all of the best rifle safe storage solutions for various use cases. From compact & modern, quick-access biometric rifle safes, to old-fashioned mechanical behemoths… we’ve got you covered!

Biometric Rifle Safe | Best Options in 2023

ByJay CoxeAug 24, 2022

What are the best biometric rifle safe options for 2023? Are they reliable? Today, we will save you time and show you the ones we put our trust and rifles in. From entry-level biometric rifle safes to the best ones money can buy. Remember, that when it comes to a safe, it’s only a theft deterrent that will buy you some time before the police arrive. Check out our newest…

Best Shotgun Safe Posts

These articles show you all of our most highly recommended shotgun safe storage solutions. From single, under-bed options to wall-mounted models, you can’t go wrong with shotgun safes for home defense use!
quick access shotgun safe

Quick Access Shotgun Safe Top Picks For 2023

ByJay CoxeAug 8, 2022

If you choose the wrong quick access safe, it could be a deadly mistake! First, we’ll look at some of the best options for shotgun safes and go into detail on some of the options I look for when considering a quick-access shotgun safe to protect yourself or your family. In a stressful situation, the most important thing is that the safe performs reliably. Not all safes have these critical…

Best Fireproof Safe Posts

These articles cover the best fireproof safes for your pistols, rifles, shotguns, ammo, accessories, & other valuables.
Fireproof gun safes

Fireproof Gun Safes: Fire-Resistant Gun Safe Guide

ByJoe CoxeJul 26, 2023

Firearms hold significant value in society, serving purposes ranging from hunting to self-defense. Responsible gun ownership entails proper handling, storage, and safeguarding of firearms against potential threats and unauthorized access. One of the most critical dangers to firearms and other valuable possessions is fire. To protect your investments and ensure the safety of your loved ones, it is crucial to invest in a fire-resistant gun safe. Check Out Our Top…

Best Vehicle Safe Posts

These articles cover the best safes we’ve tested for your car, truck, or SUV.
car pistol safe

Car Pistol Safe | 10 Best Safes For Your Vehicle

ByJoe CoxeAug 11, 2023

Choosing the best car pistol safe for your vehicle can be a daunting task with so many options to choose from. Fear not, in this article we did all of the work and research for you to make the process of finding the best car pistol safe quick and easy. We’ll be taking a look at the best safe brands in the industry from the likes of Hornady, V-Line, Vaultek,…

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